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he grabbed my ph, TOOK OUR SELFIES, asked about the beaches in samoa, told me my politics, philosophy & economics major was a mouthful but commendable, talked to us the entire time on the 2/3 platform waiting for the train, then said “come watch my play sometime ladies, till then good luck with studies.” WHAT A HUNK — with Darren Criss.

May 6, 2015


Well I finally got around to laying out and picturing all my Wreck-It Ralph collection out. Going for a world record is hard enough, especially when everything is super expensive and rare. But I’ll keep going; I’ll list everything down below :D

1st picture
The Vanellope, Minty, and Jubileena figure set
The Vanellope, Taffyta, and Swizzle kart figure set
The Ralph, and Heroes Duty Ralph (w/o helmet) figure set
The Vanellope and Ralph Disney Infinity figures pair
The Sugar Rush and Heroes Duty figurine playsets
The complete Funko pop figure set (Ralph, Vanellope, Felix, King Candy, & Turbo)
2nd picture
2 HTF Nesquik containers with promotional WIR art/contest
WIR DVD, Blu-Ray/DVD, Japanese dvd, Wii game, DS game, and 3DS game
Promotional bag of 6 WIR balloons
Promotional double-sided sheet of stickers
Promotional canteen with box
Unopened pack of scented erasers
Pair of double-sided door hangers
2 boxes of 32 valentine cards
1 pack of subway scratch off coins
Promotional 8-bit analog watch
1/12 miniature of the Fix-It Felix Jr. Arcade machine
Fix-It Felix’s Repair Power, King Candy’s Dessert Toppings, & Sugar Rush Sky Disney Infinity power discs
Personally-made Niceland building brick pattern Lanyard
3rd picture
2 packs of Japanese jelly beans
2 promotional Japanese theatre keychains
An opened Ralph figure
Japanese Sugar Rush truck toy
Completed set of 6 Disney Parks elongated pennies
2 custom-made Vanellope pendants in the style of the Princess stained glass murals from Kingdom Hearts
2 custom-made candy strip (wooden) engagement rings from my girlfriends fanfiction ‘Wrecking Limits’
Completed set of 3 Funko Mini figures
3 iPhone 4s phone cases
Pins: Dsf Halloween Skeleton Vanellope, Dsf Red Carpet Awards Ralph, Dsf Sugar Rush High School ID, DPT Sugar Rush Gumdrop Jeweled, Dcm Magic Measures WIR Cast Recognition Pin
4th picture
Large WIR Tote bag
Subway food bags ( Vanellope x3, Ralph x2, Taffyta x1, Heroes Duty Ralph x1)
5th picture
Shirts: Sugar Rush logo, (The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly) WIR, Ralph Co Demolitions, Bad Guys don’t win medals, I Can Wreck It.
6th picture
Books: The Art of Wreck-It Ralph, Big Golden Book, Little Golden Book, Read-Along /w CD, Game On!, Sugar Rush, “Fast Kart, Slow Kart”, Arcade Brigade, High Score!, Activity Book Level 2, Widescreen Review /w WIR cover, WIRED with recent Disney characters (V&R included)
7th picture
Disney Store kart figures: Swizzle Malarkey, Crumbelina DiCarmello, Snowanna Rainbeau.
8 custom stickers
8th picture (Final picture)
WIR cover D23 Magazine /w member stickers~