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Best Moments of Descendants 2
  • Jay’s manbun, boy, fuckin’ werk! I could stare at your pretty face all day
  • Carlos’s new look. Son. Yes.
  • Lonnie being team captain 
  • all of Carlos’s comedic timing 
  • Dizzyyyyyyyy bless youuuuuu
  • Space Between GAYYYYYYY
  • Harry has no chilllllll (probably dated Uma, probably would date ben, kissed a boy during the dance, probably bi, definitely crazy)
  • Oooooh, Gill, precious child
  • Ben and Evie’s friendship strong
  • Evie and Mal’s “friendship” (gay gay gay gay)
  • but also Evie/Doug was super cute
  • Carlos/Jane made me smile so hard
  • Fuckin’ Chad using their printer and leaving the keys every time god yes
  • Just, like, the hints into the Isle kids’ backstories (Carlos and his mom, Evie’s fear of being stuck on the Isle)
  • Carlos sitting everyone down for “girl talk”
  • Evie cashing in on her favor immediately and saying bring the isle children over yes queen
  • “subtle” jaylos and malvie
  • ben and uma boat talk (kinda made me ship it a bit. ship. it. ha.)
  • jay’s epic stunts/flips/fights/everything
  • Mal’s momma still a lizard (but what happened to her after Mal returned to the Isle? where did the lizard go???)
  • evie running her own fashion empire right in her own dorm room with doug by her side (doug knowing she doesn’t need him, but glad that she loves him). please make dizzy your business partner.
  • Chillin’ Like A Villain. yup.
  • every single shipping possibility. because. there was just so much, so many, i’d honestly be happy with just about any ship.
  • just, the core four being there for each other no matter what. so pure.

Yeah, the movie was okay, I guess.

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Luke himself compared Valentine and the Seelie Queen as fanatics during his conversation with Magnus at the beginning of the episode

nowhere did he say the queen and valentine are the same people, he said she was a fanatic and magnus shot back that no, valentine is a fanatic. i mean luke isn’t entirely wrong because she is wholly devoted to a certain cause but this cause she is devoted to is not about systemic oppression and genocide unlike valentine. her cause is to break the system even if it means going to war. valentine doesn’t want war for change, he wants 100% of the downworlders dead. he has zero interest in war actually he just wants to summon raziel so he can wish the angel to strike them down for him so idk why the last anon was comparing them as if they even remotely have the same goals.


Klaroline AU Week ⚛ Day 4: Fusions and Crossovers

(The Vampire Diaries & Teen Wolf crossover) Both Stiles and Lydia trying to get their besties to admit their true feeling. What better way to do it than in a car in the middle of nowhere?

Luffy and his thoughts....spoiler chapter 857

 first time I see this panel, I was…”seriously sanji…you made her cry, how could you think of this now?” 

then I noticed something….

I wondered why…. his mouth are like really out of his face..

and then I understand… thanks Oda for this subtle hint. 

don’t worry luffy Nami is, still and will always be your queen <3

is there a fic where the whole town insists emma & regina should be together or thinks they are and emma & regina just troll tf outta them acting like they’re crazy bc nahhh they’re just friends but they’ve actually been dating they were just keeping it quiet no pda bc they just wanted it between themselves for a while since everyone is always involved in their business with all the craziness in their lives? and eventually they tell everyone bc people get way out of hand obviously forcing their way in bc they literally don’t know how to not be involved in their lives like they drag them into a town meeting and have a whole presentation about why they’re not Just Friends and maybe manage to trick them into a mock wedding and Granny even has their favorite meals (Regina’s Real Favorite not the healthy crap she pretends to like) and ofc Ruby actually knows they’re together but she keeps her mouth shut bc it’s all so hilarious (Henry too) Snow Charming Grumpy & Rumple planned the whole thing and Belle & Zelena got them there, they really should have known with Zelena’s cackling but Belle is So Innocent how could she do this to them !! even Mulan & Marian are in on all of this and they usually don’t get too involved with this town’s crazy antics but they’re getting so tired of watching these idiots dance around each other !!! Mulan watches Emma leave for lunch and Marian watches her walk into the mayor’s office with it every day !! (bc Mulan is deputy and Marian is some town official idk town politic things okay) they’re actually the ones who were feeding Snow the most information and Snow was trying So Hard to mind her own damn business For Once but noooo they wouldn’t let her stay out of it! damn nosy lesbians gonna get her in trouble with her daughter & daughter in law. but it’s fine, Fine. they’ve been through worse! little Neal will smoothe it over. he’s 5 now and neither Emma nor Regina can resist his little smirk or hugs. and actually he’s even Worse than Mulan & Marian! always talking about the cuddling & tickle fights when they babysit him or the whispering & smiles when they take him to the library and think he’s busy with Belle. they are so not subtle.