Decided to translate the trailer as it didn’t have too hard Japanese, and I wanted to compare the script with the original English script.

I actually have a video with soft subs but because it wouldn’t show up on Youtube, I used the caption system instead.

Also some parts went by really fast so if any of you notice mistakes please tell me :P. I’m always open to criticism.

myminyoongi  asked:

I have seen subtitles to Jungkookie mission gifs that i suspect are innacurate. The subtiltes of the gifs show that the mission was to say jimin is handsome until he says" thank you". In fact, it was to have jimin to say "thank you", then jungkook decided to say he's handsome. Am I correct?

I think you’re correct, yeah, that the mission was only to get Jimin to say “thank you”. They didn’t specifically tell him how to do it. Kookie chose to try to get Jimin to say thank you by complementing him. 

And then after the first time, in which he completed his mission in 3 seconds, he decided to to try get Jimin to say thank you…again…still by complementing him. Obviously he knew it wasn’t going to work twice, but he kept going with the complements.

You know me. I think he did it because he wanted to see that smile. He wanted to see Jimin get all flustered and worked up. Well, real mission accomplished ^.^