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is it just me

or is huntokar sketchy af?

(spoilers for “a story about huntokar” and, below the cut, “all hail”)

- like maybe it’s because i just saw gotg 2, but i do not trust anyone who kicks around the galaxy for a few million years and then goes “yep time to go influence some sapient life”

- “I was, of all of us, the only good one” said no one who was actually good ever

- “Every action that endeavors to improve only causes more suffering and terror.” i wonder if that’s because these improvements include a subway advertised by roaches and creepy-ass children that made people disappear and the 12:37 train to red mesa, which featured, in case you forgot:

  • “Some people wearing deer masks are gathering by the train, distributing roaches to bystanders. The roaches all have phrases printed on them, things like ‘Business in the front, knife in the back’ and ‘#NotAllTrains.’”
  • “The figures in deer masks, looking like the same transit lovers who built the Night Vale subway system three years ago, are in an inverted V formation out in left center field, their shoulders and heads bobbing as if in silent laughter”
  • “She leaned in, insects scuttling across her long brown snout. ‘I am the destroyer. They take our buildings. They put them in crates. Their interests are furthered. I am the destroyer.’”


- “Cecil. Sweet Cecil, who I tried and tried to guide toward the truth.” 

i was like “when have mysterious forces ever interacted with cecil (that wasn’t caused by something we already know about)” and then i was like “oh yeah, the weird stuff from ‘cassette’/‘filings’, you know, WHEN HE DIED” so like. that’s not ominous.

- “I came across a valley, dry, almost lifeless. Save for a few brave people who had worked out how they could be sustained there. And I chose them, I guided and taught them, and gradually a town grew. Night Vale. The one place in the world that was truly mine. I am the Creator.” 

pro tip: calling yourself “the creator,” much less of a place that already existed and supported life, is not so much a white hat move

- “Worship of me started, as they became aware of my kind presence in their lives. Their love gave meaning to the passing of my years and in exchange, I gave them a better and better world. They developed ceremonies devoted to me, wearing soft meat crowns and building what would become known as bloodstone circles.” 

SO MANY ALARM BELLS. who goes “wow, my goddess has such a kind presence! better start worshipping her with BLOOD AND ORGANS”?? 

- also, everyone knows lee marvin is the one who founded the town and demanded worship: ”One of the arrivals, famous screen actor Lee Marvin, who just turned 30 today – Oh, hey! Happy birthday, Mr. Marvin! – said that they were immediately proceeding to found a town. A town they will call Night Vale. A home for themselves, complete with all the things a home needs: secrets, dread, omnipresent government, and areas that are forbidden! He then donned a soft meat crown as the other newcomers bowed to him.” – [Best Of?]

how dare she try to take that away from him? it’s his birthday!

- meanwhile, the underground city that does still remember worshipping huntokar responded to carlos’ incursion with ALL-OUT WAR. night vale, which has about as much self-control as a toddler on a sugar high, managed to avoid all-out war even after they were actively invaded by desert bluffs.

- “What once was tribute is now a series of gestures, as human and meaningless as they were before I came along.” 

so human stuff was meaningless before she came along. that’s a normal thing to say.

- “Night Vale is shattered. But for now it’s still here. Hmm. Time is startlingly persistent in that way.” 

uh time’s not real.

- “The other gods were attracted to the site of my teetering domain, but I was able to arrange truces with them. They did not do anything that would upset the balance by which my world barely hung, and in exchange, they could poke their heads in, look around, maybe take a few versions of my Night Vale to turn into playgrounds for their terror-filled delights.” 

“terror-filled delights,” she said casually. “no big.”

- “But now the five-headed dragons in their grief and anger have pulled all of the other gods into this situation” …says the person who had previously pulled all of the other gods into this situation. i’m not saying this isn’t true, but… we’ve only got her word for it. we haven’t seen proof of it ourselves.

- “I am a storyteller. The story may do you no good. But a story is never for the listener. It is always for the one who tells.” 

meanwhile, in ‘the registry of middle school crushes’: “Before everything, before even humans, there were stories. A creature at a fire conjuring a world with nothing but its voice and a listener’s imagination. And now, me, and thousands like me, in little booths and rooms and mics and screens all over the world, doing the same for a family of listeners, connected as all families are, primarily by the stories we tell each other.” 

huntokar sees stories as furthering her own interests; cecil sees them as connecting humanity.

- at the very least, huntokar is a VERY unreliable narrator and we can’t take her at face value. personally, i think she’s trying to manipulate people (especially cecil, for unknown reasons) into sympathizing with her and doing… what? guess we’ll find out in two weeks.

- bonus spoiler point from “all hail”:

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Birthday Project for Choi Youngjae’s 21/22nd Birthday - Part 2

8. BD Choiyoungjaebar 

  • Part 1 - TV Advertisement in 55 Universities in Korea

  • Choi Youngjae Music Room Charity Event in Beijing 
  • Part 2- Subway Station Advertisement - Samseong 


  • Part 3 - Bus Advertisement in Seoul 

Part 4 - LED Advertisement in Myeongdong

Video Link:

Part 5 - Instagram Advertisement 

9. 4EverYoungae

Subway Station Advertisement - Gimpo Airport, Cheongdam & Gangnam 

10. OneForCYJ

Bus Stop Advertisement 

Part 1 | Part 2

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broadwaygirlnyc: (Calling Darren a friend is a BIT of a stretch, but we have hung out a few times –! 😘

[TRANS] 170727 MXM’s Interview with 10Asia (Group)

10. I heard that you just came from a fanmeeting with teen fans at Seoul Yongsan CGV.

Donghyun: I was surprised because the response was so big. (Laughter) I want to make a place for fans in their 20’s next time.

Youngmin: To be honest, we have a lot of ‘noona fans’. (Laughter) We will definitely make a place for us to all meet together.

10. How do you feel about having doing fanmeetings and interviews even before officially debuting?

Youngmin: Prior to appearing on ‘Produce 101’ Season 2, we were just trainees. We were just trainees who practiced in a room, but now many people recognize us. My name was hung on a subway advertisement and I’m even doing an interview like this… These are events that I dreamed about. Each and every day feels happy because I’ve become a step closer towards my large goal of debuting. None of my schedules feel tiring.

Donghyun: We’re currently feeling that our fans love us a lot. I especially felt it during today’s fanmeeting. I want to work harder in the future and show a lot of good sides.

10. I saw that you personally went to see your subway advertisement and revealed a proof picture.

Youngmin: Having a subway advertisement like that is a dream of all trainees. When I go to ride the subway and see ads like ‘We congratulate ___’s birthday’, I thought ‘I want to be there one day and show it off to my parents and friends’. Through the short time on ‘Produce 101’ Season 2, I received a lot of love and even received an ad present, so I was really happy.

Donghyun: I felt envious when I heard that other trainees received advertisements. I only hoped for one, thinking, ‘If I work hard, will I get one too?’, but I was touched when fans made an advertisement for me. Thanks to that, I was able to gain more strength in filming ‘Produce 101’ Season 2. (Laughter)

10. How do you feel about debuting after around a month since ‘Produce 101’ Season 2 ended?

Youngmin: We wanted to come show ourselves as soon as possible. We prepared a bit tightly. If we competed with trainees on ‘Produce 101’ Season 2, we now have to compete among real professionals. Since it’s our first time, I feel very worried as well. Although there are many areas where we still lack in, I want to give back to the love we were given by showing my growth.

Donghyun: Besides what was shown on the outside through the broadcast, we were unable to fully show our charms. Now through these promotions, I think I’ll be able to show my abilities and charms even more. I’m looking forward to it and feel nervous.

10. I heard that Kim Donghyun’s self-composed song, ‘I JUST DO’, was placed on this album?

Donghyun: That’s why I feel even more nervous. (Laughter) Our company’s Kiggen producer arranged it very coolly, but it’s the first time I’m revealing a song I made, so the feeling is new.

10. And the other track is a self-composed song by Lee Daehwi, ‘GOOD DAY’. What is the reason why you didn’t receive songs from existing composers?

Youngmin: We are people who really enjoy music. So we wanted to show ‘our music’. Although we’re still lacking compared to other producers, we’re able to show our growth because of this.

10. Could you introduce your new song?

Donghyun: My self-composed song, ‘I JUST DO’, had an original title of ‘I JUST YOU’. There was a time where I played it before during a Naver V App last month. It was under an acoustic genre, but we arranged it with a faster beat and more refined feel. And to this, the rap that Youngmin hyung wrote was added. A trendy song was made.

Youngmin: If given the opportunity, I think it would be nice to show the version that Donghyun made at first. The other song, ‘GOOD DAY’, was a song we prepared during our monthly evaluations when we were trainees, but we felt that it fit with this album’s concept, so we added it. It’s a fresh feel. At that time, Woojin and Daehwi sang it with us, but we remade it into a version with just the two of us this time.

10. Park Woojin and Lee Daehwi is going to be debuting through ‘Produce 101’ Season 2’s boy group, WANNA ONE.

Donghyun: We were all desperate. In the end, I feel that no one was isolated and we all ended up well. I’m thankful towards the company and fans who made it this way. (Laughter) We will each be building up different experiences; Woojin and Daehwi through WANNA ONE and MXM through MXM. I feel like we’ll be able to show a synergy when we become one team later, so I’m looking forward to it even more.

Youngmin: Including those two, I believe that the four of us are a really good case of results from that program. Ultimately, we all are going to be able to debut, right? I feel good. There are also trainees in our company who did not appear on ‘Produce 101’ Season 2. Although it’s regrettable that we’re debuting first, I believe that it’s a step for each of us to build on our capabilities until we’re able to all debut together.

10. Along with WANNA ONE and MXM, a large amount of trainees from ‘Produce 101’ Season 2 will be debuting in August. Seems like a ‘Produce Reunion’ will be held at the music broadcast waiting room? (Laughter)

Youngmin: Haha. It’s something I hoped for. A lot of people asked whether or not it was hard filming ‘Produce 101’ Season 2 due to the competing, but the trainees actually relied on each other. Since we all endured a hard atmosphere together. When I hear about debuts, I think that ‘We’re all doing well’.

Donghyun: I’m anticipating it and my heart feels nervous. I think it will be fascinating and funny if we are to meeting in the waiting room. (Laughter) While playing around with each other, I think it might feel like we’re filming ‘Produce 101’ Season 2 again.

10. If you are to give a word towards the friends who will now become your well-intended competition as not trainees any more?

Youngmin: The members of NU’EST are the same age as me, but debut-wise, they are my seniors. (Laughter) Besides that, there were a lot of trainees who had debut experience. If we are to promote together, I hope they could take care of us well since it would be our first time promoting and everything may be awkward. (Everyone laughs)

Donghyun: I’m really, really glad to see how we can have a competition like this with good-intentions. (Laughter) I also hope that each of us have good results on the charts. To be honest, I hope that our results are just a bit higher. Haha.

10. What is MXM’s chart result goal?

Youngmin: Since it’s hard to even reach within top 100 on music charts these days, I think it would be nice to just get within the charts. (Laughter) There’s something I felt from NU’EST seniors, whom I met through ‘Produce 101’ Season 2. During the entire broadcast, they continuously, ‘Let’s always be humble’. Although we are currently receiving a lot of interest and love as well, we try to be even more humble. For starters, we are thinking that this album is an album to introduce MXM.

10. What kind of group is MXM?

Youngmin: Although we are under the hip-hop label, Brand New Music, we aren’t ‘hip-hop idols’. We are a team that gives strength with bright and energetic music. Along with hip-hop, we want to be idols that do a various genre of music.

10. Brand New Music’s head, Rhymer, is being called ‘Rabeoji (A mixture of Rhymer and Ahbeoji (father))’ among fans.

Youngmin: Our fans like our CEO. Brand New Trainees aren’t able to except gifts from fans, but one day, there were gifts at the office. My picture was among those gifts, so I asked about it, but they turned out to be presents sent to our CEO. (Laughter)

10. Is Rhymer like a ‘Rabeoji’ in real life time? (Laughter)

Donghyun: He’s normally gentle and jokes around first. It was our first time stepping into the professional world through this album, but he held onto us sternly.

Youngmin: He gave us the advice that if we received love through the charms we showed as trainees on ‘Produce 101’ Season 2, we now need to have abilities as musicians.

10. Do you like your team name?

Donghyun: Um… Yes! (Laughter) At first, I was like ‘Huh?’, but now I like it. (Laughter)

Youngmin: MXM has the meaning of ‘MIX & MATCH’. To be honest, Donghyun and I have completely different tendencies. Donghyun prefers acoustic while I like hip-hop. For fashion, Donghyun has a dandy style while I enjoy wearing a street style. However, as we have been practicing together, we’re slowly growing alike. So for us, it’s a name that fits perfectly. To add on, ‘MORE X MORE’ also fits well with our aspirations to gradually grow more.

10. Besides rap and vocals, what else is Youngmin and Donghyun in charge of in MXM?

Youngmin: (Quickly) Donghyun is in charge of cute acts and being bright! (Donghyun: No, I’m not!) He’s also in charge of eating things deliciously. (Laughter)

Donghyun: Youngmin hyung is in charge of cute acts. (Everyone laughs) His dialect is charming and he also has that reliable ‘hyung-ah’ charm. He’s also in charge of the ‘Alpaca Dance’. (Laughter)

10. Shall we try complimenting each other?

Youngmin: To start off, Donghyun eats well! He makes even the person next to him want to eat (Laughter). I don’t really have an appetite, but when I see Donghyun eat, I want to eat too. That’s why I hope Donghyun can do an eating broadcast. I recommend an eating program to staff. (Everyone laughs) Also, Donghyun is bright. To be honest, I’m not really on the energetic side, so my parents always worried. But Donghyun talks well even on his own and is always bright. Although that was hard to get used to in the beginning (laughter), I’m jealous of it now. We’re three years apart, but prior to meeting Donghyun, I was closer with hyungs or people of my age, so having a dongsaeng was unfamiliar to me. When I first met him, Donghyun was a minor. But I liked how he was still mature. (laughter) (Donghyun: That’s a compliment, right?) While practicing together, the two of us stuck to each other the most. So it’s meaningful to debut with Donghyun who was someone like that.

Donghyun: Ever since we were trainees, Youngmin hyung told me a lot of things that gave me strength. Since he’s a Busan male, he doesn’t say embarrassing things often, but there are times where he says warm things or gives advice. So I feel at ease when I do something with Hyung. I don’t show it often, but I rely on Hyung a lot. He’s the hyung I like the most.

10. Im Youngmin to Kim Donghyun is? Also Kim Donghyun to Im Youngmin is?

MXM: Ah~ That’s difficult.

Youngmin: I’ll go first. Donghyun to me is something ‘I can’t refuse’. I thought of it from the lyrics of ‘Open Up’ that goes like ‘I can’t refuse’. (Laughter). Since I’m a Busan person, there are times where the way Seoul males talk sounds awkward to me. I refuse the jokes of others, I can’t refuse Donghyun’s cuteness. (With a content expression) I think this was my best reply yet.

Donghyun: Hyung’s answer was too strong. (Laughter) Hmm…. Youngmin hyung to me is like chopsticks! Since I always want to stay attached to him. Whether or not it’s for team promotions, I just want to do everything with him. (Laughter)

10. Do you know about ‘YoungDongPoPang’ made by national producers?

Youngmin: Prior to MXM’s debut being confirmed, I thought that it would be nice to promote as ‘YoungDongPoPang’. (Laughter) They’re also the people I’m closest to within ‘Produce 101’ Season 2. During the 1st dorming, the 5 of us including Jaehwan were roommates. Since we were all B Class, we were even closer. After the ‘Produce 101’ Season 2 final concert was finished, we even said ‘let’s come together as YoungDongPoPang’. If given the chance, I want to try promoting together. (Laughter)

10. Is there something MXM wants to achieve?

Donghyun: Participating in MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards). I said this during the ranking evaluation for ‘Produce 101’ Season 2 as well. Although it was unfortunately edited out. (Laughter) That dream hasn’t changed. It would be nice if MXM promotions do well and we’re able to go to ‘MAMA’ at the end of the year.

original post: tenasia
translation credits: @woojinprk

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broadwaygirlnyc (Calling Darren a friend is a BIT of a stretch, but we have hung out a few times –! 😘)

July 11, 2017


Double Exposure Roll: From Iceland to NYC. 

Shot on a Contax T3, adoringly named Bijou

1) Astra in SoHo (vs) Receipt for using the toilet in an Icelandic National Park 2)  Mirror in a magenta Brooklyn bar (vs) Wild pony in Iceland 3) Brooklyn bartender’s display (vs) Boarding the plane for Reykjavik 4) subway Chanel advertisement (vs) Icelandic landscape 5) Looking up in East Village (vs) View from plane of Greenland

D-1 it's really happening, it's not a dream anymore

remember when fans edit for the subway advertisement? it came true.

remember when fans edit about their group teasers for their debut? it came true.

remember when fans edit about them being a cf model? it came true.

remember when fans edit about their reality show teaser? it came true.

remember when fans edit about jbj debut stage preview in music show? it came true.

remember when fans make ‘how would jbj sing to’ even before they’re formed? it’d come true in their showcase

remember when fans believe taedong will join? we’re still doing it.

Hi, we’re ATM and our wish came true one by one and we’re feeling really blessed. By this we’re trying to tell the world that it’s never wrong to hope and believe in something good because we’ve gone through it and get it granted. Result never betray effort.

That’s why we wont stop believing and hoping, for JBJ first win, for JBJ get an award, for world’s recognition to our boys, and for Taedong to join in last minute or anytime.