suburban fashion


In 1909 Edith Graydon met Percy Thompson and began a romance that, six years later, would turn into a marriage. In 1916 they were married at St. Barnabas in Manor Park and soon after began a fashionable suburban life in Essex. They both had well paying, respected careers and were thought of as a high society couple. But 1920 they met a man named Freddy Bywaters, who was a sailor in the Navy. Soon after, Edith and Bywaters began quite a passionate affair, she fell in love with him and his stories of adventure around the world. Percy found out about the affair and the three had a huge fight which ended in Bywaters demanding Percy divorce Edith. Percy did not acquiesce to Bywaters demands and the affair, to Percy’s eyes, was over. Bywaters went back to sea and Edith decided to continue the affair, writing him love letters constantly. On October 3rd, 1922, Percy and Edith went to a concert in London’s Piccadilly Circus. While returning home, a man jumped out of the bushes and attacked Percy. During the fight Percy was stabbed and died before Edith could call for help. When the police arrived she immediately told them it was Freddy Bywaters. The cops thought she was a witness and a grieving wife but soon changed their minds after searching Bywaters flat. They discovered more than 60 love letters from Edith. She was arrested as the police thought she was in on the crime. In these letters Edith declared her love for Bywater and professed her need to be free of marriage to Percy. Using these letters in court the prosecution was able to convince a jury she was indeed the puppet master of the whole murder. She was sentenced to death on December 11th with Bywaters. On January 9th, 1923, a terrified Edith was led to the gallows. She fainted and had to be hanged tied to a chair with multiple prison waters supporting her. Bywaters was also excecuted at the same time 9 o'clock a.m, only half a mile away. Pictured above are Percy and Edith, a couple of pics with all three involved with the case, and a picture of Edith and Freddy and how they met their ends.