subway advertisement

ASTRO’s makestar subway advertisement details: 

Duration: Feb 8 - March 10
Location: Seoul Metro, Line 2, Hongdae Station, Exit 8

hongdae station is nearby Hongik University + Hongik University street which is a very popular shopping area for teenagers & young adults.

tbh it might be the place sanha sang ‘the manual’ at for tbc but don’t quote me

basically !! the subway advertisment for astro’s anniversary will be up for 1 month it a prime location bless makestar send makestar all of your love

Photo: Trader Joe’s/MBTA Map

“This Red Line train is bound for Chard of Many Colors via Black Beans”.

Taken at the Trader Joe’s West Newton store… mostly recognisable as the MBTA “T” map, but with a few additions and exclusions. The Silver Line is now a light shade of blue and promises wild salmon, while the commuter rail lines now seem to sprout randomly from the end of “T” lines in a variety of different colours. Nice hand lettering, though!

Side note: “Heart Healthy Whole Grain Cranberry Oatmeal” is still a shorter station name than “U Street/African-American Civil War Memorial/Cardozo” from the Washington Metro. 

Source: Alisa Zomer/Twitter