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* Anthony × Reader

* Modern rpf

* 23: Delete that immediately

* 26: Did you enjoy yourself last night?

* Requested by anonymous

* Request: the reader and Anthony did “it” last night and Ramos took a picture of the reader and accidentally posts it on Instagram.

A/N: So it’s super late but here’s an Anthony imagine! Yay! As a sort of warning I guess: Anthony swears a bit. He say shit at least 5 times in 3 paragraphs…besides that, references to sex too obviously. Also it’s kinda short but eh, I think it’s kinda good. But, enjoy!

Word Count: 1,680


You slipped awake in the morning but didn’t move yet. However, your boyfriend did. His arm was draped over your waist and his bare chest against your bare back but he pulled away.  You wanted to protest but that would let him know you were awake, and you weren’t quite ready to function. Until you heard the noise of an iPhone camera shutter and you knew he was not taking a selfie. You knew that your arms would be covering your chest in the picture and the covers, which were down by your waist, was covering everything lower. Still, Anthony did not need a picture like that on his phone.

“Delete that immediately.” You told him. You opened you eyes and smirked as Anthony almost dropped his phone in surprise. He fumbled with it for a moment before finally getting a firm grasp on it. He locked it and looked at you.

“Well good morning.” He said, arms crossed. He had pulled on some sweat pants but no shirt. His curls hung down, the tips barely grazing his shoulders. You sat up, pulling some covers up to cover your chest.

“Seriously Anthony. Delete it.” You told him.

“Fine.” He relented. He scrolled through his phone and deleted the picture. “Here’s proof.” He showed you his phone and the last picture in his camera roll was a picture of you at dinner the night prior. It was your anniversary and had celebrated with dinner. You “celebrated” more at home as well.

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New Girl

Summary: Peter couldn’t help but notice the cute girl who had gotten on the subway, her hair was all over the place and her makeup was a mess, but there was somehting about her that made Peter want to talk to her.

Word count: 744


The morning was cold and wet, with brisk winds and dull skies. It was a usual morning for Peter Parker. He hopped on the 6am Subway and took his usual seat by the window, although Peter had been on the Subway more times than he could imagine, he for some reason enjoyed the subway ride to school. 

You were running late and the rain wasn’t making your morning any better. You had gotten lost in what seemed like a maze. All the streets appeared identical to you. Queens was nothing like your small hometown in North Carolina. Everything moved so fast In Queens, and you were holding on by a thread. It was 6:05 and somehow you had managed to make it on the subway for your first day at your new school. Your straightened hair looked more like a frizzy wreck and you were pretty sure the rain had washed off your mascara. You didn’t think your morning could get any worse until you saw that the only empty seat was the one by the curly haired cute boy who was now staring right at you and laughing.

“Rough morning?” The boy asked as you sat down next to him.

“Ha, you could say that again.”

“You’ve a got some stuff under your eyes.” Before you could answer he was wiping the mascara under your eyes, you couldn’t help but notice how soft and warm the touch of his hand was against your cheek.

“Got it! I’m P-Peter by the way, Peter Parker.”

“Well Peter Parker I’m Y/N and by the way i don’t usually like to go for the raccoon makeup look.” You replied and Peter laughed.

When you both walked off into school that morning, Peter couldn’t stop thinking about you. He didn’t know why, was it silly that he seemed so intrigued by a girl he had met on the subway just minutes before. Peter showed up to first period hoping you’d be in the same class.The bell rang and Peters hope of you two having first period together were crushed. All class period Peter was anxious to get to second Period, maybe you’d be in his study hall class. The bell rang and Peter ran out the door and into his study hall classroom. The only time Peter had ran that fast was when he was in his Spiderman suit chasing some criminal down Hillside avenue. Peter slowed down as he got closer to the door as if he hadn’t just ran from the other side of the school. He walked in and there you were. Sitting in the back of the classroom with your hair pulled back and two strands of hair  framing your face. 

Your eyes were so concentrated on your novel you didn’t eve notice Peter had walked in and was sitting in the seat right in front of you. You looked up at him and smiled. 

“Hey, so um hows your first day going?” Peter asked, his voice was shaky, he seemed nervous and out of breath.

“Well, Mr. Carson already assigned me homework, I was also late but that’s my own fault, i have no sense of direction.” You said pushing back some hair that had found its way out of your ponytail.

“Ah Carson, had him last year, heres a tip, bring headphones he talks a lot.”

“Good to know, what math class are you in this year?”

“I’m in algebra two, I’m actually in the mathletes.”

“Oh so you’re a bit of a nerd?” You asked putting both your arms on your desk and scooting your chair in so you were closer to Peter.

“I will take you calling me a nerd as a compliment. Thank you ver much, but yeah basically.”

“No, no i think its cute.” You immediately regretted saying it as the word cute left your mouth. Peter grinned as his face turned a light shade of red.

“Mr. Parker and Miss Y/N this is not lunch, this is study hall and unless Mr. Parker here has something to share with the rest of the class, i suggest he turns around and starts reading his book.” Peter could feel his face turning warmer and warmer by the second, before he could answer he turned around and flipped open to some random page. But all class long Peter couldn’t stop thinking about you calling him cute. This was going to be longest class period of Peters life and it had only been 10 minutes.

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