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  • Random person A :So what are your hobbies?
  • Me :Oh, the usual. I like to think of painful scenarios and hurtful ideas then project it onto fictional characters I love through my writing so that I could feel the pain and share it to other people.
  • Random person A :
  • Me :But I also like to imagine fluffy and heartwarming scenarios where those fictional characters are healthy and happy with the people they cherish so that people could look at another characterization of them.
  • Random person A :
  • Random person A :You are a person with peculiar hobbies
  • Me :Yes. Yes I am.

i was subtagged by @softlarrielove ilu !

Wake up time: that’s very relative. if school starts at 9am i’ll get up at 8. if it starts at 12.30 i get up at 11.30. if it’s weekend i get up at 2pm. 
Coke or Pepsi: coke !!
Call or text: TEXTS. calls are Terrifyign
Chapstick or lipstick: varies
Last song I listened to: horns - bryce fox (this song birthed me)
Nickname: mostly em/emi n it’s only on here :’) no one irl calls me by any nicknames unless they wanna make me Cringe 
Height: 5′8-ish ???/173 cm
Hogwarts house: ravenclaw ,
Average hours of sleep: either like 30min or 12h
Lucky number: i dnt ,,. have one
Last thing I googled: ancient greek calligraphy
Favorite characters: UM,,..,,. to mention a few connor walsh, hailey dunphy, magnus bane, santana lopez, and of course, as always, shrek,
How many blankets do I sleep with: currently 3. during winter it’s usually 5. i’m Cold
Favorite bands/artists: one direction, halsey, troye sivan, walk the moon, daughter, sleeping at last, smallpools
Dream job: writer !!!!!!! but i love a lot of different things i lvoe art n music i’d love to work with that too n i’d also happily go to law school if my mental health was better rip
Current outfit: hood jacket, black t-shirt, black skinny jeans, black socks, black soul,
Do I get asks on a daily basis: NO i do get them sometimes tho n my heart goes warm every time :’)
Reasons for my url: ok i’ve read more than once in fics abt louis having a desire to do tequila shots out of harry’s dimples n. i’m not that big on tequila but i wholeheartely agree with that sentiment
What is the colour and style of your hair: it’s a faded purple/blue/turquoise (i’m gna bleach very soon) n currently the hairstyle is somewhere between unapologetic gay and suburban mom (also gettin a haircut very soon)
What color are your eyes? green !
Do you wear glasses? no but i shld., 
Do you have braces? no but i had the chance to get them when i was like 10 n i didn’t want them. i regret it now 
What is your fashion sense? GAY with a side of “i slept in this”
Any siblings? ye a lil brother n a lil sister
What kind of student were you at school? overly ambitious perfectionist/anxious procrastinator
Favourite subjects? it fluctuates between my languages but atm i think it’s english ! n french is also pretty fun right now (shocking l y)
Favourite tv shows: modern family, scream, shadowhunters, glee (season 1 - 3), how to get away with murder, so many others that deserve to be mentioned but i’m Laziness
Favourite pastime: writing when it Works, watching tv shows, sleeping,
Any regrets? ………….. yeah ? 
Do you want to get married? eh :///// 
Do you want to have kids? mayb idk rn!! i don’t wanna giv birth tho
How many countries have you visited?
Do you have any enemies? um,,. i’m a libra,,., ppl disliking me makes me wanna D*e…,., 
Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend right now? no !! i’m just livin my life. alone. loving my friends n my dog a whole lot. 

i tag @@henrie-and-louie @calmfairy @zourrygf @htmlcactus @stressedangel @kinkykale @peachteari @darkskylouis @hescurly @ everyone in my gcs !!!!! just say i tagged u if u wanna do it tbh i lvoe all of u