This post is dedicated to how much I loathe Manspreading! It’s very inconsiderate. And using “balls” as an excuse to take up to 2 seats on a train is weak. I know dogs with bigger balls then most men!

Some man had the nerve to look at me sideways because I wouldn’t move my purse so he could sit between me and another woman.

Call me Petty White, but I just stared back at him like “Bish Whet?”
Why don’t you ask one of them to move their nutsack so you can sit then 💁


Three of the four largest systems in the country have been crippled this winter — and the worst is yet to come

Bad transit doesn’t just upset people, or encourage them to drive. It saps a city’s economic vitality. It extends distances, pushing people away from their jobs, their friends and their families. These urban transit systems are literally invaluable, in the sense that it is impossible to measure the scope of their contribution to their various regions.

The great transit systems of the Eastern Seaboard are in crisis.