In 1916 a worker named Marshall Maybey was working on the construction of a subway in Brooklyn when a burst of compressed gas shot him directly through the tunnel roof and through the bed of the East River in a massive geyser. Amazingly Maybey survived the ordeal without serious injury. He was able to return to work a few days later. Unfortunately two other workers were killed in the accident.

The signs at subway

Aries: I’m ordering mine first, let me in front

Taurus: That one looks good, omg so does that one. But look at THAT one

Gemini: Hi I want a chicken schnitzel sub, 6 inch, white bread, toasted, swiss cheese, lettuce, sweet chilli sauce and bbq sauce, onion, more lettuce, tomato, ljgdnv, cheddar cheese

Cashier: What

Cancer: I don’t really like toasted subs but it’s warmer and it’s cold today so…. yeah toasted please

Leo: Yeah toast it… BLAZE IT lol jk but not jk

Virgo: I’m going to go get something else, this doesn’t look clean…. wtf are those grill marks PAINTED on?… later

Libra: Ummm

Cashier: Can you please just order now, other people are waiting

Scorpio: Idc gimme what you want

Sagittarius: I want the meatball stuff with EVERYTHING else you got

Capricorn: Chicken classic, white bread

Aquarius: Hi, I would like the chicken parmesan with bbq sauce… yeah I’m a lil quirky XD

Pisces: Ummm… same as last please