Pigeons like to go by train in Sweden.



Being Italian, I was intrigued that the usually on target Arby’s had created a sandwich dedicated to my people.

It’s toasted. It’s hot. It’s got ham, salami and pepperoni. It’s got Swiss cheese (?). Banana peppers, red onion, lettuce and tomato. Topped with red wine vinaigrette and garlic aioli.

Before I bite into it, let me predict that it’s better than a SUBWAY BMT but not on par with Jersey Mike’s or Jimmy John’s Italian subs.

Here we go–

The garlic aioli, toasted Italian roll and banana peppers hit you immediately. I definitely taste the ham but the pepperoni and salami (two spiced meats to begin with), I don’t get strong flavor from them, which is odd. None of the vegetables overpowering and they make nice friends with, at least, the ham and garlic aioli.

This is tough! For 7 bucks (small meal), you really can’t go wrong. It’s better than Subway and while the meat has better flavor at Jimmy Johns and Jersey Mike’s, I’d argue that the Italian roll, garlic aioli, banana pepper combo make this one a winner. Is it the best fast food Italian sandwich? No. But combined with Arby’s perfected curly fries, you get no complaints from me. The only major drawback is SWISS CHEESE on an Italian sandwich. For fuck’s sake, Arby’s! Amateur hour..

I’d argue Arby’s itself is criminally underrated, but that’s another time.

GRADE: thumbs up for Arby’s Loaded Italian. It’s worthy of a meal. And the consistent Arby’s continues to put out quality fast food.
Sadness (Not me, the character!)

Home! Yay!
I went to subway (the sandwich shop?) place for the first time ever, because there is one close to the hospital and mum got me a sandwich with just cheese and it was yummy and I got a little bag that has the blue sad one from Inside out the Disney Pixar film  on it and a little card game!
I got juice and a fruit sweet thing and it was nice. I’m sure Arthur Shappey helped with the design for the packet of these sweets.

You have to match them up! That’s how you play. 

.  “Rasp-berry.” Eugh…. It was actually nice though!

 I dressed up like Mary from Sherlock today! It was a bit silly but it helped me get through it because Mary I think is very tough! 


Meanwhile, day in and day out, 8 million New Yorkers and the millions more suburbanites who commute to the city daily face packed platforms, a steady drumbeat of fare hikes, and service that is increasingly unreliable—with subway delays up about 20 percent this year over last. The threat is that eroding subway, train, and bus service without a change in the tolling system will push more people to use private vehicles or car-sharing services, increasing congestion and exacerbating the spiral of disinvestment from transit.

As Eric Jaffe suggested here last year, the people in charge of infrastructure investments can’t really understand the systems they are funding if they never use them. Clearly, it’s past time for Cuomo to swipe himself in at a turnstile and take a few rides with the rest of us.

Why Flashy Plans for LaGuardia Don’t Impress Transit Advocates