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This woman though. 😍🤓

Yvonne vs. All The Nasty ‘B’ Words - Interviewed by LA Times - 17 May 2017 [x]

“Says the actress of her and Joseph Fiennes’ characters: ”[Fiennes and I] are the villains. Suddenly Trump is elected, and all this negative behavior comes to light. I start seeing these parallels between [my character’s] actions and what Trump’s doing. It’s in a weird way an inspiration but also a horrid parallel.“

Yvonne Strahovski photographed April 21 at The Beekman in New York for Hollywood Reporter [x]

Edward Nygma Personal Note

A list of aliases/alternative names commonly used by Jon.
-Ichabod Crane (really subtle, Jon)
-Atticus Finch (nerd)
-John Proctor (mega nerd)
-Claude Frollo (what the fuck, Jon)
-David Lamb
-Damien Wright
-Thomas Paine (Jon, calm down)
-Arthur Gordon Pym (A Poe reference? Really?)
-Joseph Mckennedy (I feel like this is another reference)
-Ulysses Everett McGill (A fucking movie reference)
And I’m sure a few others

But when the going gets rough, he has been known to crossdress and use a more feminine name, common ones are
-Abigail Williams (such a nerd)
-Alison Krauss (Of course, Jon)
-MorganEve Swain
-Mabel Grey

Alright, that’s the terrible list.
-Edward Nygma

moralitycalls  asked:

the pie is never dry, was there not enough filling or somethin


I don’t know if you were asking for the whole story but you’re getting it anyway. Basically, it’s a subtle reference to game of thrones, like a really subtle reference for mega nerds like me. One of the actors found the line “hurry up this pie is dry” to be fucking hilarious and couldn’t keep a straight face through several of the takes, and I know this because I watched the audio commentaries for most of the episodes DON’T JUDGE ME I’M JUST A VERY ENTHUSIASTIC FAN OF THE SHOW OKAY

Like it’s a legit meme and I just thought, you know what that would make a great (highly questionable) url, and alas my random ass url was born and I’ve never looked back

50-points-for-ravenclaw  asked:

Sterek + "I recognized your subtly placed nerd paraphernalia AU" ?

Stiles has been doing it for years, okay?

Any time he spotted some sort of nerdy trinket he liked, he’d buy it and then-

Well, then he’d find some place to put it in the police station.

No one’s ever noticed.

And there’ll all over too.

The true skill of it is that one of the things he got in the beginning was a TV poster of Doctor Who for his dad’s office, but his dad had put a quick nix on anything like that so Stiles has had to get subtle.

Nothing that his dad could recognize as being blatantly for a TV show or movie.

Over the years, Stiles has managed to add dozens of little items to the entire office without a single person mentioning anything to him.

He’s a little sad for the state of the department that none of them recognize any of the stuff, but it’s turned into a great game for Stiles so he forgives them … at least a little.

(He really thinks they should’ve recognized the Captain America shield magnet, but apparently fighting crime means no time for contemporary media.)

He’s just finished placing his latest item, a Deadpool rubber ducky, and figures he should at least pop in to check on his dad meaning as a surprise check to make sure he isn’t hiding any overly fatty snacks in his office again.

His dad’s office door is open with what must be the new deputy they just hired sitting across from them.

“It’s great to have you back in Beacon Hills, Derek,” The Sheriff says as they shake hands.

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Yesterday’s subtly nerdy outfit. Not that I need to be a subtle nerd - I go all out with that shit - but this outfit can’t help it. Although, some people got it right away. Cause they’re cool. (Hint: the skirt is a Doctor Who print and the necklace is an interpretation of Ten’s sonic screwdriver.)

This was my second day in a row wearing a Betty le Bonbon skirt and Pinup Girl Clothing top. Those two go together like peanut butter and jam.

Outfit: top - Pinup Girl Clothing, cami - swap, skirt - Betty le Bonbon, tights - Walmart, petticoat (it’s the blue one) - Domino Dollhouse, shoes - Hush Puppies, necklace - etsy, earrings - Stone Town, Zanzibar


me: is a zoology student with a keen understanding of insect morphology

also me: uses two lines to draw a fuckin butterfly

(just go with the fact that everything is green and also my terrible handwriting!! i hope you like it @bootisimo <3)

bison-burnie  asked:

Hey Mica! I saw that you commented on the post about sending gifts to Adam, and I was wondering what would be some good suggestions to send. I'm gonna draw some stuff for him, but I kinda wanted to make a little more custom, like if there's something he's really fond of maybe?

*cracks knuckles* I was born for this moment. Dude loves halo. He also loves Fallout, anything to do with PC, Overwatch, (he’s minorly a closet weeb), HE LOVES STAR WARS, diet red bull, dogs, SUBTLE nerd shirts (he doesn’t like them to scream the franchise, he only wants other fans to get it if he wears them)

Also, I know anything and everything you send to him will make his day. Y'all are incredible, thank you.