suburban roads

I’m not saying that reality is just a diaphanous façade for a great cosmic Vaudeville stage show, but a huge gust of wind did just blow me sideways onto a heap of banana skins which had fallen out of a nearby bin, also toppled by the wind, and nearly make me brain myself on the pavement. FUCK YOU, STORM BRIAN

Tree Bros Oneshot: You Are My Sunshine

AN: basically got this idea from the deh mother’s day video when they sang ‘you are my sunshine’ and i got teary eyed thinking about it so let’s hope i did my imagination justice. 

lowercase intended

May 14: evan wakes up from a nightmare and calls the only person on his mind. when the person answers, he asks for them to sing him to sleep. 

Warnings: indirect hinting towards evan’s suicide attempt

Word Count:  623 (ik i’m sorry it’s so short)

evan was falling. that was all he could see. hear. think. 

the constant blur of trees clouding his vision, for some reason never reaching the bottom. he braced himself, just as he did when his arm had broken, but the end never came. all he wanted was the end. but then

evan sprung up out of bed. ‘it was all just a dream,’ he thought, ‘everything’s okay.’ his sweaty sheets clung on to him, only aiding his anxiety. his mother hadn’t returned from work, but he couldn’t bear the feeling of being left alone to his thoughts. so he called the one person he knew would never let him down. 

it’s as if his fingers were on automatic when he clicked on the contact and placed the phone on speaker. 

“hello?” the groggy voice of none other than connor murphy broke the silence in evan’s bedroom. 

“i-i-i’m sorry. i shouldn’t have called. it-it’s stupid anyways. sorry for w-waking you.” evan was about to hang up before

“evan are you crying? what’s wrong? do you need me to come over?” his voice was drenched in worry. evan hadn’t even noticed he was crying until he brought his hand to his face and felt the damp trail of tears that refused to cease. 

“n-no it’s okay. i just had a bad dream and i didn’t want to be alone.”

“do you want to talk about it?” connor was unsure of what to do, whether or not he should sneak out his window and drive over to the hansen household. 

evan nearly let out a sob when the memories of his dream came back to haunt him. 

“falling,” he blurted out, “the trees. i was falling. it wouldn’t stop and i just wanted it to end.” 

it was at this moment that connor slipped on some shoes and grabbed his keys before jumping out of his bedroom window and making a getaway in his car. 

“i’m coming over. go get some water and i’ll be there in five minutes.” in reality, connor lived about ten minutes from evan, but with clear roads and the speeding that he was doing, he managed to cut the time in half. 

As connor sped through the suburban roads and evan drank a cool glass of water, connor made sure to talk about anything except for trees with evan. if he managed to keep his thoughts away from that, it would be easier for evan to eventually get some rest. 

they spoke about star wars, video games, memes, etcetera etcetera etcetera. by the time connor arrived, evan had nearly forgotten why he came over in the first place. 

they made their way up to evan’s bedroom, where evan profusely apologized for the sweaty sheets, understanding if connor would want to just leave him then and there. connor just chuckled and jumped into the bed with open arms, waiting for his boyfriend to jump in and cuddle with him. 

they lay in a comfortable silence, until evan tilted his head up and asked, “ i know this might sound weird, but could you sing for me? my mom used to sing whenever i had a nightmare and i-i know it’s stupid. j-just forget i even asked.” 

it went silent once again, until connor shifted his position slightly and began

you are my sunshine,

  my only sunshine.

  you make me happy when skies are grey.

  you’ll never know dear, 

  how much i love you.

  please don’t take my sunshine away. “

connor continued to serenade evan until he was sure that evan was asleep. with that, he gave him a small kiss on the forehead, his final thought of the night being “please don’t take my evan away.” 

13 Reasons Why Imagine; Justin x Reader

This is following a request by @vaccinationprecipitation . It’s a short imagine on when the reader, Justin Foley’s girlfriend finally finds out about the problems he has at home.

“Come on, Justin…” I muttered to myself as his phone rang on an on but nobody picked up. It was late evening on a Thursday night, an average school night by any other means, but the biggest day of the year for Liberty High’s basketball team, as they competed with Crimson Hill for a shot at regionals. Zach and the rest of the team were already in their pale blue Tigers uniforms, looking at the clock anxiously every couple of seconds as they waited for my boyfriend, the captain, to show up. The gym was hot and sticky, packed to bursting with students and teachers filling up the bleachers and the sidelines, Sheri and her cheerleaders polishing up their routine one last time by the corner of the hall. I brushed back a strand of my hair, sending Justin another frantic text, and Zach jogged over, face covered in concern and confusion.

“Has he picked up?” he asked, looking worriedly at the other team who were by the other side, milling around impatiently. “He hasn’t answered my calls or Alex’s. Do you.. do you think he’s okay?”

I looked up, suddenly worried. He’d cut down on the drinking, and had seemed perfectly sober when he had dropped me off at my place after school. He had said he would just go home and change before the game, but-

“I’m sure he’s fine,” I give a quick smile, trying to reassure him. “I’ll just go look for him- you know what Zach, you should start the game. I’m sure he’ll be here by half time.”

Zach nodded, calling for his teammates, and I grabbed by backpack and headed out toward my car. Pulling out of the school parking lot, I realized I had absolutely no idea where he could be, but remembered he’d once mentioned where he lived.

“Brook Lane?” I muttered to myself, desperately trying to remember. “Brook Street. That’s what it was.”

Driving as fast as the speed limit would allow me, I turned onto Brook Street in about fifteen minutes, shocked at what I saw. It was a dilapidated, dark neighborhood, definitely a far cry from the manicured lawns and apple trees of suburban Crestmont. It struck me that Justin had never really talked about home in the six months we had been dating, always meeting me at the movies or my place and hanging out at Bryce’s. I drove around the streets uncertainly, unsure as to where exactly Justin lived, when I saw a guy in an old denim jacket in front of me.

“Excuse me, do you know where Justin Foley lives?”

The guy looked at me oddly, raising an eyebrows.

“You don’t seem like the type to be havin’ business with the Foleys,” he drawled. “They live on that lane, last building to the right, sixth floor.”

I nodded uncertainly, driving away. The building the man led me to was in an even worse state than the area itself. It was broken down, cement and paint flaking everywhere, most windows broken and most doors balancing on broken hinges. I knocked on the door tentatively, and it was pulled open almost immediately from the inside.

“It’s about time you got back, you piece of-” a man spat at me, reaching out, then stopped abruptly. “Who the fuck are you?”

I stepped away, trying my best not to sound like the scared seventeen year old I was.

“I’m looking for Justin, Justin Foley?”

The man scowled at me, scratching at his patchy beard with a grimy hand.

“He’s got himself a piece of ass eh?” he looked me up and down like a piece of meat, terrifying me. “If you find him tell that little shit I know he took fifty dollars outta my wallet, and that I’m gonna break every bone of his when he gets back here. Actually, I’m gonna keep you here ok? Just till he gets back.”

Dodging his arm, I ran out of the building as fast as I could, crashing into a door as I tried to get out of there as fast as I could.

“No, come here, honey,” the man said, breathing heavily behind me. “Let’s see-”

“You leave her alone, Seth,” a voice said, suddenly appearing between us. It was Justin, face bruised and eyes scarlet, his mouth set in a grim line. “I’m the one you want.”

Seth laughed, looking at us both.

“I want you, boy, and the money you stole outta my wallet,” he gave me an oily smile. “But I want her as well. Let’s call it interest…”

In that second of pause, Justin’s fist was on his face, and the man fell back as blood streamed out of his nose.

“YOU HIT ME, YOU FUCKER?” the man yelled, charging straight at Justin. He dodged the blow with an inch.

“Open the car, Y/N! Get in!”

I did as he said, and Justin gave the guy another backhand before he scrambled in and shut the door frantically, seconds before the guy could attack again. I sped off, backing out of the lane, and soon, we were back on suburban roads. Neither of us talked for a long time, until I broke the silence.

“I- Justin, I never knew.”

He looked at me, his eyes still red, and clenched his jaw.

“He’s going to hurt her. My mom. He’ll hit her for what I did. But you know why I took that money, Y/N? To buy food. My mom and I hadn’t eaten for a day.”

My heart broke at that, and I looked at him desperately.

“We can call the police,” I said, trying to reassure him as hard as I could. “Or, or we could call-”

“My mom won’t let them take him away.” he said quietly, turning his face away. “There’s nothing we can do.”
It was a moment before I saw he was crying, trying his hardest not to let me see, and I felt it like a knife in my gut.

“Justin,” I said, taking one of hands in mine. “It’ll be okay.”

He looked at me, and we met in a kiss that tasted of salt and tears and hope.

“I didn’t tell you because I thought you’d leave me,” he said after a long time. “Because I’d be too broken, too lost, for you.”

“Justin,” I said, touching his face. “You’ll never be too anything for me. I love you.”


So, that’s about it. There’s more coming next time week, and if you have any requests, send them to me and I’ll try to write them. Thank you! :)