subway advertisement

is it just me

or is huntokar sketchy af?

(spoilers for “a story about huntokar” and, below the cut, “all hail”)

- like maybe it’s because i just saw gotg 2, but i do not trust anyone who kicks around the galaxy for a few million years and then goes “yep time to go influence some sapient life”

- “I was, of all of us, the only good one” said no one who was actually good ever

- “Every action that endeavors to improve only causes more suffering and terror.” i wonder if that’s because these improvements include a subway advertised by roaches and creepy-ass children that made people disappear and the 12:37 train to red mesa, which featured, in case you forgot:

  • “Some people wearing deer masks are gathering by the train, distributing roaches to bystanders. The roaches all have phrases printed on them, things like ‘Business in the front, knife in the back’ and ‘#NotAllTrains.’”
  • “The figures in deer masks, looking like the same transit lovers who built the Night Vale subway system three years ago, are in an inverted V formation out in left center field, their shoulders and heads bobbing as if in silent laughter”
  • “She leaned in, insects scuttling across her long brown snout. ‘I am the destroyer. They take our buildings. They put them in crates. Their interests are furthered. I am the destroyer.’”


- “Cecil. Sweet Cecil, who I tried and tried to guide toward the truth.” 

i was like “when have mysterious forces ever interacted with cecil (that wasn’t caused by something we already know about)” and then i was like “oh yeah, the weird stuff from ‘cassette’/‘filings’, you know, WHEN HE DIED” so like. that’s not ominous.

- “I came across a valley, dry, almost lifeless. Save for a few brave people who had worked out how they could be sustained there. And I chose them, I guided and taught them, and gradually a town grew. Night Vale. The one place in the world that was truly mine. I am the Creator.” 

pro tip: calling yourself “the creator,” much less of a place that already existed and supported life, is not so much a white hat move

- “Worship of me started, as they became aware of my kind presence in their lives. Their love gave meaning to the passing of my years and in exchange, I gave them a better and better world. They developed ceremonies devoted to me, wearing soft meat crowns and building what would become known as bloodstone circles.” 

SO MANY ALARM BELLS. who goes “wow, my goddess has such a kind presence! better start worshipping her with BLOOD AND ORGANS”?? 

- also, everyone knows lee marvin is the one who founded the town and demanded worship: ”One of the arrivals, famous screen actor Lee Marvin, who just turned 30 today – Oh, hey! Happy birthday, Mr. Marvin! – said that they were immediately proceeding to found a town. A town they will call Night Vale. A home for themselves, complete with all the things a home needs: secrets, dread, omnipresent government, and areas that are forbidden! He then donned a soft meat crown as the other newcomers bowed to him.” – [Best Of?]

how dare she try to take that away from him? it’s his birthday!

- meanwhile, the underground city that does still remember worshipping huntokar responded to carlos’ incursion with ALL-OUT WAR. night vale, which has about as much self-control as a toddler on a sugar high, managed to avoid all-out war even after they were actively invaded by desert bluffs.

- “What once was tribute is now a series of gestures, as human and meaningless as they were before I came along.” 

so human stuff was meaningless before she came along. that’s a normal thing to say.

- “Night Vale is shattered. But for now it’s still here. Hmm. Time is startlingly persistent in that way.” 

uh time’s not real.

- “The other gods were attracted to the site of my teetering domain, but I was able to arrange truces with them. They did not do anything that would upset the balance by which my world barely hung, and in exchange, they could poke their heads in, look around, maybe take a few versions of my Night Vale to turn into playgrounds for their terror-filled delights.” 

“terror-filled delights,” she said casually. “no big.”

- “But now the five-headed dragons in their grief and anger have pulled all of the other gods into this situation” …says the person who had previously pulled all of the other gods into this situation. i’m not saying this isn’t true, but… we’ve only got her word for it. we haven’t seen proof of it ourselves.

- “I am a storyteller. The story may do you no good. But a story is never for the listener. It is always for the one who tells.” 

meanwhile, in ‘the registry of middle school crushes’: “Before everything, before even humans, there were stories. A creature at a fire conjuring a world with nothing but its voice and a listener’s imagination. And now, me, and thousands like me, in little booths and rooms and mics and screens all over the world, doing the same for a family of listeners, connected as all families are, primarily by the stories we tell each other.” 

huntokar sees stories as furthering her own interests; cecil sees them as connecting humanity.

- at the very least, huntokar is a VERY unreliable narrator and we can’t take her at face value. personally, i think she’s trying to manipulate people (especially cecil, for unknown reasons) into sympathizing with her and doing… what? guess we’ll find out in two weeks.

- bonus spoiler point from “all hail”:

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"Produce 101 Season 2" Trainee Samuel Kim Shows His Appreciation For Fans By Checking Out Their Subway Ads

“Produce 101 Season 2” Trainee Samuel Kim Shows His Appreciation For Fans By Checking Out Their Subway Ads

External image

Fans of “Produce 101 Season 2” contestant Samuel Kim have been gifting him with subway advertisements asking “national producers” (viewers) to vote for him on the show, and the trainee has headed over to subway stations to check them out himself!

Fans have spotted him posing in front of his subway ad at Hongdae Station.

[PHOTO] 170520 Samuel went to his subway ad at Hongdae. ㅠㅠ…

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the three hot trends in Silicon Valley horseshit – Freddie deBoer – Medium
For a long time I told the same basic joke about Silicon Valley, just updating as some new walled garden network replicated long-existing…
By Freddie deBoer

This is the type of company that has become inescapable in NYC subway advertising. Not coincidentally the time I spend contemplating stepping in front of the train to enjoy the sweet oblivion of death is also up dramatically. There’s legit dozens of these companies out there.

The basic idea here is that 40 years of stagnant wages, the decline of unions, the death of middle class blue collar jobs, the demise of pensions, and a general slide of the American working world into a PTSD-inducing horror show of limitless vulnerability has been too easy on workers. I’m sorry, Doers, or whatever the fuck. The true beauty of these ads is that they are all predicated on mythologizing the very workers who their service is intended to immisserate. Sorry about your medical debt; here’s a photo of a model who we paid in “exposure” over ad copy written by an intern who we paid in college credit that cost $3,000 a credit hour. Enjoy.

I saw this ad today too.


CW: Eating disorders and body-shaming

In this Subway commercial, we have three coworkers, two female and one male. One of the women asks how her companions could be eating burgers. The other woman replies that it’s no longer summer, so they can eat what they want. First woman informs them that no, they must continue to try to keep their weight low because Halloween demands tons of “sexy” costumes from women. 

There are two different ideas at play here, and they intersect in interesting ways. 

  1. In order to wear sexy costumes, you must be a certain size or weight. 

  2. It’s Halloween, and for women, costumes must be sexy. 

Let’s start with the first one. 

In advertising, we already have lots of seasonal campaigns that capitalize on the idea that you must lose weight for certain periods of time. Around New Year’s Eve, food and diet companies hit hard on New Year’s Resolutions. A few months later, commercials encourage you to diet in order to get a “bikini body” in time for summer. The only time corporations want you to eat without reservations is Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons, apparently, and probably only because they know it’s better for you to eat and feel guilty, then flock to their products, then to try to stop you from enjoying the holidays and the food traditions that go with it. 

External image

In a way, it’s kind of brilliant to take advantage of women’s insecurities by extending the seasons in which we need to diet. And by brilliant, I mean completely nefarious. But there’s one important message that is being conveyed by this commercial: only certain types of bodies can wear “sexy” outfits, like bikinis and “sexy” Halloween costumes. And that type of body is thin. 

When you tell your audience that they must be thin to wear sexy costumes, you are shaming larger bodies. You are saying that large women (and other genders) cannot be sexy simply because they are large. 

Of course, this isn’t a new idea. The media has been pushing this message on audiences for years, whether it’s by labeling average-sized models as “plus-sized,” or by photoshopping slices off of model and celebrity bodies in magazines, or by having most of mainstream Hollywood look a certain size (while relegating larger actors to tropes revolving around their weight). 

External image

New or not, the same phenomenon happens: we begin to believe that fat bodies are never attractive, which eventually evolves to fat bodies do not deserve to be attractive. This comes from the idea that larger people are only the size they are because they are lazy or undisciplined …. which diet advertisements definitely contribute to. After all, if you had only eaten Subway sandwiches instead of whatever wrong food you ate, you’d be skinny, right? 

The truth is, size does not determine attractiveness, or worthiness of attractiveness. Size definitely doesn’t determine if someone is lazy or undisciplined or unhealthy.

And you absolutely do not have to be a certain size in order to wear a Halloween costume (or bikini). If a large woman wants to dress as a “foxy fullback,” she has every right to.

Moving on to point #2.

Recent years have given way to another ludicrous phenomenon: the sexy Halloween costumes.

It’s not just that there are more sexy Halloween costumes. It’s that every regular costume has a ridiculous “sexy” pairing; the “regular” ones are usually marketed for men while the “sexy” ones are targeted at women.

Sexy Scooby-Doo

External image

Sexy Bacon

External image

Sexy Lumberjack

External image

And it starts younger and younger, and suddenly skeleton costumes are no longer gender neutral for boys and girls, but needs to be feminized and sexualized:

External image

For more examples of sexist Halloween costumes, check out this Tumblr

There’s nothing wrong with having sexy versions of Halloween costumes. For many individual women, it can be a chance to show creativity, have a unique costume idea, and even experiment a little with their sexuality in a way that they feel comfortable. It may be that many women use Halloween as a time to help them feel sexy, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

The wrong part happens when costumes aren’t marketed as “regular” and “sexy,” but as “male” and female.” The wrong part happens when it’s difficult for women to find Halloween costumes that are made for them but not sexy. And it’s absolutely wrong to start sexualizing Halloween costumes for children. With this commercial, Subway is contributing to the idea that Halloween is a time when women must dress provocatively, that instead of dressing up in costumes that are fun, creative, or spooky, they should be dressing in a way that makes them appealing to men. That point is emphasized by the joke at the end of the commercial, in which the sole man dresses up as a Viking to go along with the woman’s Viking Princess Costume, and he requests to see her wear that one again.

These two arguments might seem kind of confusing. First I’m saying that women of all body types should be able to wear sexy outfits if they want to, then I’m saying it’s wrong for Subway to push sexy outfits on women. Here’s the bottom line: all women (and men) should dress the way they want to without feeling outside pressures, such as advertisements, telling them how to dress. If they want to dress sexy, they should be able to without feeling shame. And if they don’t want to, they should also be able to without feeling shame!

No matter what your size or Halloween costume sexiness levels, have a happy and safe Halloween!  

Choi Youngjae 21st Birthday Projects~

1. Subway Advertisement from Thai Fans 

  • Location: Jamsil Station (잠실역)
  • Period: 1-30 Sep 2016

2. Bus Advertisement & Subway Advertisement by 4EverYoungjae

Bus Number 271 Seoul City 

3. Subway Advertisement by moleundereye_YJ at Sinchon Station 

4. Bus Banner & Advertisement Mokpo Bus by 21YJDAY (Fly!YOUNG, SilverLIningYJ, RAINYCODE & VOICE FACTORY)

5. Subway Advertisement by MySweetieYJ

6. Birthday Postcard for Youngjae by youngjaebday

7. Stationary Donations by 21YJDAY