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Blackinnon smut - they're the only one in this subway car and the metro broke down


If there was something funny, was the way he met Marlene. When he moved to his new flat, unavoidably, he had to change the transportation to work: Sirius used to take the bus but now he had to use the subway.

The first time he saw Marlene, he sat next to her because it was the only available seat; only then he realized how beautiful she was. The following days Sirius discovered that she took the same subway at the same time as well so, on purpose, he decided to sit next to her. At first he thought she didn’t notice until one day she said “good morning” with a charming smile when he sat next to her. Since that moment, they sat together on every single ride.

Soon enough, he asked for her number and she gave it without hesitation. However, he never had the courage to ask her out. It was stupid because he didn’t have problems with the ladies but for some reason that was beyond his understanding, he just couldn’t; not because he didn’t want to because God only knew how much he liked her. Sirius froze every single time he was about to press the button ‘send’.

He liked absolutely everything about her: her deep blue eyes, her long blonde hair, her beautiful smile and contagious laugh. Sirius adored how she always moved her hands when she tried to explain something to him or how she frowned whenever she was paying attention to something he was saying. He genuinely liked her and that was why he always felt frustrated, because he really wanted to ask her out but he just couldn’t.

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Today as I was ordering my Subway sub I realized how I’ve come a long way without really realizing it.

For the longest time (since childhood) I always ordered a footlong. The idea of only eating a six-inch was so far out of reach to me. Along with my turkey footlong I would also order the meal (usually hot cheetos and a soda, and sometimes even a cookie or two for dessert). That’s 1,270 calories! And eating at Subway is supposed to be healthy for you according to all the ads. Back then I thought this was healthier than going to a burger place. 

But today I’m ordering and I have all these different habits. I got myself my half inch wheat bread turkey sandwich (no cheese, only vinegar and salt and pepper for dressing), and a bag of air popped popcorn with a diet soda and all this totals to 370 calories. I’ve been ordering this way for almost a year. I can’t pinpoint exactly how I ended up with this new habit but I think it’s just by making really small changes. And I know I’m not done, I know diet soda isn’t the healthiest, and I know one day water will be my choice of drink. I also know maybe one day I’ll even decide to pack my own lunch with healthier bread. One day I’ll look back and probably even be grossed out that I even went to Subway in the first place. 

I need your guys’ help. I hope she would be able to see this. A little to the back story -

As strange as fate can be, I was going on a subway ride with a drawing of David Tennant in my arms. I was about to meet him at that night. Upon entering I noticed this girl who I thought was attractive. She has something unique to her look and of course she was beautiful. I’m sadly a hopeless romantic, as you can see. You know how it goes on subway- strangers come and go. But then I saw that she had a Tardis phone case. I knew I had to compliment it so I did and showed her my David Tennant drawing which she took a picture of. You have no idea how glad I was, to have something in common with someone I thought stood out the most of all those subway people.

Unfortunately I left and that was it. I was mad at myself for not asking her for her number. Due to some strange coincidences happening recently I decided to try to reach out to her

It would mean a lot to me if you guys could help by reposting this ❤️ I will follow every one who helps