suburbia is out to get me


Halsey song lyric imagine

wordcount: 2.1k

Summary:  Y/N and Jughead take a long drive out of Riverdale for a road trip and discover their hidden feelings for each other 

Warnings: swearing, slight smut, drinking

‘Swerving on the 405, I can never keep my eyes off this’

We’d been driving for hours, we didn’t even know where we were going anymore, or what were running from. The sudden impulsive decision to get out of town and take a road trip was decided by Jughead. He had been distressed at school lately and said he had a lot of stuff going on in his head, and he needed to get away. 

Me being the good friend I am, and caring a great deal for him, didn’t want him to be alone so I decided to make the offer on taking him away for a while. 

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Ever mess with the wrong guy?

Friend told me about a guy he knew named “Ben” and how he met out some crazy revenge:

Ben was driving himself down Johnson Rd. Now Johnson Road was one of those uncommon roads in suburbia that was kind of narrow. As he was driving, there were these three teenagers, 16, 17 and 19, walking shoulder to shoulder along the road with their backs to him. Not trying to hit them, Ben moved to the far left side to avoid them and give them enough safe space.

Turns out it was a ruse by those three kids to get cars to pass along them just like that. When he passed by them, they took out baseball bats they were hiding and started smashing his car as he passed. Took out his side mirror and minor damage.

Ben wasn’t too happy so he pulled over and got out of his car to address this, not too smart since it’s already 3 to 1 but you’ll understand in a minute. The three kids see him and realize their advantage and start charging at him, bats raised.

Now here’s where it gets good.

Ben pulls out a gun and tells them all to freeze. Turns out, Ben’s a retired Marine with a concealed weapons permit. The three kids freak out and stop dead in their tracks, arms raised. Ben directs them to get on their knees, lay facedown, and keep their arms and legs spread-out. Now this was back in 2000 when cell phones weren’t as common, but Ben happened to have one. He called the cops on the kids right then and there. He said, “My name is Ben, I’m on Johnson Road and three teenagers just attacked my car and threated to attack me. I am carrying a gun with a permit and have them on the ground and subdued, I need an officer to come by here as I am pressing charges and I want them arrested. When the officer arrives, I am the one with the gun and I will follow his instructions.”

The kids start begging for him to let them go, cursing each other, and probably giving sob stories but Ben’s not listening. The cop arrives, orders Ben to put down his gun, which he does, and then it gets better!

Turns out the cop is a retired Marine too! He hears Ben’s statement, sees the evidence, and then they have this exchange:

Cop: “So they came right at you?” Ben: “Yes.” Cop: “And you didn’t shoot them?” Ben: “No, they listened to my commands so I didn’t see the need.” Cop: “That what they’re teaching now?”

The cop then looks at the three kids and says, “You’re lucky you got him and not me, I’d have shot all three of you, coming at me with bats. If this guy would have shot all three of you dead, told me what happened, I’d send him on his way.” So the three kids get arrested and the cop tells the two youngest that they’re probably going to screw up their lives if they keep this up. He tells the 19 year old that he’s over 18 and an adult so it’s too late for him, he’s going to jail for this.

Then it gets better.

They all end up in court and, as it turns out, the judge’s son is currently in the Marines. He tells the other two that they’re going to be tried as adults too and eventually all three go to jail for the maximum sentence our state allows for this crime!

The Signs as Troye Sivan lyrics

Aries: THE QUIET - All I want is a fight to fight // anything but quiet

Taurus: SUBURBIA - Missing occasions, I can’t rewind // can’t help but feel I’ve lost what’s mine

Gemini: DKLA - Wrapped my thoughts around your mind // wrapped your body around mine

Cancer: TALK ME DOWN - And I wanna come home to you // but home is just a room full of my safest sounds

Leo: COOL - That weekend up in the islands, they stop and stare // flashes filling the silence of a Hollywood love affair

Virgo: FOOLS - And my hopes, they are high, I must keep them small // though I try to resist I still want it all

Libra: for him. - We’re like two halves of one heart // we are, we are, we are

Scorpio: BITE - I can be the subject of your dreams // your sickening desire

Sagittarius: LOST BOY - So go get running, won’t you hurry? // while it’s light out, while it’s early

Capricorn: SWIMMING POOLS - But I see a lighthouse in the distance calling my name // but I can’t get there ‘til I go through all of this pain

Aquarius: HEAVEN - This voice inside has been eating at me // trying to embrace the picture I paint and colour me free

Pisces: BLUE - Only seeing myself // when I’m looking up at you

seasonal album aesthetic


after the party - the menzingers
separation sunday - the hold steady
make the clocks move - kevin devine 
whip smart - liz phair 
people who can eat people - AJJ
split the country, split the street - kevin devine 
all get out - all get out 
fight off your deams/leaked demos 2006 - Brand New
we shall all be healed - the mountain goats
no good for no one now - owen
put your ghost to rest - kevin devine
romance is boring - los campesinos! 
dog problems - the format
sick scenes - los campesinos! 
good news for people who love bad news - modest mouse
beat the champ - the mountain goats
killer parties - the hold steady
louder now - taking back sunday
almost here - the academy is..
straylight run - straylight run 
the king is dead - the decemberists 
chase this light - jimmy eat world 
rented world - the menzingers
keep you - pianos become the teeth
kiss - carly rae jepsen 
new best friends - mansions 
exile in guyville - liz phair
kauai - childish gambino 
pink moon - nick drake 
we were dead before the ship even sank - modest mouse
curse your branches - david bazan 
album of the year - the good life 
heaven is whenever - the hold steady
the crane wife - the decemberists 
sam’s town - the killers
danger days - my chemical romance 
the front bottoms - the front bottoms
i’m like a virgin losing a child - manchester orchestra
folie a deux - fall out boy
pale horse - mewithoutyou
52 weeks - into it. over it
hope - manchester orchestra


all hail west texas - the mountain goats 
born to run - bruce springsteen
goodness - the hotelier 
carrie and lowell - sufjan stevens 
tallahassee - the mountain goats
we have the facts and we’re voting yes - death cab for cutie
on the impossible past - the menzingers
emotion - carly rae jepsen 
i’m wide awake it’s morning - bright eyes
hot fuss - the killers 
ghost town - owen 
new again - taking back sunday 
Happy hollow - cursive
brother’s blood - kevin devine 
to pimp a butterfly - kendrick lamar
digital ash in a digital urn - bright eyes
Mama, I’m Swollen - Cursive
figure 8 - elliott smith 
talon of the hawk - the front bottoms
real ghosts caught on tape - fake problems
we cool? - jeff rosenstock 
salutations - conor oberst 
stay positive - the hold steady
taking back sunday - taking back sunday
santi - the academy is…
goths - the mountain goats
mean everything to nothing - manchester orchestra
dig up the dead - mansions 
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born in the USA - bruce springsteen
high violet - the national
hazards of love - the decemberists 
I do perceive - owen
new wave - against me!
fast times at ridgemont high - the academy is . .. 
reverie lagoon - seahaven
heretic pride - the mountain goats
back on top - the front bottoms 
the king of whys - owen
never hungover again - joyce manor 
full force galesburg - the mountain goats
bad books - bad books
daisy - brand new
somewhere at the bottom - la dispute
the greatest generation - the wonder years
zopilote machine - the mountain goats
the mother the mechanic the path - the early november
joyce manor - joyce manor 


stage four - touche amore
for flotsam - los campesinos! 
integrity blues - jimmy eat world
all eternals deck - the mountain goats
lifted - bright eyes
knife man - AJJ
hail and farewell, gothenburg - the mountain goats
the devil and god are raging inside me - brand new
nobody likes a quitter - all get out
worry - jeff rosenstock 
three cheers for sweet revenge - my chemical romance
bleed american - jimmy eat world
in the aeroplane over the sea - neutral milk hotel
new leaves - owen 
the rising - bruce springsteen
I am Gemini - Cursive
king of the delta blues - robert johnson
boys and girls of america - the hold steady
fevers and mirrors - bright eyes
we don’t have each other - aaron west
cardinal - pinegrove 
damage - jimmy eat world
I brought you my bullets - my chemical romance
from under the cork tree - fall out boy
The bible II - AJJ
cody - joyce manor 
suburbia - the wonder years
the ugly organ - cursive
teeth dreams - the hold steady
it’s all crazy! it’s all true! - mewithoutyou
at home with owen - owen
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cassadaga - bright eyes
The glow pt 2 - the microphones 
hospice - the antlers
intersections - into it. over it
the bitter end - right away, great captain!
either/or - elliott smith
proper - into it. over it


reconstruction site - the weakerthans
sprained ankle - julien baker
darkness on the edge of town - bruce springsteen
sweden - the mountain goats
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Get lonely - the mountain goats
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the church of the good thief - right away, great captain!
wildlife - la dispute 
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the black parade - my chemical romance
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left and leaving - the weakethans
the eventually home - right away, great captain!
brother, sister - mewithoutyou
something to write home about - the get up kids
hello sadness - los campesinos! 
illuminate - lydia 
letting off the happiness - bright eyes
deja entendu - brand new
the needles the space - straylight run 
winter wheat - john k samson 
pretty years - cymbals eat guitars 
day and age - the killers
clarity - jimmy eat world
catch us for the foxes - mewithoutyou
nebraska - bruce springsteen
infinity on high - fall out boy
transcendetal youth - the mountain goats
the lack long after - pianos become the teeth
where you want to be - taking back sunday
domestica - cursive 
invented - jimmy eat world
futures - jimmy eat world
cope - manchester orchestra
awaken, my love! - childish gambino 
the life of the world to come - the mountain goats
elliott smith - elliott smith
western teleport - emperor x
between the concrete and the clouds - kevin devine 
monogamy sessions - tim kasher
tunnel of love - bruce springsteen
reunion tour - the weakerthans
LOSE - cymbals eat guitars
because the internet - childish gambino 
ruminations - conor oberst 
the upsdes - the wonder years
care - david bazan 
new moon - elliott smith 

Name: Melissa!

Pronouns: she/her

Country: USA (Illinois)

Orientation: homoromantic

I basically live in fictional worlds. I love writing stories (mainly novels) and watching tv or reading! If you want a sure fire way to get me talking about something bring up greys anatomy! I like YouTube a lot, texting, petting my animals and hanging out with friends! I’m pretty easy to get along with and a self proclaimed nice person, so let’s chaaattt.

I’m from Illinois and live in good ole suburbia. I really like where I live. My most prized possession is my cat, but I feel weird calling her a possession bc she’s the light of the world??

But anyway, i’m always down for meeting new people so come drop a line!


how many times have i pretended to have plans?
had to design an excuse to get out of the house.
when i say i’m with friends
i really mean i’m with buds,
and im smoking enough for an army.

yet the hours pass alone and i drive
til i see the sun rising on east coast suburbia.
listening to the mixed tape he made me,
and all i can think about is the teenage romance
found in the backseat of my first car.

we spent so many hours tied in knots,
it’s hard to believe those feelings ever faded.
and i almost called you the other night.
i drove by your mom’s old house and hoped
that the demons in your family were suffocated long ago.

i wanted you next to me
but i know you haven’t though of me in years.
i’m cruising alone
and there is no one to blame
but myself.

i drive through salem
and i stone myself hoping
to reach the witches or the dead poets
that float above my head.

please try to remember me
in the cobblestone streets
of your midnight retreat
because i remember you always.

if i were to call you up,
would you still play the game
of who loves who most?

everything was so different
when we were all growing up
and growing into who we never knew
we could be.

the ghosts of our future tried to warn us
of the muderous distance that would melt
what was supposed to link us for life.
the innocence was so real,
it’s hard to imagine that we ever
had pure intentions.

but everything white will develop a stain.
sometimes it’s a quick splash of coffee,
sometimes it’s the nervous sweat that gathers
on the back of your neck when i get too close.

you can bleach the memories
until they tear like an old sweater,
but you’ll never forget the warmth it brought
because you’ve never looked better
than when i was clinging to your shoulders.

back then it was all so black and white.
there was no getting high,
there was only love.

but we aren’t the same two people
that once promised our lives to each other.
it’s easy to move on when your brain is clouded with smoke,
but what happens when the smoke clears
and all i can see is still you?

when i’m sober and alone,
who will i still need?
when my gas light turns on
and the heat stops working…

will you be there as i’ve always imagined?
or will i be alone and cold as i’ve always anticipated?
—  “pure intentions” carlyn rose
Canciones favoritas.

Creep - Radiohead.
Teen Idle - Marina And The Diamonds.
Answer to Yourself - The Soft Pack.
Mardy Bum - Arctic Monkeys.
Conscience Killer - Black Rebel Motorcycle.
Je Veux - ZAZ.
Time Is Running Out - Muse.
Here It Goes Again - Ok Go.
From The Ritz To The Rubble - Arctic Monkeys.
Clint Eastwood - Gorillaz.
Long Time - Cake.
Banana Pancakes - Jack Johnson.
Yesterday - The Beatles.
Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen.
Nobody’s Perfect - Jessie J.
Comfort Eagle - Cake.
Dirty Harry - Gorillaz.
Starlight - Muse.
Decode - Paramore.
Let’s Get Started - Dylan Gardner.
Dance Dance - Fall Out Boy.
On Ira - ZAZ.
Clocks - Coldplay.
Feel Good Inc - Gorillaz.
Half The World Away - Oasis.
Tokyo - Telekinesis!
She Was The One - The Vamps.
How You Remind Me - Nickelback.
Zombie - The Pretty Reckless.
Ignorance - Paramore.
Buy The Stars - Marina And The Diamonds.
Numb - Linkin Park.
Karma Police - Radiohead.
The Luck You Got - The High Strung.
Tonight - Chasing Grace.
Rape Me - Nirvana.
Carrese Sur L'ocean - Les Choristes.
Bittersweet Tragedy - Melanie Martinez.
Monster - Paramore.
Naive - The Kooks.
Big Mother - Feeding People.
Supersonic - Oasis.
Invincible - Ok Go.
Honest - The Neighbourhood.
Come As You Are - Nirvana.
Nude - Radiohead.
Another World - The Vamps.
See The World - The Kooks.
The Apple Tree - Nina Nesbitt.
Feeling Good - Nina Simone // Muse.
Somebody Told Me - The Killers.
Trouble Town - Jake Bugg.
Stop Crying Your Heart Out - Oasis.
Try - P!nk.
Oh No! - Marina And The Diamonds.
Crashing Planes - Wilhelm Tell Me.
Do What You Want - Ok Go.
Who’s Laughing Now - Jessie J.
Somebody To Love - Queen.
Harsh Realm - Widowspeak.
Riptide - Vance Joy.
Risk It All - The Vamps.
Luck - American Authors.
I Hate Myself For Loving You - Joan Jett // Michaela Paige.
You Rascal You - Hanni El Khatib.
Peroxide - Nina Nesbitt.
Strange Times - The Black Keys.
Mercury - Sleeping At Last.
Houses - Great Northern.
Off To The Races - Lana del Rey.
Noots - SUM41.
Scared of Change - Our Last Night.
The Outsider - Marina And The Diamonds.
Mr. C - Nina Nesbitt.
Best Day Of My Life - American Authors.
Fire - Jessie J.
Immortals - Fall Out Boy.
Sleep Tonight - Stars.
Hit Me Like a Man - The Pretty Reckless.
Pyre - Son Lux.
I Want It All - Queen.
Girls - Marina And The Diamonds.
R U Mine? - Arctic Monkeys.
Television, Television - Ok Go.
Islands - The xx.
Serenade - Dover.
I Don’t Care - Fall Out Boy
Sad Song - Oasis.
Look Inside - The Dig.
She - Green Day.
Red Lips - Sky Ferreira.
Battlefield - Lea Michele.
All Star - Smash Mouth.
Can’t Pin Me Down - Marina And The Diamonds.
Panic Station - Muse.
Thriller - Fall Out Boy.
Glass In The Park - Alex Turner.
Shout About It - The Vamps.
The Ocean - Tegan & Sara.
Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol.
Without You - Charlene Soraia.
Killing In The Name Of - Rage Against The Machine
Message In A Bottle - The Police.
Take Me To The Church - Hozier.
Lonely Hearts Club - Marina And The Diamonds.
Who The Fuck Are Arctic Monkeys? - Arctic Monkeys.
This Ain’t a Scene It’s an Arms Race - Fall Out Boy.
Seaside - The Kooks.
Feels Like Only Go Backwards - Tame Impala.
Teddy Picker - Arctic Monkeys.
Savages - Marina And The Diamomds.
Tainted Love - Hannah Peel.
You’re So Damn Hot - Ok Go.
Kill Me - The Pretty Reckless.
Jesus Of Suburbia - Green Day.
Wires - Athlete.
Blue Jeans - Lana del Rey // Sky Ferreira.
Beauty Of The Dark - Mads Langer.
Floating Vibes - Surfer Blood.
Believer - American Authors.
The Phoenix - Fall Out Boy.
Do You - Carina Round.
Close To You - The Carpenters.
Aim To Lose - Hotstreets.
Get Out - Casey Abrams.
You’re a Wolf - Sea Wolf.
In My Veins - Andrew Belle.
Basker Case - Green Day.
Don’t Speak - No Doubt.
Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High? - Arctic Monkeys // The Vamps.
Stay High - (Against The Current)
Special Death - Mirah
Personal - Jessie J.
Catch My Breath - (Against The Current)

Hay muchas más, pero ya las publicaré otro día.
Kings of Suburbia

and secret messages…

Stormy Weather

The end of our zone
Undetected, alone

One more wish
One more stop
One last touch
Before we hide and run

Run Run Run

I wonder how your body tastes
Inside of someone else’s place
Pull away your eyes there’s nothing left to heal
I’m alone but I know everything you feel

Tell me how you closed the door
Knowin’ nobody could love you more
Tellin’ all your friends that this love
Was just made for bleedin’
Hung up underwater but still keep on
Tryin’ to breath in

Our lust for fightin’
Tied up in silence

And you waited on the rain
Through tears my heart is caged
And we fall through fate
But we rise and rise again
And I run, run, run, run, run

Love Who Loves You Back

What’s underneath the moon and stars
What’s underneath our clothes we are
Hiding what we wanna share
Take my hand I’ll take you there

There’s a call in the wild
There’s a snake in your bed

And it’s telling you something

Yeah I like it like that
When you’re feeling lonely
Go help yourself
Do whatever you desire

Covered In Gold

I like you simple, I like the way you walk
You liked me simple, you fell for the way I talk
You were making me high, I didn’t know it wasn’t meant to last
I turn the lights down, hearts can fall out of love

Falling in and out of love is a part of us
I keep hanging on to secret promises
You broke me apart, like a shattered glass
Our love is gross but I’m covered in gold, gold, gold, gold
Covered in gold, gold, gold
Covered in gold

But I can’t let you go, put your heart on repeat
Remember love, remember me

Girl Got A Gun

Time that we, have the talk
Are we on, are we off
On the phone, reality
Every word, is killin’ me
Dirty bitch, beautiful
Treat me like, animal
You changing rooms, I never knew
Let me get, over you

Kings Of Suburbia

We are young
With open eyes
Blinded by
The citylights

Lose control
To feel alive

Just another day
In paradise

Diamond Sky
Diamond Sky
You and I
You and I

Have you heard
The silent scream
Boys and girls
Born to be free
Love is our gasoline
Livin’ on this endless dream

Diamond Sky
Diamond Sky
You and I
You and I 

God grant me the serenity
To accept the things I cannot

Courage to change the
Things I can and wisdom to
know the difference

We Found Us

Fire in the sky, shadows unite
The world is outside, we hide
Beats fight a war
Close the door, close the door
Searching for the cure on the floor

We found us, us
In this club, club
We found us, us
It hurts but it feels right

Tears falling down
Underground, underground
Following the sound of the crowd
Reflection of the light
In your eyes, in your eyes

We are rising high, tonight!

We don’t care, we don’t care
It hurts but it feels right


One night, one scream, one echo
Silence louder than before
One tear of blood on the floor
Cold wind through my broken door

Dead all the pain that we shared,
dead all the glory we had.
It’s over it’s over but I always be
Lost in today in the past,
Lost in the future we had.
It’s over, it’s over but I’ll always be
Invaded by you
, invaded by you.

Home, come home
Home, come home

Louder Than Love

Lightin’ up the map to our escape
I can hear your damaged heart
screamin’ through your eyes
Hush the pain away


To the people
in the new world
Haven’t you heard
Everybody’s got a great life
We’re living in the blur

In time - we hide
in a masquerade of heroes

We’re the people
of the new world

belonging nowhere
Happy New Year
celebrate yourself
We’ll get what we deserve

Dancing In The Dark

Another random night
Try to feel alive
I keep runnin’ on
Away from the sun
Haunted by your shade
A permanent ache
Try to find myself
But the feeling is gone

With every breath I take
I lose my intuition
Drownin’ in teardrops
Fight against the lust
Pictures of the past
The pain comes
Crashing down on me
I remember us
But those feelings are wrong

Snow blows through my mind
It makes you comin’ back to me
Just that one more time
But your feelings are gone

Why can’t you fight about us
Why can’t we fight about us
Why can’t you fight about us
Why can’t we fight about us

We’re innocent creatures
That’s what they want to teach us
Forget to tell you what to do when
All your feelings are gone

The Heart Get No Sleep

You said it’s okay,
I said I’m happy.
Come love me like you love me
Just one more time

And I could set the world on fire,
Just to see you come undone.
I’m falling but it feels like flying,
Into the daylight, into the daylight.

I trip in fantasy,
We’re burning diamonds.
Feel so united,
You hurt like love.

We keep our secrets,
I shoot rockets through the silence.
Touch me like a ritual,
Just take it all - come take it all.

The heart get no sleep
Love me, come love me.
The heart get no sleep,
Love me, like we’ve never been hurt.

Great Day

Yeah my heart is open
and my eyes are swollen
It is way too hard to see
And my head is in clouds
but your voice is too loud
Only cigarrettes to breathe
The sun will follow our way
Can you feel it?
Our shadows disappear
Gone forever

We don’t belong to anyone
All we are has come undone

I’m at someone else’s place
It doesn’t matter
Take the memories away
And I’ll be better
Shoot a rocket to the sky
Think of us and let it fly

Come and let go
Don’t remember
All the days that
were meant to last forever
Come and let go
Don’t remember
All that counts now
Ahead of us forever

The Duggar family shit has me wildin because they are the perfect example of white privilege. Not only are they praised for up holding their “Christian values” by not wearing a condom so now they have 19 fucking children, they don’t have to pay taxes because they have 19 fucking children, and they get help from the community because they have 19 FUCKING KIDS while white suburbia looks down on WoC who have more than two children and use government help. Now there’s this molestation case thats come out but not only did the family and the church cover it up but LAW ENFORCEMENT as well. I’m really not surprised…

vanessaivesvevo  asked:

“i’m a prince/ss and you’re my bodyguard and we’re so not supposed to bang but we kind of did anyways” i just need bellamy calling clarke 'princess' with as many different inflections as possible pleeeeaaaase <3

thanks for the prompt @vanessaivesvevo​! hope you like this! modern royal au, 2904 words, title from “by night” by puzzle muteson.

under the sheets so thin like eyelid skin

day 1

The first time they met was in her father’s office and she was standing in front of the eagle-headed lion insignia that adorned the wall, a blown-up version of what was depicted on Arkadia’s currency and stamps and passports. House Griffin’s family crest had followed Bellamy all his life; its scion’s porcelain blue eyes followed him now as he stood at attention, too warm in his black Secret Service suit while she folded her arms at the king’s side with a combative tilt to her chin. She was perfectly framed between the insignia’s spread crimson wings, such that they seemed to unfurl from her own shoulder-blades. The effect was regal, picturesque, and he tried not to stare as her father went over his qualifications.

“Honors degree in criminal justice, top of the class at the training academy, and, according to Director Kane, one of his best field agents,” His Majesty read off the dossier with a slight smile before setting it down on the oak table. “Well, Bellamy, you’re a little young, but your credentials speak for themselves. I’m sure my daughter will be in good hands. Right, Clarke?”

“Certainly.” Her voice was clipped, imperious. “As long as he doesn’t get in my way.”

The Secret Service paid well enough to support himself and his sister, but he was no lapdog. “Her Royal Highness’ safety is my primary concern. To ensure that, I will sometimes have to act as the situation, not her opinion, demands,” he replied in even tones, banking on the king’s sense of humor and the princess’ reputation as a wild card that was surely cause for fatherly concern.

The gamble paid off. His Majesty laughed. “Excellent. Don’t let her walk all over you, my boy.”

Displeasure tightened Clarke’s lips. She inclined her head at Bellamy in a manner that stated, Well played, but I’m going to get you back for that. He knew it was only a trick of the afternoon light, but the insignia seemed to move with her, stylized feathers rustling at the edges of her golden hair like the fatal predator, the winged creature that she was.

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grand-tourers  asked:

sorry for just dropping by, but dude. dude. suburban check please au, but in post canon context. hear me out. the SMH accidentally taking over one side of a street. the other side is people who've lived there for twenty years. they're horrified. there's a tiny man bossing very large men around, one of which seems to think clothes are optional? that side is decked out in hockey regalia (falconers) except for one window (sharks). just. suburbia is never the same.

You don’t need to feel bad about sending me an ask I love seeing stuff in my ask box.

I love the idea of them all moving near each other after they happen to get jobs near providence. I feel like most of the neighborhood is OK with it especially the kids who live near 2 (two! Holster Def makes it later)

except for Sharon who is the current pta president and thinks it’s terrible (half of these families don’t share our good Christian values)

Jack finds this out when he goes to his first PTA meeting because bitty had to be in Boston filming a new England food special.

So Sharon is chatting up Jack which all the other parents are afraid to do because he’s an NHL star but Sharon believes on limiting her family’s screen time so she doesn’t know who is all she knows is he’s a hot new dad in town who’s daughter Isabelle is starting 1st grade.

She happens to complain about all these new families in their suburb saying how they’re corupting the kids especially that biracial gay couple . Jack walks away when he hears that and joins these two women who have been standing a lot close together than everyone else . ( there names are liz and Maria and they’ve been together for 15 years and their twins are starting 6th grade. They were married legally as soon as they could but they never had a big wedding like both of them dreamed of because they never had the money and even today they live in a nice suburb but weddings are expensive so they can’t put that much down at once)

They know exactly who Jack is . He’s the husband of Eric Bittle their favourite food network show Bittle’s hot bites. They ask where Eric is and explains why he had to miss the meeting but assures them that he’ll be at the next one.

When Bitty comes home Jack tells him everything including the racist and homophobic Sharon and the lovely lesbian couple (well wlw couple since Maria is bi) and how they deserve lemon squares cause they said those were their favourites .

Bitty resolves that he’s gonna be as passive aggressively nice as he can be to Sharon as he can be until she cracks.

Also if Liz and Maria mysteriously receive a wedding binder with all the things they ever said they wanted in a wedding with an attached cheque that would cover everything show well Sharon wouldn’t know how beautiful the two brides looked.

So that was longer than I thought it would be I hope you guys like what I think about this suburbia idea

Private School: A Playlist For private school punks 

1.The Hell Song - Sum41

2. Teenagers - My Chemical Romance

3. My Last Semester - The Wonder Years

4. It’s Complicated - A Day To Remember

5. Closure - The Story So Far

6. Bite My Tongue - You Me At Six

7. King For A Day - Pierce The Veil

8. With Ears To See And Eyes To Hear - Sleeping With Sirens

9. All I Want - A Day To Remember

10. The Anthem - Good Charlotte

11. Heroes - All Time Low

12. Anthem Part 2 - Blink 182

13. Get Over It - OK GO

14. In Bloom - Nirvana

15. 20 Dollar Nosebleed - Fall Out Boy

16. Vampire Money - My Chemical Romance

17. Jesus Of Suburbia - Green Day

18. Rejects - 5sos

19. Underclass Hero - Sum 41

20. Playing God - Paramore

21. Jimmy Eat World - The Middle

22. Your Graduation - Modern Baseball

23. New Perspective - Panic! At the Disco

24. A Little Less Sixteen Candles A Little More Touch Me - Fall Out Boy

She's in the House.. Find Her

If you live in Menifee, CA and there is a knock at your door tonight, don’t answer it. More importantly, don’t leave anyone in the house by themselves. Get your phone, call the police, and stay together. I’m writing this as I’m sitting in this police station questioning room as a warning. So that what happened to me last night, won’t happen to you tonight…
I live on my own in suburbia. Nice little neighborhood. The kind of place where kids will be playing out in the street with parents doing yard work when you pull into your driveway. That’s exactly how last night began. My girlfriend and I pulled in and got out of the car. We waved to the kids and had a friendly chat with Mrs. Roop next door. This was the kind of life I always imagined. And at 20 I couldn’t believe it had already happened for me. We went inside and started our evening. We made dinner. We love cooking together, there’s a symmetry between us that just… works. We ate, watched some TV downstairs. Just a normal night. Once it was time we went upstairs, she started doing her nightly routine girls always do in the bathroom, and I just laid in bed, reading Penpal for the twentieth time. With the fan going and the water running from the bathroom, I almost didn’t hear it. I wish now that the fan was set to 3 instead of 2, because then everything would be different. But no, it was just faint enough for me to hear the sound over everything else.

knock knock knock

I reached over and clicked the fan off. I waited for a moment listening…

knock knock knock

“God damn it.” I thought. I put my book down on the nightstand and got up. I grabbed my zip-up off the chair and threw it on. As I walked out of the room I could hear my girlfriend starting to say something, but I wanted to get rid of whoever was at the door first. I slumped down the stairs a little pissy, thinking that if this was another solicitor trying to sell me glass cleaner I was going to have a fit. I zipped up the jacket as I flicked the light on next to the front door. I looked through the peephole, but it was pitch black. I flicked the outside light on. Still pitch black. I figured the light bulb had gone out again, as I have had problems with it before. Reluctantly I twisted the deadbolt and opened the door.


No one was there. I poked my head out to look around. The yard and driveway were empty. Looking back I made so many horrible mistakes. I stepped out onto the welcome mat. The streets were empty and silent, minus the hum from the street lights. I scoffed and figured it was the kids just trying to play a prank. I turned and walked back inside. After re-locking the door and heading back for the stairs, I started to have a feeling. Something just didn’t feel right in my stomach and I knew that only one thing was going to put it at ease.


I walked down the hallway into the kitchen and flicked on the light. Opening up the fridge I started to scan the shelves for something quick and easy to eat. I settled on one of those wafer peanut butter and chocolate bars that you can get at the dollar stores. I keep them in the fridge so they don’t melt in my hand when I’m eating them. I peeled back the plastic wrapper and as I was taking my first bite, I noticed something odd out of the corner of my eye. The window above the kitchen sink… was open. I’d never opened that window for the entire time I’d lived here. I thought back trying to remember when it could have happened, and then I recalled her saying that she was feeling really hot while she was doing the dishes. She must have opened it to try and cool off. I walked over and slid it shut, and finally made my way back upstairs. I walked back into the bedroom and the water was still running. I went to the entrance to the bathroom. “Did you say something earli-” I began to stay but stopped. The bathroom was empty. Water continued to pour out of the faucet, steam floating up, clinging to the mirror. I stopped the water and turned around to scan the room, she wasn’t there. “Amanda?” I called out. No answer. I went to the walk in closet. Nothing. I started to leave the room, but again something catches my eye. I glanced at my nightstand, and on top of my book, was a piece of paper. It was folded in half and set up, making it look like a little tent. I reached out and picked it up. The first thing I obviously saw was the blood. It was a bloody fingerprint on the corner of the paper. My heart started to race. Finally my brain let my eyes pan over to read what it said, and even now, I wish it wouldn’t have.

She’s in the house… find her.

I read it those six words over and over. I looked around the room again, hoping to see Amanda just hiding in the corner snickering like she’d pulled off an amazing prank. But the room was empty. I walked around the room, looking behind chairs, inside the shower, inside the closet. I looked at the bed and felt like a 6 year old again as I slowly knelt down to look underneath. My hands had apparently been getting sweaty because they kept slipping slightly against the hardwood floor. I bent down and lifted the skirt of the bed.


Just a couple dust bunnies and an old pair of shoes that I keep meaning to throw out. I stood back up and started to become agitated. My mind didn’t know whether this was a joke or if I needed to be terrified.

“Amanda!” I yelled, “This isn’t funny anymore, now just come out.”


“Look I’m really freaked out, so stop this!”

I walked out into the upstairs hallway and quickly went through all the rooms. The spare bedroom. Empty. The exercise room. Empty. Other upstairs bathroom. Empty. I ran downstairs and looked everywhere there, too. It was if she just vanished, and all that was left was this note. I figured that the only thing left to do was to call the police. I ran back upstairs and into the bedroom. The bathroom faucet must have had a leak because as I entered I started hearing faint drips of water. I went to the dresser to grab my phone, but it wasn’t there. Neither were my keys, or wallet. I spun and looked at my nightstand. They weren’t there. I grabbed my jeans I wore that day (I was in sweats by now) and checked the pockets. Empty. I threw the jeans on the floor in anger. I stood there for a moment without a clue of what I should do.

drip drip drip

I stormed into the bathroom and twisted the knob.

drip drip

I hit the faucet getting pissed but then I froze.

There was no water in the sink.

And the drips sounded further away.

I slowly walked back out into the bedroom.

drip drip

I moved around trying to determine where it was coming from. As I moved closer to the bed… it got louder. Once again, I slowly dropped to my knees, and bent over next to the bed. My hand slowly reached for the bed skirt, and lifted it up. For every drip my heart pounded fifty times. I sank my head down and looked under the bed. And then I saw it. A small pool or red about a foot in front of me. With more dripping down from above. I jumped to my feet and pulled the sheets off the bed. I slid my hands in between the mattress and the box spring, and after a moment of hesitation, I flung the mattress up with everything I had.

My throat closed instantly. I couldn’t comprehend what was in front of me. My mind would only let me process the image one fraction at a time. At first I just saw my box spring, sitting inside my bed frame. Then I saw that there was a huge tear down the middle of the box spring.

And then I saw Amanda. Inside the box spring. Her beautiful face poking out from the tear. Then there was her neck, which was nothing but red. The final thing that my mind let me see appeared. It was right in the center, laying on her stomach… another note. I couldn’t move. Tears were streaming down my face uncontrollably, but I didn’t make a sound. My hands began to violently shake and my knees collapsed onto the edge of the box spring. I reached out and pulled Amanda’s body up. My girl, my life, my everything. I wrapped my arms around her and started to scream.

The note slid off her hitting the box spring. My hand slowly moved down towards the note, now barely even able to bend my fingers. I somehow managed to grasp the note and bring it up to my eyes. My vision was completely blurred from the tears. I wiped them against my jacket sleeve and looked at the note. Again there was a bloody finger print, but at this point it could have been mine. Everything is hazy from those moments. But the words… the words are forever burned into my memory. They are the reason I am sitting here now, the reason I ran out of my house screaming for help.
But where am I?

Creepypasta #401: Wake-up Call

The ringing blows my dream world away in one shrill blast of reality. I nearly shoot up in the bed, my head still buzzing from whatever surreal nightmare I’ve just escaped from. What was it about? It’s leaving me already; I can’t remember.

The phone rings again. This one stirs my body awake to join my mind. Whoever it is has to go away. I’m not ready to face another day. My leg is twitching itself to life, and I run a lazy hand through my hair as my eyelids manage to pry themselves apart.

More ringing. A hand shoots out from my bed and snatches the receiver. I press the cold plastic to my ear, and a groggy voice that was probably mine says “Hello?”

“This is your wake up call, sir.”

“I didn’t ask for a wake up call.” Am I in a hotel? What city am I in? How much drinking was too much?

Silence is the response. The line’s dead. What time is it? There’s no clock in this room.

This room. I lift myself to a sitting position. This is not some motel room. This is not any room I’ve ever slept in before. The furniture is something out of Victorian New England, and the only light seems to be coming from old fashioned lamps mounted on the walls by the corners. The only item that doesn’t fit the pattern is the phone, straight out of 1950’s suburbia when everything was Smeg. What thankless situation have I gotten myself into now?

I shake the cobwebs from my head and try to remember just what the hell happened to me? How did I get here? Have I been kidnapped? There are no restraints around and no masked man with a knife watching me. Reassuring, I suppose. I don’t feel drunk or hung over, so how did I get here? It doesn’t matter right now; I just have to leave.

I stand up slowly. My legs work fine; thank God. Why was I sleeping with my shoes on? There’s daylight spattered across part of the ceiling from a partly-drawn curtain over the window. I almost look out but I just want to leave. I walk to the door; it’s open a bit and so I step out in the long corridor. Long is an understatement. What I presume to be the exit is a tiny red dot at the end of this solid, institution-grey hallway. The walls are bare, and though there’s no visible light source I can see just fine.

I walk forward. I reach a hand to my side. The walls are smooth and cold, untouched in some time or band new. I’m not sure. Have I been here before? The air seems to be getting thinner as I walk for what seems like forever. It’s getting colder and when I look I can see my breath now. There’s no sound. There’s no noise from pipes or vents, nothing from outside. I can’t even hear my own footsteps. Looking back, I can’t see the room I came from.

Then the noise comes all at once, shrill and overpowering, seemingly all around me. It’s long and slow, and somehow familiar. My head aches, and feels ready to spill its contents with each impossibly loud blast. It’s all I can muster to stagger on, my feet seemingly independent of my will, their own desperation to escape this endless grey the only thing keeping me moving.

The sound is closer now. Is it right outside? Is there an outside where I am? The corridor almost quakes at the noise, and I struggle to remain standing.

I reach the door. It’s the only touch of colour in this endless grey. I turn the handle slowly and push it open, letting it swing out into the brilliant, endless white beyond. The light hits me like a tidal wave and the sound is almost deafening, leaving my ears ringing. I shake my head and press my eyes, as I’m enveloped by the light.

The ringing blows my dream world away in one shrill blast of reality. I nearly shoot up in the bed, my head still buzzing from whatever surreal nightmare I’ve just escaped from. What was it about?

Credits to: King_Bulywyf


Planning on doing some spreads and maybe little article layouts about our chickens, garden, and random wildlife in our backyard, just for fun. Since the whole “living on 18.5 acres and growing/raising your own food” thing is a brand new experience for me, who grew up in suburbia and this will let me get out all the excitement and process everything visually.

One of those spreads will be some dorky little chicken profiles so of course I had to do portraits of all of them. The only ones not shown are our four Marans because they all look the same and the only names we’ve given them are collective (”Maran Maran” “The Four Sisters”). Still a work in progress!

Most important lines in American Idiot (crucial to the story)
  • AI: don't wanna be an American idiot!
  • JOS:
  • Jos: I'm the son of rage and love the Jesus of Suburbia
  • Cotd: it says home is where your heart is but what a shame, cause everyone's heart doesn't beat the same
  • Idc: we are the kids of war and peace
  • Db: are we demented or am i disturbed, the soace that's in between insane and insecure
  • Tfabh: i dont feel any shame, i won't apologize, running away from pain when you've been vitimized, tales from another broken home
  • H: i beg to dream and differ from the hollow lies
  • BOBD: i walk the empty street on the boulevard of broken dreams
  • AWTW: rage and love, story of my life, the Jesus of Suburbia is a lie
  • SJ: it's comedy and tragedy, it's st. Jimmy, and that's my name...and don't wear it out!
  • GMN: tell me, jimmy, i won't feel a thing, so give me novacaine
  • SAR: and she's holding on my heart like a hand grenade
  • EG: she gets so sick of crying
  • L: you're not the Jesus of Suburbia, the st. Jimmy is a figment of, your father's rage and your mother's love, make me the idiot america
  • WMUWSE: lime my father's come to pass, 20 years has gone so fast
  • HC:
  • Dosj: jimmy died today, he blew his brains out into the bay, in the state of mind, it's my own private suicide
  • E12s: get me the fuck right outta here!
  • Nly: nobody likes you, everyone left you, they're all out without you, having fun
  • Rargf: i gotta a rock and roll girlfriend, and another ex-wife
  • Wcha: so my love a letterbomb, and visit me in hell
  • W: I'll never turn back time, forgetting you but not the time...

and i’m not sure where home is anymore