Boston MBTA Pocket Subway Map Cover, 1989

“The ‘T’: One of Boston’s Last Great Bargains” proclaims this neat little pop-arty pocket map cover. Five of the six colours used in the design make sense (representing the four lines of the “T” plus purple for commuter rail), but what’s the yellow for? Making up the numbers in the days before the Silver Line, it seems.

EDIT: My readers are awesome! Thanks to those who have pointed out that yellow was (and still kind of is) used to represent buses in the MBTA network, which explains its appearance here rather nicely.

Source: Mikey Ashworth/Flickr

These days everyone knows that you can’t take advertisements at face value.  Photoshop, misleading wording, deliberate omission of certain facts – all frequent techniques that advertisers use to toe the line while they’re pushing their product down your throat.  Of course, sometimes that toe crosses the line – or rather, sometimes a company blows that line away with a bazooka.

With the help of the Don Draper of image manipulation AuntieMeme, here are those companies with egg on their face with a bazooka in hand.

Many of these baffle me – how can they think “you should be able to realize we’re lying” is a valid legal defense?


(via Take the A Train! | A-train shuffling around to allow a few … | Flickr - Photo Sharing!)

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