subway bombing

During air raids in Moscow people were hiding in Metro. This is Mayakovskaya Station. When Soviet citizens were building the Metro, Stalin said that if a war breaks out, the stations should be used as bomb/fallout shelters. He pretty much saw it coming. That’s why, if you ride Metro in Moscow, you gotta go really, really deep at the old original stations that were build during 1930s.

Bubblegum Crisis

When I was little my parents went overseas to London, and despite them being there when the subway bombings happened, I spoke to them with as much concern over their safety as well as the urgency they must feel to buy me the Bubblegum Crisis box set. 

South Africa is a bit behind where anime imports etc are concerned, so when I saw Bubblegum Crisis’ poster in a magazine, I frothed for years knowing I’d probably never get it. 

Spoiler Alert: I have it, have watched it repeatedly, still love it

BC is wrapped in nostalgia for me, so when i saw these little blueprint sketch layout things i felt all the feels. 


Holding On - Part 2

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Part 1

Summary: Imagine being the girlfriend of Rick Flag and his second in command. When the squad goes into the city on their first mission, you’re all forced to go up against the Joker. When he fails to get Harely Quinn back, he takes you hostage as revenge and he has no intentions on letting Rick take you back.

A/N: So this is sorta a filler chapter that stays pretty close to the movie/novelization. I know I originally stated that there wasn’t going to be any romantic history between Rick and June, but I changed my mind XD Well be seeing the Joker in the next chapter

Pairings: Rick Flag x Reader, Joker x Reader (later on)

Smoke stained the sky over the city. You stared at the gray clouds, hands on your hips as you frowned. Midway City was going to hell. So much un-needed destruction was plaguing the large city. Most of the evacuation was done and people were being moved to a safer location. You remembered seeing a woman in a gorgeous wedding gown, sobbing as those you assumed were her bridesmaids, gathered around to comfort her. Your (e/c) orbs scanned the makeshift base the military had set up. You turned your head, looking to Rick who stood beside you. His eyes were focussed on the phone in his hand and the news report that was streaming on the screen.

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Subway Bomb in St. Petersburg Kills 10 During Putin Visit
A subway bombing in St. Petersburg killed at least 10 people and injured dozens more during a hometown visit by Vladimir Putin, officials said, renewing fears of terrorism in Russia’s biggest cities less … Read more