suburban organics

So, what did we learn from this weekend?

We learned that a giant mass protest that shuts down large streets of major cities will be met with cops on their best behavior if the protests are made up of “regular” white people. We are shown that most news organizations reported favorably and used positive rhetoric (for the most part) and nice photos of families protesting together. It was viewed in a very kind light, which is the opposite of what most major (BLM for example) protests get. 

If only there was a way to harness or organize the suburban white lady privilege into other protests. These women act as cop repellent because cops are far less likely to split Sharon from Accounts Payable’s head open or Sandy and her daughter Keighleeanne from Naperville or Susan the wife of a CEO. If more of these ladies showed up I think we could curb some of the violence that people of color face. Operation white shield or some shit like that. This is a way to use your privilege and power to back up what you say you believe in. I am just spitballing here, but man, I have never seen such lax police at such a large protest in my life. 

How to be a white suburban mom

1.fight with your husband ALWAYS assume he is having an affair
2.your daughter is pregnant before 18
3.pretend to be perfect but you have the WORST life ever
4.have a neighbor hood BBQ every other week
5.4th if July parties are a must
6.all your shoes must have a 1inch heel or more
7.make up 24/7
8.use internet slang from 6 years ago believe your children should eat only organic food
10.try to limit your kids internet and tv time to 30 minutes a day