I told myself that I would never write poetry about a boy again
Cause every time i tried to capture how his hair fell perfectly
Or how his hands felt like they were made to be intertwined with mine
I made him into art
But art belongs in a museum
With a sign saying “do not touch”
And oh my god how I want to touch you
I want to put my fingerprints on your skin
Because people are not fucking art
We’re not supposed to be on display
Walk out of the exhibit and into my arms
I swear to god I’ll hold onto you until you wanna be let go
I swear that I’ll be better than anyone you’ve had before
I swear too much but you don’t mind when I say fuck and I don’t mind when you do
Because watching your language
is the last thing I’m doing
Cause I’m watching your eyes instead
They’re the goddamn galaxies
Each word you say to me is a star
My name off your lips is the sun

I told myself that I would never right poetry about a boy again
But you’re not art
You’re not just a boy
You’re the universe.