A decomposed hand
shoving the barrel
of a realistic-looking toy gun
in your mouth -

the courage it takes to keep going -

to continue down this unfinished bridge with the ghost crumbs
of your devoured childhood
frozen in its middle like a robust
microwaveable burrito -

walking off the edge you saw coming
but, somehow, still managed to miss -

plummeting head first
into a Skype session between The Devil
& God himself.

Or whatever else it is
that comes next.


69th in ‘69 by cta web
Via Flickr:
The Dan Ran line (now the south portion of today’s Red Line) opened on September 28, 1969 extending 'L’ service as far as 95th Street down the median of the Dan Ryan Expressway. This photos shows a train of modern (for its day) 2000-series CTA 'L’ cars in its original green livery stopped at 69th, just a couple of days after the line opened. Learn more about the project to reconstruct and expand the 95th/Dan Ryan station and bus terminals at www.transitchicago.com/95thTerminal/ Learn more about plans as part of our Red Ahead program that are to extend this line further south to 130th, which is currently in federally-required planning stages, here: www.transitchicago.com/redeis/


New York-based artist Ben Rubin has turned his morning commute on NYC subway trains into an awesome art project. For his ongoing Subway Doodle series Rubin uses his iPad to photograph fellow travelers on the subway platforms and inside the cars. Then, still using his iPad, he enhances the photos by drawing all sorts of blue monsters and other fantastic creatures interacting with the people and locations in the photos.

“I started sketching on my iPad during my commute just to pass the time. One day I took a picture with my iPad on the train and drew over the picture,” he explained to Odyssey. “It was fun so I did another. And another. Then it just kind of continued from there.”

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[via My Modern Met]