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Orebi Qalli ▐▐ The Ephemeral Cadence ▐▐ Octavia Ethesa

A proper drawing/reference of sorts of my xaela au ra, Octavia/Orebi !! I really love how this turned out honestly I COULD DIE-

i didnt use any ffxiv armor, besides the yasha skirt honestly, this is a totally made up outfit for her LMAO maybe I’ll draw her in her other canon outfits the ones she wears in-game // ONE DAY

Okay, okay, so I started thinking this morning and now I cant stop thinking about this

So, Neil ends up spending a lot of time with Allison and eventually gets curious about makeup
So he asks her to teach him
So he eventually gets really good at it
And he wears it a lot, but its usually pretty subtle
Foundation and concealer, eyeshadow, maybe eyeliner, a little mascara, and a pinkish nude lipstick
But sometimes he’ll go all out with winged liner, a bold lip, false lashes, and contour and highlight
He looks like a literal queen

On days when the makeup he’s wearing brings out the blue in his eyes Andrew asks “yes or no?” more often
He secretly loves it when Neil wears makeup

And so one day he asks Neil to do his makeup
And Neil agrees hesitantly
Because that means Andrew will have to be okay with sitting still for a bit while Neil touches his face
But Andrew is okay with that because he’s curious and he trusts Neil

So he eventually ends up with a face full of makeup
He looks amazing
With dark red-almost-black lipstick and dark eyeshadow to match the black of his outfit
And winged liner
And flawless lashes and contour
He loves it
But he wouldn’t dare say that
He just says 320% and walks away

Later that day he asks Neil to teach him

The Signs As Beauty Products

Requested here.

Aries are eyeliner because they are bold and definitive. Eyeliner defines the eyes, making them eye-catching, like Aries.

Taurus are face masks because they are relaxing and soft-natured. Face masks are good for our skin, and show the caring side of Taurus.

Gemini are nail files because they can be harsh, but usually rough us up the right way. Nail files keep our nails nice, but they aren’t too soft, like Gemini.

Cancer are blusher because they are soft and sweet. Blusher gives us a slight colour, usually quite warm colours, like Cancer.

Leo are mascara because they are bold and lively. Mascara defines our eyes and makes us look more awake, making us seem energetic, like Leo.

Virgo are face wipes because they are refreshing and cleansing. Face wipes clean away hard days and leave us feeling renewed, like Virgo.

Libra are lipsticks because they are colourful, but humble. Lipstick makes us colourful, and gives us a fun look, like Libra.

Scorpio are eyeshadow because they are humble, but mysterious. Eyeshadow adds subtle colour to our look, like Scorpio.

Sagittarius are hair-dye because they are fun and ever-changing. Hair-dye can make us feel new and keep us unique, like Sagittarius.

Capricorn are lip gloss because they are lovely, but shy. Lip gloss is sometimes glittery and is quite soft and sweet, like Capricorn.

Aquarius are nail varnish because they are bright and unique. Nail varnish allows us to express ourselves in colour, like Aquarius.

Pisces are body glitter because they are fun and dreamy. Body glitter gives us a subtle uniqueness, like Pisces.

Things that remind me of Hogwarts houses.

I’ve seen a similar post on tumblr but I just loved it so much I made my own version!

Things that remind me of Gryffindor.

Old oak furniture, Tartan blankets, Lancashire hotpot, putting pinecones on a fire to make colourful flames, hiking, ‘Sparks Fly’ by Taylor Swift, Cadbury’s chocolate, being spontaneous, winning at a sport, grand castles, history, knitted jumpers, action movies, breaking records, drinking songs, ghost chillies, rapturous applause, bonfires, long long hugs. 

Things that remind me of Ravenclaw.

 Piano versions of pop songs, moleskine diaries, LED fairy lights, costume dramas, charity shop books, badge collections, postcards from obscure places, gin and lemonade, broadsheet newspapers, corsets, twitter, libraries, big cities, Shakespeare, tote bags, old maps, scrapbooks, winking, avocado, sarcasm, ballet dancers, museums, opening your mind.

Things that remind me of Hufflepuff

Homemade cookies, the feeling of changing out of wet clothes into dry ones, shepherd’s pie, Oliver! the musical, hugging a dopey dog, hot baths, crotchet cushions, red wine, button boxes, picnics, wooly hats, long plaits, small towns, slipper boots, vintage dresses, inspirational quotes, holding hands for an hour or more, classic movies, pumpkin pie, broad smiles.

Things that remind me of Slytherin

Silver chains, black eyeliner, suspenders, frosted grapes, leather jackets, An Inspector Calls, stroking cats, slow subtle jazz, smoky eyeshadow, silk lingerie, Lorde, frosty windows, church bells, political debate, Wuthering Heights, stargazing, affectionate insults, French manicures, white wine, sheepskin rugs, evening dresses with a slit up the side, feeling self-satisfied.

Trans tip #4

For light skinned feminine people - for subtle eyeshadow, go for light pinks and browns, lipgloss is also subtle as well as light pink lipsticks, a little bit of mascara goes a long way and can be easily passed off as natural eyelashes. If you can, invest in some good make up brushes, and try take good care of your skin. Don’t leave make up on overnight, especially not mascara.

Autumn dance- Theo imagine

Words: 1453
A/N: I don’t know what this is, it was written on an iPad instead of my laptop because it was a spur of the moment thought. There’s probably some grammatical and spelling errors but oh well. Anyway enjoy! Xx

The annual Autumn dance was the same as the annual spring dance, the same as the annual summer dance and the same as the annual Christmas dance. By this point in your life, you considered yourself a pro at dances. Tonight however, you didn’t feel like going. With everything going on, the whole event seemed fake. The majority of the people in the room had no idea about werewolves and banshees. They had no idea what danger you were always in and the strain that put you through mentally.

You hadn’t let it get to you before, but acting normal felt odd lately. You looked at the purple dress you had picked out to wear, it was loose and floaty and hung off your hips nicely. Tonight, however, you didn’t want nice. You wanted different, so you fished around in your wardrobe to see what you could pull out, eventually you found a black tulle skirt with a sheer lace bodice to match. It was edgy and slightly revealing, the opposite of your usual style. You painted dark purple lipstick onto your lips, and a subtle dark eyeshadow with eyeliner on your eyes. You straightened your hair, pulling it pack into a long, sleek ponytail.

Everyone at the dance stared as you entered the room, heading straight to a slightly shocked Lydia, who was sipping some of the punch.

“I like it” she smirked approvingly, hooking her arm around yours, pulling you onto the dance floor. You jumped around, singing and dancing to the music for hours, until your feet hurt in your high heels. You swivelled around Lydia, knocking into someone. You apologised profusely to them.

“It’s ok” Theo reassured you, having to do a double take. He looked you up and down, having to control his heartbeat as he scanned your outfit. “Y/n, I didn’t recognise you.” He flirted, earning a raised eyebrow from you in response.

‘I didn’t recognise you either Raeken. You scrub up well.“ You moved back to Lydia and continued to dance with her for a while.

"I’m going to head out for some fresh air” you mouthed to Lydia over the music, she nodded, already occupied with a jock from your year. You laughed to yourself as you exited the hall, wondering how she could put up with guys chasing after her all the time.

Outside the air had a harsh bite to it. It was surprisingly cold for this time of year, not that you minded. something about being in the quiet soothed you, so you let your feet carry you to the woods, a place you often went to to think. You were so lost in your thoughts, you didn’t notice a shadowy figure following you.

You reached your usual place, a small clearing where the branches on the trees twisted in various directions, giving it a mystical vibe. You sat on a log, kicking your shoes off your feet and leaning back against the crooked wood.

“What happened back there?” A voice asked. Startled, you jerked your head to the left, seeing Theo leant against one of the trees. His bow tie was undone, the top buttons of his shirt revealing part of his chest. Stiles had warned you about Theo, and you believed every word stiles said, yet you weren’t afraid of him. He was always nice to you, pushing the boundaries of friendship every now and then.

“I got tired of the party so I came out here to think” you replied, turning your head back to its original, relaxed position.

“Good, I followed you because I thought something might be wrong” there was a silence, where you were unsure whether or not he was going to leave. “Something smells different” he blurted out, making you chuckle.

“Thank you, I tried a different perfume” Theo walked over, sitting down next to you.

“I didn’t mean a scent, I meant something about your emotions” he corrected himself, leaning back as you were. It was late, a light fog collecting above the forest floor.

“Life feels a lot different. We are usually so busy with the next threat, there’s no time to actually reflect on the lives we live. Now there’s more time” you spoke your thoughts out loud, Theo watching every word form on your lips.

“I know what you mean. I don’t go around being the hero, but I don’t live the quietest life.” He nudged you with his shoulder playfully.

“You’re not evil.” Theo stayed quiet, tilting back away from you.
“You’re… Dark. But not evil. The world you walk through is cold and unforgiving. That’s made you the same.” You both looked forward into space. You were always good at judging characters and hadn’t been wrong so far. Swiftly, you turned your body to face him, but he refused to look at you.

“My world is like the woods. There’s no light.” Theo admitted. You could feel him genuinely opening up.

“You don’t have to walk in that world. Not all the time at least.” He
finally faced you, a softness present in his eyes that you hadn’t seen before. He smiled slightly, a real smile for once. You felt warm, contrary to your surroundings. Something about being with Theo comforted you.

“Nobody really understands do they” he stated, pausing as he rubbed his hands together. “The monsters around us. The monsters inside us” the moon shone through the leaves above, providing little light that shaped both of your faces. You could see how he frowned when he was deep In thought, how his cheekbones were highlighted. You subconsciously traced his jaw with your fingertips. This caused him to stand up, moving his legs to get the blood flow back to them to warm up. You leant on the hand that had traced his jaw, placing your shoes back onto your feet. He offered you a hand up off the log, clinging onto it a little bit longer than expected.

“Night Theo” you said, placing your lips on his cheek as you headed back to the dance. He stood and watched you leave, thinking about how you made his world slightly less dark, even if it was for a few minutes.

Days later and you hadn’t spoken to Theo. After the dance you headed home to bed. Something in you had changed after your talk, you held a fondness for him now and constantly wondered if you should contact him.

Nonetheless, you knew you could never be friends. The pack, or at least some of the pack, would despise you for it, especially as you’d been outwardly anti-Theo since the stranger showed up In beacon hills. Inwardly was a different story entirely.
It was around 7 PM when you heard a knock at the door, you went to answer, wearing a sweatshirt and joggers.

As soon as you opened the door Theo pushed his way in, ranting about nonsense. Your eyebrows creased in confusion at his rambling.

“Theo slow down” you placed your hand on his arm as he paced. Without warning you were pressed against the wall of your hallway, Theo’s lips against yours. The shock subsided after a few seconds, allowing you to kiss back. He pulled away, his hands finding your waist.

“I don’t know what you did to me y/n but I don’t want it to stop” he breathed, almost inaudible. You kissed him again more slowly, your fingers gliding up the back of his neck into his hair.

“I thought you were the one who did something to me” you whispered as your lips parted. He smiled, shaking his head.

“I haven’t ever cared y/n. Never. Not about anyone until you had to come along and talk to me.” He cursed, his nose almost touching yours. His right hand fell down your waist, to your hips where his fingers curled around the waistband of your joggers.

“And now you care about me?” You asked, your breath catching in your throat as his icy hands slid up under your sweatshirt. He growled into your neck, confirming his feelings, pressing his body against yours. You could feel your heart racing and your body tingling at the contact. You slipped your hands under his shirt, lifting it up, signalling to Theo that you wanted it off. He obeyed, throwing it onto the floor. You kissed each other passionately, yearning for more and more of each other.

Things were getting way too heated and you knew they should stop. Stiles would never speak to you again after this and he was one of your best friends. You couldn’t do it, you had to stop. At least that was what you kept telling yourself.


Soft Mint Lids (Lancôme Hypnôse Drama Eyes in DR3 Vert Mystere)

This is a defined, but still soft eye, done using one of my favorite eyeshadow palettes in the world, Lancome’s Vert Mystere, which is a collection of soft neutrals and 2 gorgeous jade-greens.

(It’s named after tea, but the green leans slightly cool, and looks more like jade.)

For those of you who aren’t ready to go for strong, bright colors but are tempted to step beyond neutrals, check out this palette or this group of colors. 

Products used:

Base: Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation 52

Concealer: Addiction Perfect Concealer No 1

Powder: (I wanted a bit of sheen so didn’t use any for this look. If you’re going to be out and about in warm weather, set with translucent powder!)

Cheeks: Shu Uemura Bijoux collection Silk Cushion Cheek Blusher in Rose Quartz

Brows: Shu Uemura Hard Formula 9 Pencil in Seal Brown

Eyeshadows: Lancôme Hypnôse Drama Eyes DR3 Vert Mystere

Mascara: Maybelline Great Lash in Blackest Black

Lipstick: Shu Uemura Bijoux collection lipstick in Opal Pink

Dis sat in front of her vanity, her hair and makeup already having been perfected for the evening. She liked what they’d done well enough, with the subtle eyeshadows and soft pink lips complimented by the barest hint of a glow brushed onto her cheeks. Her hair was acceptable as well, since her Grandmother’s only condition to turning it silver was that it be put in an updo. No, the problem wasn’t in what had already been put on, the problem was she was still in her undergarments, and staring at a dress she absolutely did not want to wear.

It had the draping of a much simpler dress, the kind she might have chosen herself if tonight were not a special occasion. The fabrics were nice as well, the sort of light and silken things that floated prettily when you twirled around the room. But while it was not, thank the Gods, a ballgown, it had the metalwork and embroidery to make it utterly too fancy to wear to the intimate get-together of close friends and family she’d requested for her 18th birthday. Her Grandmother, just as she’d feared, had given her a dress that made this party an event that required members of society to come and attend. 

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WORTH THE HYPE: Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder

When I first tried this product I really wasn’t a fan and couldn’t for the life of me figure out why it was getting so much hype. I was kicking myself for splashing out money on what I classed as a “overpriced” face powder, it looked nice on my skin, but I thought that in no way justified the price. That was until, I wore it once when in a photo. I couldn’t figure out why my skin looked so fresh, airbrushed and glowy until I remembered I’d put some of this on to “use it up because I spent so much money on it” and now it’s one of my favourite products. The powder is really finely milded (so it doesn’t look cakey) and sets foundation beautifully in place (plus it works beautifully as a eyeshadow and subtle highlighter) I absolutely love this powder and after seeing how beautiful it made my skin look in photographs I 100% think this is worth the money.

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Softly diffused winged eyeliner!

I love to sport a diffused winged liner with top & bottom lashes, and minimal face makeup for a subtle glam look. 
Many of our female celebs are photographed on the red carpet wearing what appears to be minimal makeup, yet they still look manage to look glam - how? Well it’s all about the eyes!
If you take a closer look, they usually have on a nude / subtle shimmery eyeshadow with winged eyeliner & lashes, and minimal face makeup.
Such celebrities include Kim Kardashian, Angelina Jolie, Emma Stone and iconic model, Kate Moss

The above image is a close-up of my eye makeup from a recent tutorial I created - ‘Diffused Winged Liner with Bright Lips’ 
You can either wear this eye makeup with a nude lip for that celeb inspired subtle glam look, or swipe on a bright Coral colour to bring some Summer fun to your face. 

If you would like to see how to recreate this beautiful eyeliner, then go checkout my ’Diffused Winged Eyeliner’ tutorial on my channel.  

I’m wearing Velour Lashes in ’Doll Me Up’ for my top set. And ’Keep It On Low’ for my bottom set. You can use discount code ‘SHONAGHVELOUR’ for 15% off at the Velour checkout (excluding Cluster-holics, Custom lashes, Red boxes and Lash sticks)

lovecakes24  asked:

What type of makeup would you recommend for beginners? Also any beginner makeup tips? Thanks!

Hello :)

I’ll list a few tips off the top of my head but for more in depth posts for beginners check out some posts like my Makeup Starter Kit and more posts like that in my Makeup Tips link here

Less is more. When first starting out it’s easy to over apply makeup, apply too much blush, put on too much foundation. Start with really thin, even layers of everything until you become more comfortable with applying makeup. And start slow! Don’t try to commit to a full face of makeup every day. Ease your way into products starting with powder then foundation then lipstick, etc. Take your time!

Go for subtle colors. In the beginning stick with lighter and easy to wear colors. Maybe try to avoid bright red lipstick and blue eyeshadow. Subtle shades and neutral tones will be easier to work with and won’t be as noticeable if you happen to mess up or not blend something out all the way. 

Do you research/know your skin type. Try to avoid blind buying! It’s easy as a beginner to shell out a bunch of money on products to find one that works for you. Instead of trying out a bunch of products going through trial and error do you research before buying a product. Get familiar with your skin type and skin tone and learn what works for you. Read reviews and see if other people with similar skin type and tone like the product. Reading reviews also prevent you from buying a crappy product.

Watch Youtube tutorials. How cool is it that we can watch skilled makeup professionals/individuals apply makeup step by step? Find some girls/guys on youtube who make video tutorials and observe! Watch how and where they apply blush and how they blend out eyeshadow and try practicing it out on yourself!

Best of luck! I know starting out with makeup seems pretty intense and a little terrifying but once you get the hang of it, it will be super fun and satisfying! XO :)