Solitude in Paradise

It was last autumn when I didn’t knew what to do with myself.

When I was stuck between thoughts and reality and couldn’t help it.

So I took a break. I fled from the city into the nature, yet still carrying the unnecessary balast with me not knowing what it actually was.

Only time showed me where I was, whom I am and what it was actually all about.

Sometimes you need a little distance and some time to realize what is acutally happening since we’re living in a world which is spinning faster with each breath that we take…

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Constrained by the limits of time, people are forced to live close to where they work. In cities they work together, but live apart. We used to live together in villages and work apart in fields; now many live apart in suburbs and work together in offices. This spacial organisation reflects the need for people to live together and the wishes of some people to be apart. As they are rewarded unequally at work, this inequality is reflected in where, and how they live.
—  D. Dorling - ‘The Visualisation of Spacial Social Structure’ (2012)