subterranean cities


Prepare yourself to soar through the fairy tale landscape of majestic Cappadocia in a spellbinding new video experience from Turkish Airlines and renowned filmmaker Rob Whitworth.

Experience the towering fairy chimney formations, immense subterranean cities, stone-carved mansions, and inimitable cultural energy that make Cappadocia one of the world’s most unforgettable travel destinations.

Shot in the filmmaker’s signature flow motion style, the video takes viewers on a time-distorting, gravity-defying tour of Cappadocia’s unique natural and manmade attractions, while immersed in a lyrical narrative of the region’s cultural and historical pedigree. Filmed in brilliant 4K resolution using cutting-edge hyperlapse techniques, the video presents one of Turkish Airline’s most amazing destinations as it has never been seen before.
These strange, subterranean cities are eerily like our own. But they’re ruled by ants.
Smithsonian entomologist Ted Schultz went looking for the secrets of farming ants — and wound up learning a thing or two about humans.

Tens of thousands of farmers tend to a vast garden beneath the earth. Nurses care collectively for the community’s kids. Sanitation workers scurry around the subterranean city, meticulously scouring it of waste and weeds; the unwanted material is then carried to a garbage dump far away. Jobs in this society are assigned at birth on the basis of the individual’s size and shape. But all members serve at the will of their queen…