suburban squad

deep in the suburbs of toketie cove is a group of friends all over the age of 35 known as the SUBURBAN SANGRIA SQUAD. their interests are all widely varied and they come from a myriad of different professions, but none of that matters because old timers have to stick together, right? they meet up at least every other weekend and have bbqs, bonfires, beer pong tournaments, wine tastings, block parties, and even mini house parties from time to time. with all the stress of their professional (or sometimes not so professional) lives, it’s nice to have a group of like-minded people around that they can all kick back with and relax without fear of judgement (though there’s no promises that there won’t be perpetual teasing for any drunken mistakes).

there’s frequent group texts where they make plans and drag each other. they are the most embarrassing little group of friends, but that’s what makes them so great. there’s literally no criteria for being in the suburban sangria squad except that your character be over 35! everything aside from that is fair game because this is the least specific request of all time. if you’re interested in signing your character up for a great group of pals, annoying group messages, and fun, drunken saturday/sundays, just reply to this or send me a message and i’ll be more than happy to add you in!


  • jocelyn ives, 48, gillian anderson.
  • maia mahler, 35, emmy rossum.
  • minnie gupta, 51, téa leoni.
  • orion mahler, 42, david tennant.
  • tamar mahler, 35, gal gadot.