Höhere Erträge bei Trockenheit / Improving crop yields under dry conditions by BASF - The Chemical Company on Flickr.

The world’s population is growing constantly. According to the UN, by 2050 the world will have to meet the nutritional needs of 9 billion people. Corn, soybeans, wheat and rice are important staples of their diet. Meeting this growing need will require increasing agricultural productivity from crop land already in production. One way to do this is to minimize the impact of environmental factors such as drought that can lead to poor crop growth or even failed harvests.
While plants can be selected to tolerate adverse environmental conditions through breeding, it could take decades to achieve this goal. Plant biotechnology offers better opportunities for speeding up this process and more importantly, making it more target focused. By introducing selected gene sequences, scientists are trying to improve crop traits. Researchers have successfully inserted such a gene, called cspB, originally from the Bacillus subtilis bacterium, into the genome of corn plants. This gene reduces the impact of drought stress on yields. In collaboration with Monsanto, BASF scientists are using proprietary technology to study the cspB-containing corn plants. When crops grow healthier with less water, it’s because at BASF, we create chemistry.
Magnification 280:1 (bei 12 cm in width)

Gram stain of the Bacillus subtilis bacteria. It is a gram positive rod, if you look closely you can see what appear to be bubbles in the cell. That is the endospore. The endospore is nearly impossible to kill and allows the bacteria to survive in harsh conditions. #bacillus #subtilis #bacteria #grampositive #gramstain #endospore #science #micro #microlab #microbiology #pathogenicmicro #microscope #microscopy #survival #instagood #latergram #rods (at Quinnipiac University)

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Used short chain fatty acids (butanoic) to kill an entire bacterial load within 24 hours. Fatty acids are organic chemicals that can completely break down and be reutilized by their environment; what we’re hoping will be a safer, smarter, alternative to harsh chemicals that cause harm to our environment. @microlaboratory @microbiology_microbiology @biology_is_life @bioknow #microbiology #micro #fattyacids #lab #bacteria #bacillus #subtilis (at United States Military Academy)

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Testing the #hemolytic ability of Bacillus subtilis. For some reason, our lab strain was producing a weak beta, which is silly because Bacillus subtilis is an environmental bacteria with no reason to lyse red blood cells. #micro #microlab #microbiology #science #life #instagood #latergram #laboratory #strain #bacillus #subtilis #bacteria #bacterialcolony #bloodagarplate #BAP (at Quinnipiac University)

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Doc, l'enterogermina di preciso a cosa serve?

A dare del lavoro in più all’antibiotico che stai prendendo, che oltre ad uccidere i patogeni responsabili della tua malattia deve pure sterminare il Bacillo subtilis ivi contenuto.

We declare war, your majesty !

The Edwardian’s is the last hurrah and luxury before the Great War (1914-1918). Sebastian Michaelis’s new style opens the manga for the new century.
Nina Hopkins dressing Sebastian Michaelis with new outfit is clearly an open window that we are changing century. Following Prince Albert’s death in 1861, Queen Victoria plunged into mourning and wore black for the rest of her life. The fashion trends followed. This fashion era were called Men’s Early Victorian clothing caracterized by dresssing austere and wearing black for the most part.
As the Victorian Era came to a close and power passed to Prince Edward VII, an unmatched age of elegance and over-the-top opulence ensued. The fashion trends follows the super empire of the United Kingdom successfully reinvinting itself with industrialization.
So, when Nina Hopkins dresses Sebastian Michaelis with Edwardian clothes, Yana Toboso is subtily making her manga and her characters entering in the new century and with this, developing new topics and arcs. We already encoutered the premise of the First World War with the Emerald Witch Arc (the mention of the German artillery compared to England and a Ciel Phantomhive visibly worried about the power of England to maintain its position of leader of the world).
So, what will offer the Blue Cult arc what does Bravat is conducting behind the shining and “happiness” of the Sphere Music-Hall ?

Wanna know more about Victorian men’s fashion ?

Mannitol Salt Agar test for Bacillus subtilis. Should have been #positive for #mannitol #fermentation #MSA #micro #microlab #microbiology #bacteria #bacterialcolony #instagood #pink #plates #science #streak #bacillus #subtilis #bacillussubtilius #grampositive #rods (at Quinnipiac University)

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