subtext galore

I still get a chuckle over these ~representative shippers using the over-used words like “subtex” and “layers” to justify why Dean is a closeted bisexual.  So Sam doesn’t have ……. “layers”?

Speaking as a Dean girl, I think Sam has layers and subtext galore.  He isn’t a flat person who is a pure cinnamon roll that vomits rainbows and sunbeam, he is selfless who does acts selfishly in some situations. but in situations where it really matters he is selfless.  Sam is a complicated character who started out a scared boy fighting to be good when every instinct told him he was not pure or good.  Through the long varied years he devotes himself to Dean while lying to Dean because he likes the illusion that his dark power gives him control for the first time in his life.  That all ended terribly for Sam but instead of wallowing in self pity he showed how strong he is by willing to forgive those who did him terrible wrong all his life (from his mother who sold him to a demon to his father who should have been a parent, etc), but he can’t apply the same principle on himself. He suffers for all the times he let the world and Dean down and he carried it heavily on his shoulders. 

Sam is freakishly strong, he takes so much and still keeps going.  And when he can’t take it anymore, people tend to blame him because we’re so used to him being the strong one in faith, tenacity, and resolve.  When he broke down in season 8 he just couldn’t take it anymore, he had survived Hell, endured God knows torture, fought his way through coma-inducing mental illness, the Leviathans, lost Dean, only to find out he once again let Dean down and was thrown in his face that a monster who only knew Dean a short time was a better brother than he.  And Sam broke.  Then he lashed out, showing that he is not merely the boy with the demon blood or the boy who saved the world, he is also the angry son, the jealous brother, the kid with no mother, a young man who lost his girlfriends, a college boy who saw his hard-won dreams literally go up in flames, a hunter whose grief drives to revenge and forgiveness.

Oh yeah Sam has many layers because his personality is complex as if he was real.  Sometimes he is driven by emotion and acts stupidly and impulsively.   Sometimes he acts ridiculously noble because his soul is so beautiful despite everything he has been through.  He lost everything that he has loved and yet he still take small joys in everyday life just because his  brother is by his side. We watch Sam grow and become a man through all that suffering and pain and watch him still fighting.