subtle ceiling

Slowly getting into my old/new groove of zine making and overall output for people to interact with+buy. My online shop is so neglected and full of cobwebs- I’m gonna open a fresh new store very soon with shirts, zines, packages, and other items that will actually be in stock lol. Also I’m so sorry to folks over the years who’ve asked me for tattoo drawings that I’ve kinda just flaked on- as my art practice evolves so do my habits and work ethic. I’m getting my shit together as we speak.

Outwardly, it may look like I’m struggling to keep up everyday, cause tbh I am. It may seem like I’m out of communication and isolated due to my depression, cause I am. But what isn’t being seen by anyone, is my private internal struggle and fight, everyday, to better myself from the inside out. It is a real test to unlearn and to let joy take up as much space as your pain. It is not easy to enjoy my moments and be present- to form boundaries between myself and forces that harm/drain me- to enjoy my life and be the best version of myself I am capable of. But, I am working every single day on this project- the project of me coming home to myself. Because tbh, this is the biggest and largest project I’ve ever been assigned and it will continue for the rest of my life.