(Photography: Eric Silverberg)

SINGER: Any advice for young actors out there?

YEUN: Confidence. That’s huge as an actor. Confidence can get you a long way. Maybe it’s a cultural thing, being Korean, but my first reflex has always been to exude humility—but it doesn’t help you in acting. For acting, humility isn’t the best thing. It’ll weaken your work. So it’s a head game for me. “Can I really be confident in knowing my skill set is down? Can I perform like I own this role?”

— Oliver Singer interviews Steven Yeun for Interview magazine

Wakinekona’s reputation as a troublemaker grew after he began sneaking information about poor prison conditions to a local TV news reporter. “The governor got mad and made it a priority to get me out of the state of Hawaii,” he says. That’s how, in 1976, he became one of a handful of Hawaiians imprisoned out of state…Inmates like Wakinekona end up paying the difference — in severed family ties, lost cultural identity and debilitating health problems. In 2011, Gov. Neil Abercrombie promised to bring all Hawaiian prisoners back to the islands, but whether the government will actually follow through on reforming a prison system that is notoriously plagued by abuse and lacking in transparency remains to be seen.
– Toshio Meronek via Hyphen magazine