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12. XXY (Lucía Puenzo, 2007)

Pretty and devastating in equal measures. All the characters have to do is pull a face–fuck, the guy playing Álvaro just has to give the camera a glance–and my heart shatters. It’s not that it is a sad film, though there are certainly sad moments, even as it ends on an almost optimistic note, yet the only word I can seem to think of is “devastating.” It’s probably because of this, which somehow hit me hardest in an hour and a half full of moments meant to hit hard:

Álvaro: Do you like me?
Álvaro’s dad: You’re my son.
Álvaro: Let’s cut the crap and talk seriously.
Álvaro’s dad: …Kind of.

I ended up saying “Oh, no” aloud to my television screen at that.

(Maria’s movie club pick #1 of 2011)