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Bitter Sweet

Jughead x Reader 

Requested: - Anonymous said: Hey um… I don’t know if you do requests… but I’ll just request and see what happens I guess? Okay, I really enjoy your writings and I was wondering if you could do a Jugheadxreader story where the reader is kinda depressed2 


can you do a jughead/riverdale imagine where jughead breaks up with the reader, and the whole “squad” leaves the reader, so in despair she goes to the river to kill herself ( like what Cheryl did ) and Jughead saves her?

Words: 2752

Warnings: self harm; depression; suicide attempt; suicidal thoughts.

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“I’m sorry Y/N, I still love you but-”

“Then why are you leaving me! This isn’t fair.” I sobbed and gripped his shirt in my hands trying to stop keep him close.

“Y/N please. You’re making this harder for both of us. I promise you’re not losing me or anyone else.” He sighed and carefully pried my hands off of him and wiped my tears before walking me the rest of the way home.

I tried to go to bed but my thoughts kept me up as well as my constant crying and pain. I didn’t get any sleep that night despite how hard I tried to calm down and try get a few hours of rest. When my alarm went off in the morning I was already up, I pulled myself out of bed after convincing myself that it would be the best thing to do. I grabbed a pair of leggings and a huge baggy sweater from my cupboard and put them on before going to the bathroom to brush my teeth and hair. I looked in the mirror and only then could I see how badly I needed to rest, my eyes were puffy, red and had dark circles around them and tears stains ran down my cheeks with the general paleness of my face topping it all off. I left my face alone, make up can’t cover all this up so I just did my hair and went to my room fetching my bag and stepping outside.

I waited outside for two minutes out of habit which made nearly cry again, Jug always walked me to school, even before we were dating but I guess he doesn’t need me anymore even if we were just friends. So I walked to school all by myself with tears threatening to fall the whole way there. Once I got to school I cheered up a little when I saw Betty at her locker which is a few paces from mine, I strolled over to her and greeted her with a sigh which made her turn around quickly in curiosity.

“Oh hey Y/N… I’ve got to go.” She said bluntly and basically ran off in the other direction as I laughed which wasn’t a happy laugh it was a sad laugh at the crushing realization of the reality of my new world.

I spent the rest of the day trying to confront the people I used to call best friends but they all made up an excuse to leave before I even got my first sentence out. Even Archie ignored me, Archie Andrews, we had known each other since first grade and now it’s like we had never met. I blame Jug for all of this, he’s turned the people closest to me against me and what pisses me off even more is that I haven’t seen him all day, I thought I wasn’t going to “lose him or anyone else.”

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Can you help me with some coordination? I'm not sure how to send you an image file so I'll try to just describe the kimono. It's a pale pink houmongi with large purple areas and cream and gold flowers. Any advice on what color obi and obiage to pair with it? I was thinking a gold obiage but I'm not sure what obi to do with that and gold obiage are kind of hard to find. Unfortunately there don't seem to be any other small detail colors that I can pull from the pattern either.

Hello! Thanks for the question.

The further questions on my end are:

- How ‘old’ do you want your coordination to look? Like an adult, formal, married woman? Like a young woman but not formal enough for furisode? Like you’re going to tea ceremony? Like you’re going to a museum or fun event?

- What season are you dressing for? This may be less important if you have a limited amount of pieces.

Basically, remember The more contrast, the younger and more festive. The less contrast, the older. A bunch of pastels, subdued colors and low contrast is appropriate for tea ceremony (where you don’t want to take attention away from the tea), but may be too “jimi” (plain, old ladyish) for a young lady going out to a museum or cafe.

Note how these older ladies dress.

High contrast in patterns and bright solids will give your coordination a fun retro feel, like these younger ladies going out to enjoy the day.

(Examples from Pinamama’s Blog)

If you are going for a higher level of formality with the houmongi, you may need an obi with some gold in it. Houmongi are generally used as a formal kimono just under a furisode, and the obi can be tied in fancy ways to raise the formality. Whether you want a very formal obi that’s traditionally paired with a houmongi like this one,

Or go with a simple Taiko knot with a shiny obi, you have a few options. 

You can dress as the example above, with very little contrast, or you can add more color and punch with brighter contrast and bringing in different colors

A general rule of thumb is to pair geometric-patterned obi with organic floral kimono, and vice-versa. The subtle pattern contrast draws the eye toward the obi and makes all the patterns pop. 

To get back to your original question, with very light pink and lavender, I might actually try an obiage in a color that’s a deeper shade or saturation of what’s in the kimono, or some color that bridges the obi and kimono– a dark pink, a blue, maybe even a spring green. And I am a fan of obijime that have high contrast against the obi, such as the example above. If you can send me a link on imgur, or even reblog this post with an image, I can try to give further suggestions.



To clarify, i have no problem with Bigby and Were-McCree looking so much alike.
(idea of Han-Snow from @welcometoicee‘s tag on the post)

seven of hearts; chapter I

Jungkook series | moodboard

♠️ genre: angst, fluff

♥️ word count: 8.856

♣️ warnings: mentions of blood and violance; litteraly just one swear word (if you find more, let me know); i think there’s a mention of sex somewhere in there (not between the characters, just in general).

♦️ a/n: just a universe i came up with. modern-ish royal-ish!AU. please, enjoy!

You always wondered: would card games be fun, if your world wasn’t operating the way it was? Would it be fun to sit around the table with your friends, or maybe throw some pillows on the floor to give your gathering an eastern flavor? To have a game or two - or ten, if someone catches a gamble fever - along with a cheap drink? Or, perhaps, to deal some cards on a train and play with a stranger, who happened to have a ticket for a seat across from you. Beat them and lose to them, but then become friends, or maybe leave each other just as you were at the beginning - as strangers, except a little more familiar ones - with a twist in a form of a fond memory of someone who kept you company on the way to your destination.

And you thought that, maybe, there was a world like that: where playing cards provided a light distraction or kept you busy, if needed. Unfortunately, you weren’t lucky enough to be born into a fantasy like that. It was not your reality. It was not your world. In your world - those cards with pictures on them were far from fun and games (though, a little further from fun than from games). They were too busy defining people - their status, their fate, the roles they played.

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I was wondering about your opinion about these dynamics: Jin and Jungkook; Jimin and V; and J-Hope and Suga. The reason I'm wondering is because to me these seem the closest (although they all seem pretty close), and I love reading your analysis' of the members, so it would be interesting to see how you view them.

As I have a lot of opinion/analysis asks sitting around that I haven’t had time or energy to answer, I think I’ll answer this one right now since it’s one that mentions 3 different ships and i’ll compare them in a casual way. as for the difference between their platonic relationships, i do see why people seem to be drawn or recognize them because these 3 pairs while very different, are very clear.

it’ll be a long post so i’m going to try to keep it somewhat short and concise. (if it’s even possible for me.)

Jin & Jeongguk (jinkook)

Jin and Jeongguk have a very close relationship and have sited multiple times each other being favorites or favored members in the house. Jeongguk has said that, when he first came (once he said Hoseok but most often he says Jin) that it was Jin who raised him well and taught him lots of things. Jeongguk showed up when he was just a preteen, and BTS basically raised him from late middle school into an adult. They are his best friends and he considers his brothers his family, if the song “BEGIN” from the WINGS album doesn’t clarify that, there ya go. Jin and Jeongguk are easy to take notice of because they joke around, a LOT. They have a very very easygoing relationship, a lot like real brothers. they tease each other, man handle and wrestle with each other, protect each other, and seem to have an unspoken level of closeness that isn’t even broken when they’re on opposite sides of the room. 

Aside from openly speaking about their closeness, it’s just really clear in their mannerisms.In my opinion, these two have the most sibling-like relationship in all of BTS. They just scream closeness but also, stay away from me with your dad jokes bro // that brat never ever listens to me what a nerd. :’) it’s WHOLESOME.

Jimin & Taehyung (vmin)

Jimin and Taetae are the CLASSIC example of BEST FRIENDS FOREVER. like…it’s…so…sappy. I love it. They understand each other and support each other LITEARLLY endlessly. Unlike Jinkook they’re unlikely to wrestle or tease each other in a brotherly way so much as they’re going to just? idk they ride the same wave length. they count on each other, are each others biggest fans and supports. they’re unafraid to express their love, their support and profound respect for each other. They seem like the kind of best friends that would be godparents to each others kids and be 89 years old still scheduling hang outs. It’s effortless and pure, and they OPENLY explain, many, many, many, many times, that they consider each other their best friend in the house/group. 

They seem to click in ways that seems a little different from the other members. If Taehyung’s new song that Rap Mon confirmed was about Jimin, doesn’t explain that, idk what will. They just have this, inspirational level of belief and comfort in each other. They’re just…everything a friendship should be, honestly. It’s….it’s too much for me.

Yoongi & Hobi (yoonseok)

These two just….GET each other. Yoongi tags Hoseok as his SOUL PARTNER. if that isn’t evidence of the fact that these two have a strong, reliable, deep bond, idk what is. Yoongi and Hoseok have this palpable, warm and radiating aura of trust and adoration around each other. They ALWAYS have each others backs. They understand each others random references and jokes, they can read each others moods and seem to navigate towards each other naturally. They tend to pick the same team or each other as teammates often, and they obviously are able to talk each other into things that others wouldn’t be able to.

for Yoongi, I know he’s said before it’s because Hoseok makes him feel positive, happy and Hoseok is his “battery”. as for Hoseok, Hoseok reassures us interview after interview, that despite what it seems like Yoongi looks after members well, and Yoongi is reliable and safe. They seem to have a very symbiotic relationship, in a very healthy way. Two people who struggle from insecurities, who are very driven and determined when it comes to music, and who are very honest and loyal. Yoonseok are one of the most obvious and powerful bonds in all of BTS, imo, and more and more people seem to be seeing it for themselves, and i’m so glad. They’re…honestly the best. Their dynamic is like…….amazing to watch. if you just “yoonseok” watch so to speak, you’ll see that they have subtle patterns and habits when it comes to each other that’s just heartwarming and it really speaks volumes about how close they are.

Anyways i love all of these dynamics very much, and i have a lot of questions about my opinions on things like this, but unfortunately i can’t answer them all. i hope this helps, and i look forward to hearing opinions in return about this analysis and also other peoples fav dynamics too~. 

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What kind of underwear do you think the Chocobros wear?


  • Noctis wears boxer briefs––they’re comfortable and not too constricting. They’re black and have his initials monogrammed on the waistband. Ignis may or may not have done the monogramming.
  • Prompto switches between boxers and tighter underwear. Sometimes the legs of boxers are too irritating for his skin, and for some reason he believes that tighty whities help with his mobility.
  • Gladio wears boxers when he feels like it, but also enjoys going commando. It’s the nature lover in him. He likes to be free.
  • Ignis wears boxer briefs. They’re very expensive and have a subtle printed pattern on them and they always match his socks.

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So dude-babe! I know you wanted pain but I have a funny malec headcanon for you first. Another game like their phone name one is the one where Magnus will magically poof Alec's shirt off. It started small where Alec would be getting dressed and just as he shirt comes on Magnus poofs it off. First he'd just take it and play keep away. Then he started moving it around the loft. It's escalated a bit. Alec has to be creative if he wants to get dressed and leave home on time now.

“Magnus, I have to go,” Alec says with a sigh, though he can feel the smile that’s threatening to betray him.

“Oh no,” Magnus says, voice dropping in faux concern as Alec emerges from the bedroom. “You seem to have lost your shirt.”

“Funny,” Alec deadpans, “because I could’ve sworn I just put it on.”

Magnus closes the distance between them and places a hand on Alec’s chest, still wearing his faux frown.

“Sounds like we may have a poltergeist,“ Magnus says. His hand traces subtle patterns where it rests over Alec’s heart. Alec doesn’t miss Magnus’s split second smirk when he feels it pick up under his touch.

Alec rolls his eyes and moves his own hand up to cover Magnus’s.

“I have to be to the institute in twenty minutes,” he says firmly.

“Then you should probably get dressed,” Magnus replies with an innocent smile.

Alec rolls his eyes again, but can’t help pressing a kiss to Magnus’s palm before he drops his hand to head back into the bedroom.

He grabs another t-shirt out of his drawer in Magnus’s dresser and has just barely pulled it over his head when it too disappears in a crackle of blue magic.


Deconstructing Q's look

 Why you are all wrong about Qs Cardigan.

I feel like there is so much dislike in this fandom for Q’s wardrobe and his cardigan in particular. I’ve read fic, after fic describing it as anything from hideous to garish. So I’m going to explain it to you from a costume and fashion perspective. and hopefully convince you Q’s clothes only really look comparatively ugly or eccentric next to Bonds rather old fashioned stayed wardrobe. 

This contrast is a deliberate move on the part of the costume designer. Q is of course supposed to be the antithesis of bond. Where Bond is hard; Q is Soft: his outfits always have some tactile element to them. Where Q is a young man from the world of IT where business casual is a must. Bond is an older man from a military world where uniformity even in the shape of Tom ford suits is de rigure.

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From smaller pieces it all came together today, just in time to bring to tidewater comic con. These take a long time to make but I really do love the finished product. I’m happy that I used fabric with a very subtle tie die pattern it reminds me of the multicolor die I work with so frequently in my jewelry.

Gakushuu’s and Maehara’s Clothing Choices

Is math and general nerdiness fashionable in this universe? Gakushuu’s shirt is one thing, but Maehara is fully decked out in mathiness, and they both seem like the type that would dress fashionably. It looks like Maehara might even have “Nerdy Kid” printed on his shirt! Granted, all I can see is “dy kid” on his shirt so it could be “Needy kid”, “Speedy Kid”, etc.

I’ve included scans of their profile pictures from the manga so you can see what I’m talking about, though the patterns are subtle so it’s a bit hard to notice. I drew them too since it’s a good chance to draw them in a different outfit than their usual uniforms ^ ^

modern aesthetics
  • Shiro: dark colors and a white contrast, well-made clothes with clean lines, subtle patterns, aviators, scuffed boots, a braided leather cuff, waterproof liquid eyeliner, a silver septum ring, vetiver cologne
  • Lance: graphic tees and muscle tanks, denim jackets, artfully distressed skinny jeans, high top skater shoes, flat bill hats, cheap plastic wayfarers in neon colors, flawless nail polish, always smells like coconut and heat
  • Keith: long hair, a plain black t-shirt that has faded from multiple washes, cherry red bomber jacket, dark straight leg jeans with torn knees, battered converse sneakers, flannel shirts tied around his waist, glow-in-the-dark silicone tunnels, a tongue ring, snake bites
  • Hunk: floral patterns and bold stripes, brightly colored khakis, cargo shorts, hoodies and pullovers in earthy neutrals, a varsity jacket, pastel button downs, shoulder length hair that is never pulled back, slip on shoes or Birkenstocks
  • Pidge: oversized college sweaters with thumbholes, knitted cardigans, joggers or leggings or overalls, all white sneakers, black stretch chokers, an enormous pair of headphones, a backpack with at least five alien patches

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can i have some thoughts on the use (and overuse) of plaid in bandstand?

Absolutely! This is one time I can rely a little bit on my family’s history in the textile industry as well. I mentioned in my review of the Bandstand dresses that one thing I loved about them was that they really looked accessible for a woman of Julia Trojan’s (Laura Osnes) means during the era in which the musical is set. Patterning along the lines of the blue floral dress had come into vogue for the modern woman, and was finally at a price point that was affordable on a working woman’s salary.

The same is true of men’s fashion, and I’ve included an example of some of the plaids from Bandstand above. The prewar era, the Great Depression, had been a somewhat stoic and staid era in terms of design. The postwar era, on the other hand, started to experiment just a little bit more with colors and patterns. One of those patterns that was commonly worked with was plaids. There are a couple of reasons for this. First, plaids tend to be somewhat memorable; when done well, they stick out as a subtle pattern that remains in the mind and makes an impression. Second, they tend to be a bit versatile; a manufacturer can use the same basic pattern and simply mix out the color pattern when they want to change things up for a different store or market.

Listening to stories of my grandparents describing their textile factory in the era in which Bandstand is set and the years after, I remember the talking about there being a need to make a lot out of a little. While the economy of postwar America was stronger than the prewar era, domestic manufacturing was only starting to rebound as production shifted from materiel for the war to consumer goods. Men’s clothing for returning GIs had to be fashionable, it had to be affordable, and it had to have some measure of color; these were men who had spent 1-5 years in olive drab, after all. Plaids fit the bill perfectly, because they added some element of design to a pair of trousers or a shirt while still using relatively common or cheap threads to bring the whole piece together.

In that regard, I don’t think Paloma Young overused plaid in the production at all, though I have seen that criticism posted elsewhere on tumblr. I think she struck the right balance of patterns in terms of the men’s fashion, and I can’t recall seeing a major dress or skirt that used a plaid pattern. In my opinion, the plaids chosen here and elsewhere in the musical fit the era in which Bandstand is set; it was not an uncommon design, and it had yet to develop its reputation as somewhat garish (the golf outfit stereotype was still a decade or two away!).

Overall, I think Ms Young struck the right balance, and the costumes in Bandstand have the benefit of period authenticity. I could very easily picture these garments coming out of my grandparents’ factory or many others in New York during the era, though Ms Young does a standup job of avoiding making andy of them look too terribly dated. Plaid has a purpose–showing a working or middle class man to be what he is–in a 1940s musical, and in that regard, its use in Bandstand is a smashing success!


Lookbook: Gold’s day off

I mostly love Rumple’s Storybrooke style on the show. Menswear isn’t my main point of interest when it comes to fashion, but Robert Carlyle wears those suits incredibly well. So @jackabelle73 suggested a casual look for Mr. Gold, and I’ve got to say, this was hard. It was hard to imagine him in anything casual at all. I can picture Bobby in board shorts and a tank top, but Gold? Not so much.

But I got to thinking about it more and remembered that Rumple was a spinner, and a highly skilled one at that. So I started focusing on button-down shirts you might or might not wear with a suit. Rumple would appreciate quality materials, no matter how dressed up he is.

Here we have linen, seersucker, and even one flocked example of a menswear staple. They have simple, classic details, done extraordinarily well. Most are plain, but some have subtle patterns.

And because Rumple is a guy who can create his own gold reserve, these are all high-end. I don’t think there’s a shirt here under $250. These come mostly from Italian designers like Zegna and Ferragamo (although one Tom Ford snuck in). After all, what’s the use of being practically immortal and having nigh-on limitless wealth and power if you can’t lounge around in Armani?

Previous lookbooks: Belle, Emma, Snow, Hook, Zelena, David, Emma’s wedding, post-pregnancy Snow

Ok tumblr, so I have this Fantastic Beasts headcanon…hear me out…
I just got back from seeing Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (which is an amazing movie btw but tw for victims of abuse) and I noticed some things about Newt while I was watching

-He seems to have a hard time making eye contact (and when he does its typically after a long period of looking down/away from the person he’s talking to)

-He is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about magical creatures, to the point where that seems to be all he does (he also stated that he works with dragons for as a job)

-He’s stated that typically people don’t like him because he annoys them and he didn’t fit in at school (possibly due to gushing/obsessing about magical creatures to people who would talk to him, that’s just speculation on my part though)

-He’s a very quirky individual with subtle habits and speech patterns that aren’t typical of the average person

So where am I going with this? I think that Newt may be on the autism spectrum with magical creatures being his special interest, this is just a theory and these character traits may be a coincidence, I haven’t done any research on Newt or how the actor wanted to portray him but I think it’d be really great if he, a popular main character, was on the autisim spectrum, I’m going to have my parents watch the movie and see what their input is (my mom is an elementary school teacher who has experience with special needs children and my dad worked as a special ed teacher for 15 years), but if anyone on here has any input I’d love to hear it!!! And if I got anything wrong or if I’m way off on my headcanon then please please correct me, and if this seems to be a plausible headcanon then spread this around! It’d be great to have representation for people who don’t seem to have very much in popular media like this