Fox photographer George Freston poses as a commuter on the London Underground, reading a copy of D H Lawrence’s novel ‘Lady Chatterley’s Lover’, on the day the book went on general sale, after a jury at the Old Bailey decided that the book was not obscene, after a 33 year old ban. Fox photographer Les Graves is on his left.

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subway revelation

The ones that govern me ain’t the ones that can power me
You can kill my privacy but you can’t kill that love in me

Borders | Politics |  Police shots | Identities  | Your privilege | Broke people  | Boat people | The realness | The new world   (What’s up with that?)

Love wins (What’s up with that?) ↔ Being real (What’s up with that?)


[FAN PROJECT] 160823 Red Velvet’s Joy Birthday Project - Subway LED Advertisment

Joy’s Subway Ad will run at Suyu Station (Seoul Subway Line 4) starting from August 23 to September 22.

Project by: DC Joy Gallery and WNCJOY

I finally received my new stylus for my pen tablet. I had been unable to paint in a while. I was getting so depressed I would trek 3 hours everyday to get to the school lab at York just to use their Cintiqs. And it’s just not the same. I like working at home, it’s all quite with nothing to grab my attention but my work. School is all hectic with all my buds getting caffeinated and showing me You tube stuff.

This painting started off as a photo study, then it became a thing in composition, then I added bits to ties it all together.