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I’m damn proud of this so I’m posting it everywhere. I thought up painting the sailcloth logo onto a bolero sweater when I was trying to sleep. I went out to the store and bought the paint for it the next day, and here is the result! I really love how it came out. If I get enough people interested in it I might start making them to sell (slightly different though because this was a sweater I had. We would use a similar pattern on the new ones)


me: is a zoology student with a keen understanding of insect morphology

also me: uses two lines to draw a fuckin butterfly

(just go with the fact that everything is green and also my terrible handwriting!! i hope you like it @bootisimo <3)

So I was looking over the Turtleduck Date Night picture, and I suddenly wondered whose idea it was to do that in the first place, and then I realized it probably went something like this:

Korra: “So, Asami, you can drive anything…how about one of those turtleduck boats in the lagoon? I’ll bet you’ve never driven one of those before.”

Smooth as you can get.

Custom Walking Dead Earrings!

I asked a friend of mine Zeldalilly for a pair of custom Walking Dead earrings and this is the result! They are adorably perfect! Featuring Rick and Daryl!

If you’d like a similar pair or want to request a custom set/custom jewlery, you can visit her Etsy page at Subtle Nerd.

You can also view her other pieces or follow her on Tumblr at SubtleNerdNews

bison-burnie  asked:

Hey Mica! I saw that you commented on the post about sending gifts to Adam, and I was wondering what would be some good suggestions to send. I'm gonna draw some stuff for him, but I kinda wanted to make a little more custom, like if there's something he's really fond of maybe?

*cracks knuckles* I was born for this moment. Dude loves halo. He also loves Fallout, anything to do with PC, Overwatch, (he’s minorly a closet weeb), HE LOVES STAR WARS, diet red bull, dogs, SUBTLE nerd shirts (he doesn’t like them to scream the franchise, he only wants other fans to get it if he wears them)

Also, I know anything and everything you send to him will make his day. Y'all are incredible, thank you.