Working without any good music playing in the background is my idea of purgatory. So naturally, I procrastinated for a good ten minutes before I did anything productive, and there, I found SubTotal; a pop-rock/indie band originally from Birmingham who have one dream: to make it big.

Check them out on their Facebook and Website page and make sure to watch their YouTube videos!

Click the image for the full interview & article.


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It is.

So here’s what you do to get your  F R E E  G I F T.

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  4. If you don’t have pierced ears, please say so in the note to seller box.There’s no sense in sending you earrings if you can’t wear them (and clip-ons - the comfy kind - are hella pricey).
  5. The more you spend, the better your free gift.

Subtotal (3 items): £5.82            

Total savings: £69.66

In your opinion, who is the thrifities motherfucker on earth, and why is it tumblr user Ranumb?

Pandas DataFrame HTML Formatting [reddit]

So I’m trying to reduce the amount of extra work I have to do between analysis and communicating results. Part of that means prettifying resulting data frames resulting from analysis. Inspired by the guy below, I’m looking to add total and group subtotal rows (when multindex) to a dataframe with specific css. Essentially I want to highlight total and group subtotal so that they are visually distinguished from other rows in the output.

The challenge is, even if I have css for a subtotal class predefined, how would I apply a subtotal class to specific rows?

The example is reliant on the “last-child” demarcation within css - but what if I want to change the formatting of specific rows that aren’t the last row?

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Number of beanies I own: 6. Number of sparkly pens I have: 47. Number of books I’ve started writing: 22. Number of books I’ve finished writing: 2. Number of books I’ve read: 1, 572. Number of times I’ve been in love: 3. Number of people I’ve kissed: 1. Number of times I’ve been to Spain: 12. Number of times I’ve won an athletic competition: 2. Number of times I’ve won an academic competition: 5. Number of times I’ve walked into a glass wall: 1. Number of times I’ve had a mental breakdown: 61. Number of times I’ve cried: 7,397. Number of dogs I’ve owned: 1. Number of dogs I’ve petted: 1,038. Number of people I trust completely: 6. Number of times I’ve wished I was prettier: 2,820. Number of times I wished I was just better: 7,894. Number of scarfs I own: 12. Number of times I’ve felt awkward around people: 10,796. Number of times I’ve said the wrong thing: 4,335. Number of times I’ve made a difference for someone else: 30. Number of times someone has told me “to just relax”: 89. Number of times I’ve re-read any of the Harry Potter books: 24. Number of times I wanted to disappear: 105. Number of times I’ve been so angry at the world I almost exploded: 99. Number of people who can make me laugh when I’m crying: 4. Number of times I’ve wished I could read someone’s thoughts: 14,567. Number of times I’ve done something ridiculously clumsy: 105. Number of people I want to get along: 7.125 billion. Number of things I think are unforgivable: 4.

Coupon Code: FATHERSDAY15,Save $20 When Order Subtotal >$150
Coupon Code: FATHERSDAY15,Save $20 When Order Subtotal >$150


  Daddy, I love you,
  For all that you do.
  I’ll kiss you and hug you,
  ’Cause you love me, too.
  You feed me and need me,
  To teach you to play,
  So smile ’cause I love you,
  On this Father’s Day.   

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I just need to express this! Camping in Canada is SO CHEAP. I thought the subtotal I was seeing was for one night so I was expecting to pay about $100 each not including the park daily passes. Total each including the pass is $95 because that subtotal was for all 3 nights! The pass ends up bumping the price up a lot but that money is what supports the park and I have zero problem to pay it! Now we just need to rent the car ~ I am thinking I may buy food at Hinton rather than here [we’ll likely bring some preliminary supplies] because of the tax difference in Alberta ^^