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What “stories” is Mary referring to?

OK, of course, I see; that’s it – the stories. Conan Doyles’ amazing detective stories at the hands of our “Baker Street boys” have once again been interpreted into a new adaptation, this time played out in our own modern times. But it’s still about these wonderful stories; nothing else matters.

But wait – what ‘stories’ exactly do you refer to, Mary / AGRA / Rosamund / Gabrielle-or-whatever-your-name-is? Series 4 may have lots of Conan Doyle canon references, but why doesn’t it have a single coherent crime story? Not one!

If the cases were that important, wouldn’t we be able to follow them as they unfold, basking in the brilliance of these fascinating adventures and their clever resolutions? Or at least be privy to some logical deductions and conclusions about them from the great detective Sherlock Holmes, narrated by his loyal friend Dr John Watson?

I think the ‘stories & adventures’ approach, in a traditional meaning, might be valid up until the beginning of Series 3, but then the coherent plot line gets abandoned in favour of a rather different content. Which means Mary’s words about ‘stories’ above may not be relevant. So – why not take a closer look at all of this show’s stories to see if they actually merit the name? I’ll go through all of them one by one since Series 1, focusing on the factual events in them, trying to evaluate their narrative interest as plot line and see where we end up in S4. I will try to not go into any personal issues for Sherlock Holmes or other characters – just the stories, as ‘objectively’ and free of Sentiment that I’m capable of. (And this is a monster post, so please bear with me).

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Holding On - Part 2

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Part 1

Summary: Imagine being the girlfriend of Rick Flag and his second in command. When the squad goes into the city on their first mission, you’re all forced to go up against the Joker. When he fails to get Harely Quinn back, he takes you hostage as revenge and he has no intentions on letting Rick take you back.

A/N: So this is sorta a filler chapter that stays pretty close to the movie/novelization. I know I originally stated that there wasn’t going to be any romantic history between Rick and June, but I changed my mind XD Well be seeing the Joker in the next chapter

Pairings: Rick Flag x Reader, Joker x Reader (later on)

Smoke stained the sky over the city. You stared at the gray clouds, hands on your hips as you frowned. Midway City was going to hell. So much un-needed destruction was plaguing the large city. Most of the evacuation was done and people were being moved to a safer location. You remembered seeing a woman in a gorgeous wedding gown, sobbing as those you assumed were her bridesmaids, gathered around to comfort her. Your (e/c) orbs scanned the makeshift base the military had set up. You turned your head, looking to Rick who stood beside you. His eyes were focussed on the phone in his hand and the news report that was streaming on the screen.

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During air raids in Moscow people were hiding in Metro. This is Mayakovskaya Station. When Soviet citizens were building the Metro, Stalin said that if a war breaks out, the stations should be used as bomb/fallout shelters. He pretty much saw it coming. That’s why, if you ride Metro in Moscow, you gotta go really, really deep at the old original stations that were build during 1930s.

NYMPHADORA TONKS; i’ve no use for your protocol [listen]
or, the noble and most ancient house of black can eat my entire ass

if i can’t dance - sophie ellis-bextor | troublemaker - weezer | run with the wolves - the prodigy | rock and roll queen - the subways | cherry bomb - the runaways | let’s dance to joy division - the wombats | miss jackson (feat. lolo) - panic! at the disco | josie - steely dan 

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