subtle smokey eye


pairing: park jimin x reader
genre: smut
word count: 1.1k
drabble prompt: seeing the other dressed up + “No, no, no. I know where this is gonna lead. We don’t have the time for sex.”
a/n: I may or may not have gotten a little carried away…

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anonymous asked:

Hi I was wondering if you knew about certain shades of certain products? Specifically foundation/base products and lip products? This might be dumb but sometimes I really like how their entire colour scheme works and would love to know specifics. Also for colour matching in certain brands. If you don't know then that's fine but if you know what shades they wear that'd be great. Thanks!!! I love your blog!!!

Hi ^^ this is a quite hard question because i rarely do the decorative part of makeup myself, thus im afraid i cant explain how specific color scheme ‘works’. but lets see what can i do… 

Most of products mentioned here can also be found under the makeup tag.


Basically, skin tone and undertone are important to determine which colors that can look flattering on your skin (if that makes sense). 

Bangtan themselves used MAC foundations in the past (Pro Longwear and Studio Fix Fluid). But i have no idea about their skin tone because most of their pics are whitewashed since i never see them in person.

I’ve spotted a concealer palette from MAC (as seen on Kayonenka dvd). The palette has 4 shades: NC 30, NC 35, NW 25, and NW 35. One of those shades has to be Taehyung’s skin tone since the MUA applied the concealer on him. It was probably used on Hoseok and Namjoon as well since both of them also have medium skin tone (i could be very wrong though so please take this info with consideration).

I also want to point out that their MUA mixed 2 shades of foundation to match Jimin’s skin tone (this was back in 2015). 

I think you might want to consult @sunnyoongi regarding this matter (Bangtan’s skin tone and undertone) as they’re running a restoration blog and have met Bangtan irl. 

And you can use this website if you want to know the equivalents of MAC foundation shades from other brands.

(eye, cheek, and lip products are under the cut. image heavy)

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Martini Sips & Strawberry Dips

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Genre: Smut

Request: “Can you do a Jimin smut? I just fell in love with him, I wanna get into him too! Main character teases Jimin and is surprised when Jimin follows into it, leading into a hot mess💦”

You rushed home to get ready, totally excited about your date. You had met him at the bar with your girls last Saturday and ended up exchanging numbers. Since you had been texting all week you didn’t worry that it’d be awkward, you sat at your dressing table, doing your night time glam make up, consisting of a subtle smokey eye and a red lip. You then curled your hair before making your way to your wardrobe where you picked out a formal chic white top with a slanted hem, a black pencil skirt that showed of the curves of your hips. To finish the look you popped on some red heels and grabbed your red clutch. 

You heard a knock on your door right on 8pm, he was exactly on time, what a gentleman. You opened the door to see a gorgeous man, his silver ashy hair swooped to the side of his face as he sported a white shirt, pair of fawn dress trousers and a pair of suede fawn shoes “You look absolutely stunning tonight Y/N” He said as he took your hand, kissing it gently. “I could say the same to you Jimin” you said smiling back at him. You locked the door behind you as he walked you to his car, opening and closing the door for you. 

You drove for around 25 minutes, the radio on lowly as the conversation flowed naturally, you finally got to the restaurant Jimin had booked, he helped you out the car before you walked hand in hand through the door. You where soon enough sat at the table sipping on cocktails. He seemed like a real sweetheart, you where used to being with ass hole guys who didn’t really consider your opinions or wellbeing it was nice having someone so kind and sweet, or should I say..submissive. “Ill be back in a second, excuse me…” you spoke gently, making sure to sway your hips as you walked to the ladies room. “Here we go” you breathed to yourself as you undone the first two buttons of your shirt, revealing your cleavage and a little bit of your lace bra.

As you returned to your seat you watched him, he sat at the other side of the table, quietly sipping on his martini with an occasional run of a hand through his metallic silver hair. He turned to glance at you, still taking small sips of his martini, but when he saw the state you were in he seemed to take stronger gulps, you watched as his adams apple bobbed with every swig. You saw him glance at your lips first, his eyes gradually falling further down, still taking small sips of his martini, but when he saw the state you were in he seemed to take stronger gulps, you watched as his adams apple bobbed with every swig. 

The waiter finally arrived to take the order, Jimin took the lead ordering your starters and mains however you swept in as the waiter began to walk away and ordered some whipped cream and strawberries to share after your meal. The meal had finally arrived and as you took the first bite of your starter you moaned. Partly because of how good it tasted, but also because a little teasing never harmed anyone. Jimin looked at you with wide pleading eyes, trying to make it less obvious as he ate. He needed you, and you knew it. Jimin wasn’t the type to try anything with a girl on the first date so you knew you’d have to work your magic. 

The meal was finished and the plates had been cleared, when the final course of strawberries and cream was placed in the centre of the table you picket up the strawberry closest to you, licking the tip of the berry before sliding it into your mouth with a soft giggle, Jimin smiled in a cute nervous fashion as he finished his first piece of fruit. You lean across the table the table with a strawberry on your fork and whispered, “open wide baby boy.” He was quick to obey, very quick, like he’d been looking for a dominant female role to satisfy his needs. 

The strawberries had soon disappeared from the plate and a plate of cream was left, you took a dollop of thick white cream on your finger tip and sucked it off gently, this sent poor chimchim over the edge and he finally had to excuse himself to the toilet, now was your time to shine. You followed him to the toilet discretely, as soon as he reached the toilet door you pounced, locking the door and pinning him against the bathroom wall in one swift movement. “You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for this baby boy” you said as you lean in to kiss him, he takes a light grasp on your waist as he falls into the kiss, soaking up your taste, you unbuttoned his fawn trousers as he whipped of his top, throwing it into the sink. You could feel how hard he was through the thin material, even more so when his white boxers made an appearance. You where quick to pull them down, teasing him by leaving ghost like kisses on his tip, before beginning to give kitten licks as he threw his head back, relishing in the pleasure. You took him into your mouth and began to bob your head up and down, licking with your tongue flat to his member, his restricted moans where music to your ears, he sounded so sweet, so needy, so…vulnerable and precious. You continued to suck, using your hands to add to the pleasure as he stroked your silky hair, moaning “please!…please don’t stop” The next words to come out of his mouth created butterflies in your stomach and a wetness in your panties, “Please mommy don’t stop” You instantly got faster, creating more pleasure for the desperately needy boy, his legs began to shake and his whines got more frequent, you could tell he was extremely close, so you began flattening your tongue and taking him as deep as you could, moaning as you did soThis finally sent him over the edge and he lost it, cumming into your mouth, you swallowed everything before pulling his boxers and trousers back up, buttoning them. “Go on baby boy..taste yourself.” you said as you leaned in kissing him, once again exploring his mouth allowing him to taste the salty substance from your lips.

“Come on then we should get back” You said as you handed him his shirt. “Wait…Let me, make it up to you” He spoke shyly. “It’s okay Jimin you don’t have to.” You said sweetly. “No, I want to. Please…Mommy?” He said scratching his neck and looking down. “Alright then” you spoke as you sat on the counter next to the sinks, Jimin walked over to you, “Take it off for me, I want to see what my Mommy looks like” He said sweetly but with a hidden sense of seduction. You stood up removing your skirt and shirt, leaving you in nothing but a white lacy bra and panties. “You…are…beautiful” he spoke breathless, as he  closed in on you, he opened your legs and slid in between them. 

He leaned down placing pecks on your lips, down to your jawline and collar bones, sucking ever so gently, continuing further down his track until he reacher your panty line, he pulled your panties down and knelt on the floor, again opening your legs, he kissed and bit all the way up your thighs until he reached your womanhood. He could see how wet you are and was simply dying to taste you, he began to use his tongue, lapping up all your juices as your hands found their way into his hair “Ugh you’re such a good boy” You moaned as his fingers found your clit, rubbing small circles whilst his tongue continued working you, he continued this, getting faster and agonisingly slower as you came closer to your release, your legs began to shake and your head flew back, in pleasure as you released over his face, he licked his lips, taking in all of your release. “You taste so good Mommy!” he said, paying you back with your own taste, a kiss on your lips as he helped you put your shirt and skirt back on. 

You both fixed yourself, before unlocking the bathroom door, Jimin peeked out to make sure no one was out there before allowing you to walk out of the bathroom, you returned to your seat and asked for the bill as you saw Jimin coming back from the toilets. The waiter sat the bill on the table, you got your purse out ready to pay but by the time you had done it Jimin had payed and was standing next to you, ready to take your hand. “But I have to pay…” you spoke confused, Jimin leaned down and whispered quietly in your ear “You can’t think I’d let my Mommy pay for our date, she’s far to precious for that” he finished as he took your hand walking out of the restaurant. “So what d’ya say baby boy, back to my place for round two?” You asked as jimin put his jacket round your shoulders “Why of course Mommy, let’s go!” He spoke giggling in excitement as you ran to the taxi , both to drunk to drive.


Chapter 29

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“You don’t waste any time do you?” you say with a laugh.

Aaron drops his hands immediately and holds them up in the air innocently.

“I wasn’t complaining!” you exclaim.

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Makeup for Middle Schoolers/Beginners

Hi my little cupcakes! So this post was inspired by my 12 year old neighbor, Molly.  She is slowly but surely turning into a little teenager, and it’s scary! She has touched on the subject of makeup here and there, so I thought it would be a good idea to share with you some age appropriate makeup.  However, this isn’t geared solely  towards younger girls, but also girls who may be 25 and want to start learning a little bit more about makeup. If you’re one of those chicks, then you’ve come to the right place! 

If you follow me on my Youtube Channel, then you probably know that I’m sort of known for the “No Makeup” Makeup look.  I love a very natural look; not to say that I don’t experiment from time to time with something a little more bold.  In Middle School, I don’t think you should be trying to make a statement with your makeup.  Makeup is meant to enhance your natural beauty, not transform it into something completely foreign.  With that being said, the products shown above are perfect for school.  

NYX HD Concealer ($4.99) When you’re that young, I truly don’t think it’s necessary to wear a full coverage foundation, even if you have a little bit of acne. Foundation clogs your pores, which will only make your acne worse.  Therefore, using a little bit of concealer to cover up some of the more irritated spots on your face is an excellent substitution.  This NYX HD Concealer is one of my favorites, and it’s very affordable! 

Maybelline FIT Me Pressed Powder ($5.99) Setting your face after you’ve applied your concealer is very important.  You want the makeup to stay all day long, so you need to use some sort of a setting powder to keep it in place.  I recommend the Maybelline FIT Me Pressed Powder.  I go back and forth between this one and the Maybelline Dream Matte Powder. Both are great quality.  However, the Dream Matte powder is a little more expensive.  

Covergirl Clump Crusher Mascara ($6.60) Where do I even begin? This is my holy grail mascara, and the price tag is amazing.  I’m a huge advocate for Covergirl products because they are always good quality and very affordable.  This mascara is great for beginners because it leaves no clumps in your lashes.  If you’re just learning how to apply mascara, it can be tricky to figure out how to apply it without looking like you have spider lashes.  The Covergirl Clump Crusher will be your life saver! 

Covergirl Eyeshadow Trio in Shimmering Sands ($4.30) If you have been dying to get your hands on any of the Naked palettes, but your budget doesn’t support it, then you will love this dupe! The Covergirl Eyeshadow Trio is the perfect substitution.  While it doesn’t contain nearly as many colors, it gives you 3 beautiful neutral tones to work with. Plus, it only costs 5 bucks instead of $50! It also lets you achieve a nice, subtle smokey eye; in case you wanted to spice things up a bit ;) 

NYX Butter Gloss ($5.00) In Middle School, lipstick can be a very scary thing.  That’s why you should just stick to lip gloss! The NYX Butter glosses are amazing.  They aren’t sticky, and the colors are beautiful. I highly recommend these for ANYONE! 

I hope this post was helpful! Leave a comment below letting me know if you try these products out, or just to say hi! 

Stay Sweet,

xoxo Jess

Joker x The Reader - Date Night Part One

Just a quick little story I came up with. I really hope you enjoy (: I’m starting to like doing these!

Warning: none.

I opened up my double doored closet; my eyes grazed over the different selections of outfits to wear. Tonight was mine and J’s date night and I had to find something perfect. I fingered through the different options, until I came across my long black velvet dress with a slit in the leg that I wore to senior homecoming.

‘Perfect,’ I thought to myself. I fished it out of the closet and simultaneously glanced over at my clock. 7:38 pm. J was coming at 8. I proceeded to put on the dress and put on some makeup. I dabbled on some foundation and powder and went for a subtle smokey eye and finished with a nude lip. I took my hair out of my braid, revealing light beachy waves. I was putting on my nude heels when I heard the doorbell ring. I stood up and took a final look in the mirror before leaving my room. I felt confident and sexy.

I walked down my front steps and opened the front door. J was standing in the doorway, his bright green hair slicked back, wearing a slim black suit with a white shirt underneath that was slightly unbuttoned revealing his tattoos. I smiled shyly at him and his mouth dropped slightly revealing his silver teeth as he looked me up and down.

“Ooh kitten,” he purred. “You look so beautiful. Are you ready?” He asked, extending his hand to me.

I nodded and took his hand. We walked outside to his Lamborghini and he opened the door for me and I sat in the car. He entered the car shortly after and started to drive away. As we pulled up on the main road, J started flooring the car as we sped down the road. Typical J.

His bellowing laugh echoed in the streets as we drove away for our perfect night.

Just a bit of kissing

Author: really-meg

Pairing: Reader X Dylan O’Brien

Warnings: None, full of fluff 

Word Count: 1,467

Synopsis:  You guys are cast mates on Teen Wolf and you guys are supposed to kiss on screen and you tell him how nervous you are and he offers to help you. 

A/N: So I got this idea from an imagine and I can’t remember who posted it but it was like the dirty version of mine so if anyone knows what I’m talking about then tell me but this is my first imagine on here so hope you guys enjoy.

“Hey.” You jumped startled by his voice.

“Dylan… hey.” You say grabbing a doughnut putting it on your plate.

“You okay? You look… deep in thought.” He says concern laced in his voice.

You turn to look at you cast mate. To say you had a crush was a bit of a understatement. You loved thinking of what life would be like being able to date him, kiss him to spend days cuddled on the couch watching movies, having picnics , going out-


You blinked rapidly, trying to get the thoughts out of your mind.

“Sorry, I’m just a bit nervous.” You admit suddenly finding your shoes very interesting.

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Word count:1,794

Haven’t posted anything in a whilst. Sorry. This is pretty garbage too so sorry for that as well. But if by some miracle you guys like it, I might continue it.


I reached down to pick up his books. In complete honesty his books spend more time on the floor then they ever do in his hand. Not because he’s clumsy or anything like that but the idiots on the football team always seem to pick on him.

“Hey, (Y/N) why don’t you stop helping the loser and come help me?” I rolled my eyes at his sleazy innuendo.

“How about one of your team mates help you, ass.” I spoke whilst putting some papers back into his folders. The football idiots had finally gotten bored and left. I looked up to see Harry grabbing some of his papers. I extended my arm, handing him his folder and a calculus textbook.

“I’m taking calculus too. My names (Y/N) by the way.” I gave him a smile. We both stood up simultaneously.

“I know. My name is Harry.” He spoke with the cutest English accent. His hair was slicked back with way too much hair gel. His glasses were about 40 percent of his face. He wore a tan vest over a same color button up. His khakis were pulled up a little too high. I still found him quite cute. Vest and all.

“Well I’ll see you around, Harry.” I smiled and waved as I walked away from the boy. I saw him smile at me before I turned away.

That was the last time I saw Harry. I moved away a couple days after that. I never got to get to know him. That was our first and last encounter. This was all of course in high school. The beginning of senior year.

Today I moved from California to New York. It was a long ass flight and I was exhausted. I moved here to go to school. I graduated high school about four years ago at the top of my class, I went to Berkley for four years and got my bachelors of science, majoring in science and minoring in business. I’ve been accepted to Cornell University for medical school. I’ve been accepted for next year so whilst I wait I’ll be living in the city in this cute little loft apartment my parents rented out for me. They’ll be paying my rent and I’ll be working to cover utilities and all that jazz. Thing is I have no idea where I can apply for a job. Oh and not only do I have chronic tachycardia but I have blinding anxiety, so I have no idea how I’ll be walking around this city. Bumping into everyone, all the loud noises, the crowds. Its so overwhelming I could cry right now. I tried to stop myself from thinking so much into it as I was in the elevator with two of the movers.

The elevator finally binged and the doors just smoothly slid open. I walked through the hallway with the movers right behind me. Taking the key from my pocket, I smoothed the key into the keyhole and unlocked the door, opening the door wide open so the movers could walk in with the boxes. I scanned the big living room, formulating different kinds of ways I could design the empty space.

After the long day of bringing in boxes and unpacking some I decided it’d be best to just make myself a nice hot cup of green tea. I filled my teapot with water, placing the teapot on the flame from my stove. I let it boil for a whilst. I grabbed one of the vinyls from my record collection and placed it on the record player, which was now residing on the floor next to an outlet in my room. Arctic Monkeys soon filled the whole apartment. I went back into the kitchen. I grabbed the teapot from the stove, filling one of my mugs with the steaming hot water. I placed a teabag inside the water and let it sink. I tied my hair up in a half ponytail bun.

I started drinking my tea but soon got too tired to even hold up my mug. I brushed my teeth and I almost ran toward my bed. Seeking warmth I buried myself into my pillow and let the comforter of my bed swallow me. It’s freezing in New York.

I woke up and looked around my room. Seeing the mountains of boxes. I sighed. I really couldn’t deal with this right now. I have to go out and find a job. Whilst i get up, I get a text message from my mom. ‘Hope everything is going well. Best wishes.’ Wow she’s so dry. I look through a couple boxes before I find a decent outfit. I try to shower as quickly as possible and get dressed. I grabbed my make up bag from the box labeled makeup. I apply my foundation then concealer and then some translucent powder. I applied some bronzer under my cheekbones then some blush on my cheeks and highlight on the apples of my cheeks as well. I did a subtle smokey eye, I put on some liquid lipstick and boom. I grabbed my bag that had my phone and wallet inside. Then grabbing the stacks of resumes and leaving the apartment. I locked the door.

Walking around the city this whole day I came to the conclusion, New York is beautiful. The architecture, the ambient. The city is alive and the people in it are as well. I’ve been to about 4 job interviews, they were all really bad. Theres always someone more qualified than I am. Finally i get to HES co. The last stop of the day. I walk into the tall building. It was gorgeous inside. Black marble floor and white statues. The walls were all painted white with these beautiful and modern paintings. I walk up to the front desk. The front desk was almost completely silver.

“I’m here for the job opening.” I spoke softly to the man on the other side of the desk. He looked up and smiled at me.

“Go up to the 15th floor and ask for Mr. Styles.” I nodded. That name ringing the slightest of bells, but of course I don’t give it much thought cause I’m an idiot. I walked into the elevator and pressed the button to go up to the 15th floor. When the door opened the floor was now an off white marble floor with beautiful black design and the walls again were white.

“I’m looking for Mr. Styles for the job opening.” The girl at the front desk barely looked at me.

“Through those door.” She nodded with her head to the direction of these really big double doors that were painted black… (like my soul) I walked toward the doors and knocked lightly.

“Come on in.” I heard a deep voice speak from the other side of the door. I opened one of the doors and walked in quickly. I closed the door behind me, whilst turning I lost my balance but soon recovered it. I heard a chuckle then I looked up. A beautiful man was sitting on big leather chair on the other side of the desk in the middle of the room. His hair a bit past his shoulder, falling in curls all around his well structured face. His lips were so pink they look as if he used lipstick. His eyes are greener than tree leaves. He seemed just about the same age as me.

“Hello, sir.” I spoke as I stood in front this man. He shook his head and laughed.

“No need for all the formalities. Please sit down.” His eyes were so damn familiar but I mean how many other people could have green eyes. I sat down and handed him my resume. He looked over it and a smile spread on his face.

“(Y/F/N) I knew you looked so familiar. Of course you look even more beautiful now than ever which I didn’t think possible.” I was so confused. Am I supposed to know who this man is? He chuckled, I’m guessing at my face of complete confusion.

“You’ve no idea who I am do you? I mean I’ve changed quite a bit but I didn’t think I was completely unrecognizable.” His British accent thick. I shook my head.

“I’m so sorry. I really don’t know who you are.” I felt like a terrible person.

“I’m Harry. Harry Styles. Remember from high school?” He questioned now with both his elbows on the desk in front of him, both of his hands clasped together covering his lips. As if he was expecting me to remember. When he noticed that his name did not spark any form of memory he grabbed his hair and pulled it back. No fucking way. It couldn’t be the same Harry from high school. I was shocked and my face must’ve reflected that same emotion cause he just smiled.

“B-but. How.. I..” I couldn’t structure a coherent sentence for the life of me. He laughed.

“Yeah ditched the sweater vests and the hair gel in high school. My father died and so I inherited this nice business after I graduated college. How are you doing? How is your life?” He questioned with intrigue obvious on in his face.

“I um I graduated college last month, majoring in biology. Now I’m just looking for a job before I start med school at Cornell.” He was nodding along just full on staring at me.

“Oh yeah. Sorry I forgot this was a job interview. well…” He looked down at my resume and looked back up at me. “The job is all yours. You’re obviously qualified and the job is my assistant so I’d rather have you then the other old hags that came for the job.” I smiled.

“Really?” I was little too excited. Not only because I got a job on the first day of trying but because I would work for this beautiful man. I stood up from my seat.

“Thank you so much, Mr. Styles.” I shook his hand. Again he chuckled.

“Please call me Harry.” He looked into my eyes and smiled his dazzling smile at me. I nodded quickly.

“I’m sorry.” I took back my hand as we were now just holding hands. “So.. um when do I start?” I questioned.

“Tomorrow. You can start tomorrow.” He spoke. “We’ll have fun.” His grin was simply adorable. I nodded at him, not really knowing what else to do. I started walking away. When I got to the door I turned back.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, si.. Harry.” I corrected myself and walked out of the room before I made bigger fool of myself and made him regret his decision.

Cameron Dallas Imagine - The Wedding

I told you guys I’d surprise you with a Cam imagine!!! :)

Also I just made up random names for friends otherwise I’d get confused!!

No one ever thought that Cameron and I would ever get together. They always thought we were too alike to ever work as a couple. “You’re better off being friends” everyone who knew us told us both when we first started dating. Yet here I was, six years later, sitting in front of the vanity in the hotel room I stayed in the night before, my best girlfriends fluffing about, helping me get ready for my big day. That’s right. Today was the day I was getting married to Cameron. To say I was nervous was an understatement. I was shaking so bad that Ella, who was doing my makeup, had to stop.

“Y/n stop shaking!” She scolded me.

“I can’t help it. I’m scared. What if he doesn’t show up?! Worse, what if he dumps me at the alter in front of all out friends and family?!” I told her, beginning to shake even harder, if that was possible.

“Y/n, he will show up and he won’t dump you at the alter. He loves you so much. You should have heard him the other day. He was practically bursting with love. Just take a deep breath and calm down so I can finish your makeup.”

Her reassurance was enough to calm me down and stop the shaking so she could finish my makeup. I decided on simple makeup. A light layer of foundation, a subtle smokey eye, light pink lip, and a little bit of blush for that healthy glow look. I definitely wasn’t one to go overboard with the makeup. I hated that caked look. I smiled as she finished, looking into the mirror at how she had transformed my face.

“I look…. Just wow. Thank you so much!” I told her.

“Any time y/n. Now I’m gonna get changed while Kristy comes and does your hair. Will you be ok?” Ella asked.

“I’ll be fine. Now go get dressed!! Don’t want my maid of honour looking like crap!”

She laughed at me as she rushed off into one of the other rooms in our penthouse suite. Still looking in the mirror, I noticed Kristy walking over, loaded with hair tools and hair products.

“Ok y/n! What are we doing with this wonderful, lush, long hair of yours?” She asked.

“I was thinking a low bun with some wavy tendrils of hair hanging down at the front. I just want simple.” I told her and she got to work.

Half an hour later, my messy hair was transformed into a beautiful, yet simple updo. After thanking Kristy, I got up to go into my room and put on my dress and heels. Rather than go with the traditional white heels, I decided on blue as I wanted to be able to wear them again and also so they could be my something blue. Yes, I was being traditional. Something new (my dress), something old (my grandmothers necklace), something borrowed (my mothers veil), and something blue (my shoes). After getting dressed, I walked out into the main room, where my mother and father had joined my bridesmaids.

“Oh y/n you look so beautiful!” My mother practically sobbed.

“Mum don’t cry or you’ll make me cry and I don’t want my makeup ruined.” I told her. “Now let’s go. I don’t want to be late and make Cam think I’m not coming.”

I linked my arms with my parents, Ella and Kristy grabbing ahold of the train of my dress making sure it didn’t get caught. We made our way to the outside of the hotel and hopped into the limo that awaited us.


Twenty minutes later and we had arrived at the church. My nerves returned, but not as bad as before. Well that was until I saw the hundred or so fans waiting outside. We couldn’t get one day of peace could we? This was supposed to be my big day, yet here were fans about to ruin it.

“I’m not getting out of this limo until they are gone.” I announced.

“Y/n -.” My dad began but I cut him off.

“No dad. This is my big day. I understand that the fans come with the territory of being a part of Cam’s crazy life, but I will not have them be disrespectful and show up on my, I mean OUR, big day and potentially ruin it all. This is supposed to be a day I can share with family and friends, not family, friends AND fans.”

I sighed after letting that out. Sure enough, my dad listened and got security to come and have the fans move on. It took a while, half an hour to be exact, but luckily my mum had gone inside to explain so Cameron wouldn’t worry that I wasn’t going to show.

We got out of the limo, my beautiful bridesmaids walking ahead of my dad and I. Taking a deep breath, I began walking towards the church, standing inside the lobby area, waiting for my queue to enter. Not a minute later, the music started playing and the doors opened, revealing all of mine and Cameron’s family and friends. I gripped onto my dad’s arm as we slowly made our way up the aisle. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed Chris nudge Cam, getting him to turn around, and when he did, a huge smile broke out onto his face, causing me to smile widely too. Reaching the front of the church, my dad gave me away to Cameron, placing my hand in his, before taking his place. We smiled at each other before turning towards the priest.

“Dearly beloved, we are gathered today to join together Cameron Alexander Dallas and y/n y/m/n y/l/n in holy matrimony.” The priest began.

The priest droned on with all the necessities, only pausing for Cam and I to say our vows and put the rings on and what not. Soon enough it came to the part I had been looking forward to.

“I know pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.” The priest announced.

Smiling, we looked lovingly into each other’s eyes for a brief second before Cameron leaned in and kissed me. It was short, sweet and passionate, nothing too over the top. We both pulled away smiling, before linking hands and walking down the aisle to exit the church and head to the reception. Confetti was thrown at us by our friends and family as we made our way to our “Just Married” limo, which Taylor had decided to decorate, tie dye of course. We hopped in, cherishing the few moments alone we would get.

“I can’t wait for tonight.” Cam told me as soon as the door was closed.

“And why is that?” I asked, curious.

“Because it’ll be the first night I can make love to you as Mrs Dallas.”

“Mrs Dallas. It’s going to take me a while to get used to that!”

“You will. And then we will have mini Dallas’ running around the house and a Dallas dog and cat and -”

“Ok ok! I get it Cameron! But let’s take it one step at a time.”

Awkwardly laughing at how carried he was getting, I was glad when we got to the reception venue. Which just so happened to be the beach. We had gotten special permission to close the beach off for the few hours we would be there. Cameron and I got out of the limo, walking down to where the marquee was set up. Walking into the marquee, we were welcomed with claps and cheers from everyone there. We made our way to our seats, sitting down before everyone started chanting “speech speech speech.” And so the speeches began.

After some lovely and funny speeches, it was Cam’s turn.

“So I would like to say a few words about my beautiful bride before I hand the mic over to her.” He began. “We’ve been friends for quite some time, 9 years to be exact. When I first met her at age 14, I didn’t think I’d be where I am right now. At age 15, I fell for her, but I couldn’t tell her in case she didn’t feel the same way. It wasn’t until we were 17 that I found out she had fallen for me too. When we started dating, so many people doubted us and said we were too alike. But our similarities brought us to where we are today, married and about to embark on our next adventure. Y/n, I can’t wait to start a family with you. To have little Cam’s and y/n’s running around the house. I love you and I will love you until the day I die.”

As Cam finished his speech, I wiped away a few stray tears before taking yen microphone from him.

“Wow. I don’t know how to top that so I’ll keep this short and sweet.” I said. “Most people say that you’ll never fall for your best guy friend, and if you do, it won’t last but I call bullshit on that. Look at me, married to my best friend and about to start the rest of my life with him. Cameron, I love you with everything I have and I can’t wait for what the future has in store for us.”

I handed the microphone to Shawn who would be singing our song for mine and Cameron’s first dance as a married couple.

“Uhhh I’d like to welcome Cameron and y/n to the dance floor for their first dance as husband and wife.” Shawn said as Cameron grabbed my hand, dragging me to the dance floor.

As Shawn started singing, we swayed around the dance floor, occasionally giving each other small pecks. And in that moment I was content because I was right where I wanted to be.

(So many feels while writing this. Sorry if it’s a bit crappy. I’m really tired but I promised you guys a Cam imagine!!)

(Credit to the owners of the gifs I used in the video. Also tell me if you want me to continue doing these little videos with the imagines)

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GailxHolly Prompt: Chris has a crush on Holly so Gail convinces him to make a move on her, wanting to see him get turned down for her own amusement. Holly catches on to Gail's plan, she and Chris decide to get back at Gail by going on a date. Cue jealous Gail.

Hi Sunglasses!  Thanks for the prompt!


“So Gail” Chris started as they reached the bar to get another round.  He wasn’t meeting her eye.  She was fairly certain of what he was about to ask, having been witness to his chest puffing and general male bravado directed at Holly all night.

“Holly’s cool, right?” he said, trying to ease into the awkward conversation that was asking an ex-girlfriend about her best friend.

“Yes Chris, she is cool.  Otherwise we wouldn’t be friends.”

“Is she single?”

Gail didn’t really know how to respond to this question.  They were dating but hadn’t told anyone.  She decided now wasn’t the time and Chris wasn’t that person. 

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as per request - here is a tutorial for my recent makeup look… a really simple subtle smokey eye