subuc bay radio

89.5 Subic Bay Radio Philippines

DJ DoubleB granted my request (and myrill_02’s request). 

This is what really happened (and some explanation.):

I always stream 89.5 on ustream and today he greeted me and some of my friends but he  forgot where I’m from so i got sad and he said he’s gonna make it up to me. 

I thought about it for like 30 minutes. I know they don’t play KPOP because they only play mainstream music (billboard) for Dj DoubleB’s show. It’s understandable.

So I tried to convince him and he played the song and I’m so happy now. 

Thank you DJ DoubleB for playing “BABY GOODNIGHT by GD & TOP." 

We will not bug you about kpop anymore. We really can’t promise but we will try our best to not bug you with it. 

once again THANK YOU DJ DOUBLEB for making our day!