subtle queen

Luffy and his thoughts....spoiler chapter 857

 first time I see this panel, I was…”seriously sanji…you made her cry, how could you think of this now?” 

then I noticed something….

I wondered why…. his mouth are like really out of his face..

and then I understand… thanks Oda for this subtle hint. 

don’t worry luffy Nami is, still and will always be your queen <3


Klaroline AU Week ⚛ Day 4: Fusions and Crossovers

(The Vampire Diaries & Teen Wolf crossover) Both Stiles and Lydia trying to get their besties to admit their true feeling. What better way to do it than in a car in the middle of nowhere?

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"ALLY (of all people)" ally is the Queen of subtle shade ESPECIALLY when it comes to cahellno lol not surprised she made a dig -allysincity

it was subtle but soo…… SDKJFSJDFAKJF