suburban queen

the signs as suburban haunts

ARIES: flattened paper boats scattered like the remains of a murdered animal along a dried up river, rundown motels with their blasted neon signs and smashed-in windows, pink streamers from some neighborhood child’s birthday party shuffling across the street like bright tumbleweed, a train rattling off into the breathless night & the trace remnants of a week old bonfire found in the middle of nowhere. 

TAURUS: chipped paint, shattered shot glasses lying across an abandoned pool table missing a few billiard balls, flyers rustling like autumn leaves against the tempestuous tides of the wind, advertising concerts & magic shows that took place in 2005, the sillage of old perfume clogging up the air, still thick as the scent of blood or wildflowers.

GEMINI: the corpse of a cigarette that hasn’t touched a mouth in months, a dilapidated playground where lost souls come out to play, threadbare curtains ripped like the wings of a dissected bird, strange red-brown stains across the hotel bedsheets, a gate grown weary with new-forming foliage & age, whining erroneously whenever maneuvered. 

CANCER: an empty casket, coffee rim imprints across hardwood tables, an old, tattered shoe lying haphazardly on the side of the road, a junkyard littered with ancient cars still soggy with stories, a pick-up with a broken windshield, a cadillac with a massacred paint job, someone’s motorcycle with blood staining the front tire, an askew portrait with eyes that follow you around the room.

LEO: a carnival horse with one eye scratched out, a daycare centre that shut down years ago, plagued with the colorful ghosts of children’s drawings still tacked to the crumbling walls, a spiral staircase that seems to shift direction when nobody’s paying attention, crunched up beer cans rolling across an empty rooftop & lichen kissing the concrete. 

VIRGO: the supermarket, flickering & eerie at night like the shadows unearthed beneath troubled eyes, owls stirring in between the murmuring trees, a single upturned grave in a cemetery that isn’t supposed to be notorious for hauntings, an old fountain still glistening with pennies that are no longer considered currency, a collapsed bottle of wine running the tiles red.

LIBRA: handprints imprinted onto fogged-up windows, red rooms crowded with developing photographs of people whose faces you recognize but cannot quite place, broken doll heads, a necklace that erupted into a sea of pearls, a deflated blow up kiddie pool collecting parched grass and critters, a busted arcade game & the laughter of people long gone still trapped inside the walls.

SCORPIO: books with grimacing yellow pages, someone attempting to sell you a cursed object on etsy, a leaky shower-head, a clock that’s stuck in time, a torn, unravelled couch sitting deserted in someone’s front lawn, candy stores that proclaim sales on expired sweets & ruddy patches of farmland. 

SAGITTARIUS: basements stacked with unwanted toys, a box of thin-mints, footsteps reverberating around the house when it’s 2 AM and you’re home alone, a burned down lemonade stand, that weird alien light in the third window of your neighbor’s house that never seems to get turned off, a certain rattling coming from the kitchen.

CAPRICORN: rain pummeling against damp ceilings, clothes ripped off the washing line, an empty aquarium, obscure little thrift stores that sell leather jackets from the eighties, gas station lights flirting with you from the distance, the alley where they say the vagabonds roam their night countries, sniffing up and dressing down and slitting the throats of angels.

AQUARIUS: those tiny coffee shops that fill you with nostalgia for places you’ll never visit, ‘JESUS LOVES YOU’ spray-painted across the sides of ramshackle buildings, an antique almirah scratched to high hell, a monster in the closet, the tunnel beneath the bridge that half the town believes is a gateway to hell, smoking up in trip mall parking lots. 

PISCES: halloween decor presented in shop windows a couple months early, visiting that lake where you heard that one kid drowned, the garage door slamming without cause or notice, storing fireflies in jars, drugstore makeup, birthday cake flavored oreos, a wheeled desk chair that seems to turn on its own when nobody’s in the office, a candle snuffed out on a windless evening.


so i filmed a music video with @consonant and @deadcryptid for my song Long Live The Queen, inspired by carrie. it got a bit wild

flanneljinyoung  asked:

Any tea to spill about your jungle trip, Esther? 👀💅👂✍☕

Hello, pudding cup! Oh, my trip was fabulous! Ok, so between the two of us, I spent most of my time at the five star resort, but it WAS near a jungle. Also, I went on a walking tour and we camped out for a bit, which was super brave. Maybe I demanded to be escorted back to the resort in one of the golf carts, but the mosquitoes were too much for my delicate skin!

In short, I had nice fruity drinks, all of the fresh delicious fruit I could stomach, relaxing massages and body treatments, and some peace and quiet. Don’t tell the boys this, but waking up to the sound of birds of paradise outside my window was more comforting than Quincy screaming because one of the boys has upset him or any one of them standing over me asking if I have seen this or that. I did however miss cuddling with my precious prince, Keith.

I come back to find Trish has been spreading vicious rumors that I went away to get work done! The nerve! I will have her and the other harpies at the country club know that I am 100% naturally beautiful and the jungle air only rejuvenated me. I’ve come back stronger and more fabulous. I will end that hussy.

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Honeymoon (The Other Woman Pt. 2)

edit 6/15/17: edited this so instead of michelle it’s liz!!
Summary: In which Peter and the reader go to a group sleepover, including Liz.
Word Count: 2188
Warnings: Angst, sleepovers, swimming, dark (???)
A/N: I’m finally done with this yAYYYY THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR YOUR FEEDBACK ON PART ONE YOU GUYS ARE THE SWEETEST PEOPLE EVER :’) also you should listen to this song because it does appear in this story so boop here’s the link

(Part One)

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There was no denying you loved Peter despite what had happened. A burning desire for him dawned on you almost every hour of the day and no matter how hard you tried to resist it, it always came back.

You missed his touch, ranging from the tracing of patterns and feather light kisses to the digging of nails into each other’s skin when one or both was feeling euphoric. The pile of clothes he left at your place stared at you intently every time you were in your room, and while you knew you had to return it, the sentimental value it had restrained you from doing so. You didn’t even have the heart to put them in your closet, so they just sat on your dresser.

Were you meaning to plan on talking to Peter about all of this? Oh yeah, but all of your nerves stopped you from doing so— like with the clothes. But now he had gotten together with Liz, in which you didn’t know the exact details (you were thinking she had asked him out as Peter was too chicken to do that, or maybe that was your bitter, passive aggressive conscience speaking), but nonetheless they were going out.

And you were pretty discontent with it.

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Arrow Minific: Ultimate Bird Watching

Summary: Oh, the neighbors notice… 

[Notes: Semi-inspired by this post (x) by yet-i-remain-quiet–though, of course, this pretty much occurred to me the moment we saw that first promo. It’s the suburbs; they would notice. And it’s another outside POV, so that’s fun. :)]


Edna used to take her coffee on the back patio.

Her house may not be much, and the yard is nothing more than a small patch of grass surrounded by trees and the encroaching backyards of the houses that sprang up around hers—but she liked the sparkle of dew on the blades of grass, the squirrels leaping between the trees, and the birds fluttering amidst the leaves. Sitting in the wrought iron chair with a hot mug of coffee in her hands, looking at the dappled sunlight falling over the brick patio, was everything she needed in the morning.

But this summer, the view from the front porch has greatly improved.

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