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More Foreshadowing?

Everyone who watches Voltron knows the writers enjoy throwing in hints whenever they can, and I may have just found another.

Remember this scene?

Of course you do.

It’s the iconic “Hey man” one.

And yeah, it’s a great scene, and the Klance is just prime, but something Lance said has me thinking there was more to it than simply a team bonding moment (and hella cool outro)

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One of my favorite things about Fire Emblem Heroes is the subtle joke that is Anna.

Because when I first started playing I was like, wait why is she a commander? Anna is a decent fighter and all, but she’s a merchant by trade. Her job isn’t to fight, it’s to sell me things.

And then I realized. This is a freemium game. She is here to sell me things.


We make concepts such as crippling self-esteem and depression a joke. I see on memes, I see on the subtle relatable jokes between me and my friends. These concepts have become 2nd nature to us. 

But should they? I know a lot of my followers have gone through a tremendous amount of pain and suffering. We can’t control what life throws at us. But as I have found, it’s not what want happens to us but what we choose to make out of it.

So beginning today let’s take a step toward positive changes. Shed all self-doubt. There is absolutely nothing to be afraid of.

This quote “I can and I will” is powerful. You can find happiness. You can find peace. You are deserving of good things. Instead of shirts, I chose ordinary household objects like a pillow, a clock or a journal,  so that it’s something we may look at every day to remind ourselves.

I’ve chosen the lavender because not only is it my absolute favorite plant but it also most commonly symbolizes love and devotion. Lavender represents opportunity and promises new adventure. It restores balance and creates a peaceful atmosphere. 

A Slytherin who’s always going on about how they’re going to change the world and make all wizards equal in the eyes of the law and hopefully most of society.

A Slytherin that uses their persuasion to lift people’s self-confidence by convincing them they’re wonderful.

A Slytherin that doesn’t take stupid bigotry and is seen as obnoxious because they won’t let subtle jokes at the expense of others slide under the radar.

A Slytherin that uses their leadership skills to bring people together to achieve a common goal.

Just Slytherins being great people and utilizing their Slytherin traits to their advantage in the best way possible.

what she says: i’m fine

what she means: in The Lizzie Bennet Diaries Episode 21, Lizzie says that she wants to change the culture, and even though this was a meta reference to the ways that the source material, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, changed the culture of the time period, it is also an unknowing reference to the fact that TLBD would go on to inspire countless other webseries adaptations to create an entire new subgenre of adapting classical or even contemporary literature, so the subtle joke turned out to be a prediction for the future and I’m so proud I could cry oh too late

Dating Teamiplier Would Include:


•Started off as friends

•Then it grew into something more

•Chica loves you more than him

•Mark pouts about it all day

•You never really get into arguments because you both always talk things out

•But if one of you are really mad you’d give them their space to cool off

•Forehead kisses

•Nose kisses

•Cheek kisses

•N e C k K i S s e S

•Mark and Ethan teasing you if you’re shorter them

•Them Tyler comes out of nowhere and sets you on his shoulder

•"Who’s the short one now bitches"

•Being apart of teamiplier

•You, Amy, and Kathryn being squad goals

•Little to no PDA in public, on live streams, or vlogs

•Because you both don’t feel about going public yet and want it more private

•The fandom finds out anyway because they noticed Mark looking at you a lot and smiling to himself on a live stream

•Tons of fan-art after

•Some of the fans hate you because of Septiplier

•You don’t give a crap because you love Mark & you knew what you were getting into when.

•Him loving you so much



•Opens the door for you

•Gives you his coat when you’re cold


•"Tyler I’m cold"

“I told you to get a coat. ”

“Give me yours.”

“Nope. ”

•But he gives it to you anyway

•Dick jokes

•Lots of inside joke

•Taking care of him when he’s sick

•Being super close with Ethan and Mark

•Editing with Kathryn

•Making fun of Tyler because you learned how to edit faster than him

•Him calling you short

•But he loves it

•Always asking him to get something from the top shelf

•Top of the head kisses

•Forehead kisses

•Staring at his muscles because Jesus Christ the man was sculpted by the gods

•Him catching you looking so he flexes

•Just a really cute couple



•"Hating" pineapple pizza

•LOTR references


“Sam.. ”

•Him playing the ukulele for you

•Asking him to do a backflip because you think it’s so cool

•And it’s pretty hot

•Very hot

•Being best friends with Brian and Gordon.

•Playing Mariokart

•Lots of screaming and cussing


“I love you. ”

•Ethan is such a huggy bastard

•He NEEDS to have some part of him touching you

•You’re editing, his leg is on top of yours

•You’re cooking, he wraps his arms around your waist to see what you’re making

•Prepping for a trip? He hugs you for an hour begging you to stay

•Going To IndyPopCon, PaxEast and PaxWest together

•The Cranky Crew LOVING YOU

•Because they have never seen their blue Bean so happy

•Shit loads of fanart

•"What is up my Cranky Crew”

“wHaT iS uP mY cRaNkY cReW”

“You’re not saying it right (Y/n)!”

•Ethan is a giggly bean

•Wearing his merch

•Double dates with Gordon and Maya

•Being such a cute couple

•Mark jokes around calling Ethan ‘whipped’

•He is

•He would sacrifice himself for you

•Star Wars jokes

•Corny puns

•Dick jokes


[K A T H R Y N]

•Calling her a queen because she is

•Helping her and Ethan edit so they won’t overwork themself

•You constantly calling her pretty because she is

•Playing Ultimate Chicken Horse

•Lots of hugs

•So many references

•Cleaning up Marzipans shit because it’s literally everywhere

•Goddamn cat from satan

•You still love Marzipan though

•Learning how to edit rather quickly because Kathryn showed you the basics

•not that much pda mostly when it’s just you both by yourselves

• Subtle dick jokes


•H O L D I N G H A N D S

•C U D D L I N G

•C H E E K K I S S E S

•Amy shipped you guys before you even got together

•Hanging out with Amy because she’s cool as balls

•Questioning why she’s dating Mark

•"It’s that you’re so cool. How are you with HIM. “-(Y/n)

“HEY. ”-M

“I don’t know myself. ”-A


“I stayed for Chica. ”-A


•Shipping Amyplier so much, because THEIR SO CUTE


“SHUT UP (Y/N).”

「 A M Y 」

•You love her so much

•Calling her Sunshine because she literally is the embodiment of sunshine.

•Talking about Alien Conspiracies

•Making her coffee

•Going shopping a lot

•Her playing the accordion

•"I know its bad I’m sorry. “-A

“You’re so adorable.”

•whenever you go somewhere you bring her souvenirs

•Surprising her by showing up to the You’re Welcome tour because you couldn’t go

•Her almost crying


•Lots of hugs

•And kisses

•Braiding her hair

•when you see her guess what video on her channel you almost die from how cute she is.

•She’s adorable

•Calling her Beautiful

•If you’re depression or anxiety gets bad she’s always there to make you smile

•Buying her stuff but she complains because she doesn’t like being spoiled

•Dog sitting Chica while they are on tour

•She’s such a good pup

•Going to sleep at 1 in the morning because you were scrolling through Pinterest for memes

The Most Subtle Joke in Hetalia

I’ve been meaning to make this post for a while now to show you this joke and why it is my favorite. This is the joke:

This joke may not make sense at first but I’m going to explain why it’s funny. The “William I” Japan mentions is Kaiser Wilhelm I, who was the king of Prussia and the first emperor of Unified Germany starting in 1861.

This guy, he was described as the most histrionic emperor in Europe, he was known for often breaking into tears. Every time he cried and acted dramatic he didn’t get his way. When Japan references Wilhelm, he’s saying exactly the same thing Italy said in the scene, he’s going to give in and not get his way. But he says it in a way that makes it hard to tell what he actually meant, and if Germany kept pressing Japan on what he meant, he would be disrespecting his former emperor, so Japan avoids confrontation, and that is incredibly Japanese. To understand the joke, you had to understand the obscure historical reference and Japanese negotiation tactics, it’s a brilliantly written, multi-layered, subtle joke. Jokes like these are part of what makes Hetalia so great, why I love the series, and why I believe that Himaruya is a genius.

I knew I felt something more than the friendship we cultivated when I found myself hoping I could change your mind. You never said you were loyal and you never acted like you were, and I tried to fool myself into thinking that was a part of you I could accept. But when I couldn’t stop thinking about your hands on me, when my chest tightened like breath before a first kiss when I heard your sudden laugh that sounded almost too sweet to fit you, when I didn’t care who the hell responded to my texts when if it wasn’t you, when I heard your voice in songs about loving someone who was out of reach, I knew something had happened I couldn’t exactly reconcile. Something I didn’t exactly want to. I would’ve never thought you’d be a constant presence in my lungs when I first met you, never imagined I’d want to breathe in the scent of you more than I would my own home. You are everything I want disguised in everything I never saw coming. If you would give me the chance, I’d drop everyone else I act like I care about to distract myself from the fact that I want you. I want your corny jokes, your subtle arrogance, the way you I catch you looking at me when you don’t think I see you. I want you to tell me all of the shit you’ve never felt comfortable telling anyone else, and I want the chance to give you the world even if you may fill up the majority of mine. And hell, maybe I am possessive and feel too strongly too quickly. Maybe I dive in without looking at how deep the water really is and maybe I make desperate decisions in pursuit of the warmth of your gaze. Maybe I romanticize your brutal honesty and am hoping for something you can’t give me but there are no lies on my tongue when I tell you I don’t want you to want anyone else. You are as sudden as a summer storm and as mysterious as the shadows that come afterwards, but you need to only say the word and I’ll get myself drenched in order to stand in the rain with you.
—  ap (8.17.17) there’s something reckless about you and I have a habit of taking chances

isak and even are taking the bus home from school, sitting next to each other. isak’s hand is resting on even’s thigh, palm facing up, as they are playing guess what i’m drawing, a little game they often play, using different parts of their bodies. arms, back, thighs, chest. once, isak learned that he can’t play the game using even’s stomach because even is too ticklish. he tried to say “but i’m not done!! i only drew half the elephant!!” in protest, but even kept wiggling and giggling, eventually turning to the side, his back facing isak. and then he sighed a happy sigh and said “elephant, you drew an elephant. i guessed right, eh?” and isak leaned in, kissed his shoulder and his neck, and mumbled “i literally just told you”. and then isak started tracing something between even’s shoulder blades, and he whispered “guess what i’m drawing” 

so they’re playing the game in the bus, even drawing little things on isak’s palm. a cat, a shirt, a dick. isak rolls his eyes at the last one, closes his hand on even’s. isak tries to hide a smile and even asks “what?” innocently, and isak simply replies “enough”. he’s smiling this time, though, can’t help it. and they stay like this, simply holding hands, when an elderly lady gets on the bus. and even notices that all the seats are taken, and so he stands up and gestures toward his seat. the elderly lady smiles at him and she sits down next to isak, tells him “your lover is a really fine gentleman.” and isak’s eyes widen a little and his eyes travel from the lady to even and back to the lady and he stutters “y-yes, he is” and even doesn’t try to hide his grin 

“not everyone is as courteous, you know? last week, i got on this very same bus and no one gave me their seat! no one! and i know they saw me, i know. but your lover right here, very fine young man, was kind enough to give me his seat. i must say i appreciate this.” isak is blinking quickly, biting the inside of his cheeks as he nods, trying to keep a straight face. he doesn’t remember the last time he interacted with a stranger, this is not a common thing to do at all

and even simply can’t stop smiling at their interaction, but when the lady looks at him, he solemnly says, hand on his heart “you’re very welcome.” the lady nods in approval, and tells even “this young man is very lucky to have you.” and at this point isak expects even to perhaps make a subtle joke, or to say something along the lines of “isn’t he?” but even simply looks down at isak and their eyes meet and he remains silent for a few seconds, simply holds his gaze. even’s eyes filled with tenderness and genuine appreciation, the faintest smile lifting the right corner of his mouth and he says “and i’m very, very lucky to have him”


Precision Obedience Workshop notes

with “my puppy’s fear period started in it” notes

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Important PSA

Hello, this is the admins of College!Klance speaking

We’re here to address recent asks we’ve been getting in our inbox; these asks containing NSFW questions. 

We want to make it clear to all of you that we in no way tolerate graphic NSFW asks (jokingly or otherwise) and have no plans to ever answer or post any sexual NSFW content in this blog.

We’ve stated in our main accounts before that we do not tolerate the sending of sexual NSFW asks in our inbox, but people keep continuing to send them in.

Innuendos and subtle jokes are fine, we find them funny. But outright sexual asks (i.e; asking about masturbation, poses, etc.) is not okay and frankly, makes us downright disgusted.

These asks make us uncomfortable and we are sure that should others see them, it would make them uncomfortable too. 

In addition, we have a good chunk of followers here who are minors and we do not want to risk exposing them to any graphic sexual content.

Furthermore, it also hurts us to think that people out there don’t care for the story we are trying to share. We put a lot of work into this blog and it’s crushing to know that people only care about whether or not Klance have sex.

If this goes on any longer, we will not hesitate to disable Anonymity for asks, or even closing the askbox completely if people continue to send us asks like this.

Please respect our policy and stop sending us graphic sexual NSFW asks.

-Lance and Keith Admin

Why the types are dangerous: ENTP Edition
  • ENTPs will see all the possible outcomes of a situation before you can even finish processing one
  • They’ll have you second-guessing yourself in seconds
  • While you may be lulled into thinking that ENTPs are socially and emotionally inept, they’re looking to turn the tables on the people making them look awkward
  • Have uncrackable poker face
  • Masters of subtle sarcasm –Are they joking? Are they serious? Are they making fun of you? You’ll never know and therefore never have the upper hand
  • Nothing is ever enough, they always need more, they need to know more, they need to see more, they’re black holes
  • ENTPs find loopholes in everything, especially rules