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Golfer Derksen in subtop Agadir

Golfer Derksen in subtop Agadir

Robert-Jan Derksen bezet na de eerste dag van de Trophée Hassan II de gedeelde zeventiende plaats. De Nederlandse golfer kwam donderdag op de baan van het Marokkaanse Agadir tot een ronde van 68 (-3).

De leiding is in handen van de Spanjaard Alejandro Cañizares die als enige slechts 62 slagen nodig had. De Engelsman Seve Benson volgt met één slag meer.

Daan Huizing deed het minder. Hij noteerde…

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You do know that in real life, very few gay men are exclusively 'tops' or 'bottoms' and the whole concept of that is heternormative and actually tends to be very unhealthy in relationships? And that there is such a thing as powerbottoms and subtops?

Sure! I know that people who switch exist. 

I cannot speak for men in (sexual) relationships with other men. I also don’t think anyone is allowed to say that a couple’s their sex life might be heteronormative and unhealthy. That’s for them to decide. If they’d be happy being excusively/ majorily one thing or the other then that’s none of my or your business. A healthy relationship relies on communication and figuring out what works best for that particular relationship. 

(Also, I could say a lot about you saying that the concept is heteronormative but things are circling in my head. So for the time being I can just say that I disagree.)

That aside, we’re discussing the non-canon relationship of two fictional characters in fan created work.

And in my engagement in fandom I’m only interested in exclusive bottom!Cas and exclusive top!Dean. And I’m allowed to be only interested in that. 

It’s about what I want to draw and write and read and look at. Nobody is allowed to dictate what I enjoy in fandom. Everyone is free to make the decision how to enjoy their fictional porn themselves. And nobody stops you from reading all the Destiel porn you can, unhindered by fic reading preferences! :D

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(Different Anon) I am interested in psychology as well. I am unsure what classification of psychology I am interested in but what does interest me is how a person's past effect's their decision process, how their past experiences influence how they see the world today and things like that. What are your opinions?

Hello. Psychology undergraduate degrees are very general in the sense that because Psychology is such a wide ranging topic, the professors try to get students to experience as many different subtopics as possible. While you might be interested in one thing at the moment, a lot of students change their mind once they’ve experienced other subtopics. Have a look here for information about the different subcategories of Psychology.

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Hello! I was so happy to find a fellow singapore here. I'm taking As this year too! Do you have any tips for studying History?

Hi!! :~) Honestly my History isn’t that spectacular but here are some of my tips:

1. Make your own notes

I think organising content into different factors to answer different questions is really important. I think usually the content of lecture notes will be written in a historical narrative manner, but it’s important to organise the content into factors so you can see specific patterns/trends. It helps when it comes to writing essays too. And it’s good to follow the syllabus document while making notes because your teachers may not explicitly organise the notes according to the topics/subtopics listed in the syllabus document.

2. Practice a lot

This is really important! It helps with retention of content and also with skills. We used to have to write 1 full essay every week for Paper 1. From this week onward we have to write 2 full essays every week. For Paper 2 we usually write 1 detailed essay outline per week. I think it’s great to do extra practices and consult your teachers for feedback as well.

3. Do question analysis

Sometimes instead of writing essays, I do question analysis. I’ll print off a list of questions from each topic, then I’ll underline key words, write down possible arguments etc. I think this helps with seeing the range of questions that can be asked. It helps me pick out nuances too. For example, if a question asks about “independent Southeast Asia” it’s different from a question about “newly-independent Southeast Asia” because for the latter you can’t write about Thailand.

Basically that’s what I usually do. You can also check out a similar ask I answered here: You can send me an ask again if you have any specific questions, I’d be happy to reply! Good luck for prelims and As~

Luiten handhaaft zich in subtop

Luiten handhaaft zich in subtop

Golfer Joost Luiten heeft zich op het Cadillac Championship in Doral keurig gehandhaafd in de subtop. De Bleiswijker had voor zijn derde ronde 71 slagen (-1) nodig, zijn beste ronde tot nu toe. Met een totaal van 219 slagen (+3) staat Luiten na de voorlaatste ronde in het eliteveld op de negentiende plaats.

Omdat de wind op de derde dag geen spelbreker meer was, kon het merendeel van de spelers…

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Know Your Major: Tutorial Studies

The tutorial studies option is another option for students whose plan of study will not fit within one of the predesigned majors (we featured IS HUM earlier this summer). Each student in this program has a tutor, which is essentially a faculty advisor that oversees the student’s work. Often times, students who want to study very narrow subtopics will pursue a tutorial studies major. For more information about this unique program, check out the course catalog

That’s it for today. The last five subtopics will be finished tomorrow. I don’t even know if I am doing it right. I just type what comes on my mind first after reading the lesson. My cough just worsened ughhh. Hi?

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Hello! I'm a jc1 student taking h2 history too and I'd love to know, how do you study for history? :) What tips would you provide in general (essays and sbq wise), and how do you tackle the contents for sbq since there is just so much to know? Thank you for your help, goodluck in alevels! x

Hello! I study by making my own notes according to the topics and subtopics in the syllabus document. For each subtopic, I’ll organise the content into different factors. For example, for origins of the Cold War, I’ll organise my notes into factors like American aggression, Soviet ambitions etc. I think this really helps with coming up with factors for writing essays. I used to just read through my lecture notes without organising the content into factors, and it didn’t help me at all.

I’ll type out each set of notes because it’s easier to edit and add in stuff. If I’m trying to remember content, I’ll write out my notes. I think it helps to make mindmaps too because it summarises the different factors and helps you see the link between different factors as well.

For essays, I’d suggest doing essay outlines first, to practise coming up with different points and knowing what content to use. Then you can move on to writing full essays to practise time management. This is really important because technically you only have 45 minutes (including planning) for each essay. For SBQ, I would say practise writing out the full thing to get the hang of the different skills. You can do essay/SBQ practices then go find your teachers for feedback! I always pester the hell out of my history teachers hahaha

For the UN, I’d say study according to the syllabus document. I think organisation and structure can be mainly broken down further into the General Assembly, Security Council, and the various Secretary-Generals. For peacekeeping, my teacher suggests making a list of the various peacekeeping missions and their successes and limitations.

I don’t really know how to study for ASEAN though because the recent block test was the first time we were tested on it. But I’m seeing my Paper 2 teacher next week to ask him about it. So if you want to know you can send me another ask and I’ll be happy to reply!

Honestly I am struggling a bit with History. I don’t fail the subject but I still don’t feel like I’ve gotten the hang of it? So don’t worry if you still find it challenging, because that’s how it is hahaha. Just revise the content consistently and keep doing practices, so that you can familiarise yourself with the content. And go find your teachers for feedback too. 

Hope I’ve been able to help! You can always ask me again if you need to :~) Good luck!!

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Hi. I have trouble when it comes to study group. I find out that when I start to have study group with my friends I don't really pay attention to my study and usually I tend to talk and spend the rest of my time played and joked around with them. At last I only study for only 10 minutes ( real study ). How to have an effective study group? Am I the one that creates all the chaos? 😢😢😢

I can guarantee you that you are not the only one, it is extremely hard to focus during a study group.

Here are some suggestions:

1. Get everyone to go over lecture material/ read textbook before the study group and ask them to come prepared with discussion topics/questions

2. Split up subtopics or pages in the textbooks. Every member gets assigned a subtopic and has to create a summary and come up with potential exam questions.

3. If your textbook has chapter questions, assign them as homework before the meeting. You don’t have to go through them all, just ones others didnt get. You can even split them up between group members, that way you need to stay focused during meetings in order to get all the answers.

4. Get creative to keep things interesting. At every meeting create possible exam questions, create a concept map or summary sheet, and get someone to photocopy it for all members. Have members submit questions before the meeting and turn each meeting into a game show.

5. Plan time to break and talk. For example study every 50 minutes, then break for 10, set a timer for the end of your break. If you find that you’re still struggling to stay focused, change it to every 25 minutes study, than every 5 minutes break.

6. Act like every meeting is another lecture. Assign a member a meeting to act like a lecturer and present a summary of the info in a new way (make it engaging).

summary: It won’t work if you’re just expecting to show up and study. Create goals for every meeting, assign roles to every member, and make meetings engaging.

Thanks for your question!
Hope this helps,
If you have any other questions feel free to ask,
Perfect GPA

I wanna get informed on stuff but huge posts that aren’t properly segmented into different subtopics and points and it’s all just a long paragraph r just too damn much for me

anonymous asked:

How to I take nice notes when it's a lecture and I don't know what the subsections are and when it changes?😬😳

Hi! It all depends on what kind of note taker you are. If you want to take nice notes with the different sections easily specified but can’t take the time to do it while in class, I suggest taking notes on a laptop. It’s easy and fast to divide up the sections of material and topics if the format of your notes can be altered. If you take notes in a notebook, it takes up too much time to recopy and reformat if you have a lot going on. Your formatting has be done while you are currently writing the notes. Understanding different subsections during a lecture is just something that you have to learn on your own! After enough lectures you’ll catch on to it. My advice for you is once you feel like the topic is changing or the professor beings speaking about a subtopic, highlight or star the part of your notes you believe it to be. If you write your notes in a bullet point format, indent the things you believe are a subgroup of the main point. You can also check with other people in your class if you feel you didn’t get enough on the main point or wrote too much about the wrong thing. Hope this helped!


The hadeeth of Umm ‘Atiyyah رضي ا ّﻟﻠﻪ عنها in al-Bukhaaree and Muslim regarding the women going out for the ‘Eid prayer has preceded in the discussion surrounding the first subtopic and in the hadeeth is the wording: “And they would make takbeer with the takbeer of the people.” Al-Haafidh Ibn Rajab stated in ‘Fath al-Baaree’, vol. 6, pg. 130: “There is no difference of opinion that the women make takbeer. However, the woman is to lower her voice whilst making takbeer.”

i was in one of those “comment two words story” post on ig and somehow it became a emo chatroom with a subtopic of asses

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