The Crystal Temp

With Pearl temporarily knocked out of action with a rare Gem sickness, Peridot calls in a few favors from her old temp agency on Homeworld to hire a substitute Crystal Gem: Yellow Pearl. Can the group learn to coexist with their replacement Pearl, or will her infernal snarkiness be too much to handle?

Ok so here’s a little snippet I just had to draw of Evadahe’s backstory. Now listen her mother is Samahl Erahan, keeper of clan Erahan but her birth parents are quite different. On the left we have Tallis, no birth name known, and Nephela.

Her father (Tallis) is qunari (Rivaini/Antivan Dalish heritage) and her mother (Nephela) is of Rivaini heritage but is a Tevinter slave. “How did Evadahe end up with clan Erahan?” You might wonder. Ah. That’s a story I will tell soon enough. (BTW her dad might wear something that looks like vitaar but it’s not actually vitaar as it’s poisonous to anyone not of the qunari race. But I’m pretty sure they have a substitute for other members of the Qun.)

I can not emphasize how important this is. Skype does not substitute actually living with the person face to face. FaceTime does not substitute sitting next to a sleeping partner who sleep talks or snores loudly.

You learn so much by being next to your partner, living under the same roof. If they were hiding something from you (personality, quirks, etc), it’s near impossible to hide it once you two are near each other near 24/7.

You see the good, the bad, and the ugly. You see everything.

kidney stones is the most painful fucking thing you can have in your LIFE

also alcohol isn’t a substitute for water, apparently.

being a transgender child is so difficult that children are better off if they learn not to trust themselves or others; become incapacitated by depression and anxiety; and become alienated from their own bodies and emotions. if u disagree you are probably an activist with firsthand experience of the effects of repression and firsthand experience is no substitute for the certainty that comes from being a straight white cis man with a degree. I am more compassionate than you misguided assholes
—  ken zucker
I taught 7th grade today

“Taught” is an exaggeration. 

I helped a 7th grade teacher with her classes today. I have not taught 7th grade before, and I have not taught with a coteacher. They mostly had a workday, reviewing recently-learned concepts, like how to infer meaning from a news article and how to cite textual evidence that gave you information. 

I had a really good day. I got a grasp of the assignment, circled around the room and answered/triaged questions and helped with classroom management (keeping kids on task and preventing Behaviors). 

I endlessly love meeting people. This is a surprise to me. There has always been a voice in me saying I hated people. Now I realize that, coming from a solitary childhood, I was often uncomfortable around people and unsure how to behave. Over the years I have figured out how to behave, really pressed up against boundaries on that one, but I am still often unsure. And who isn’t. 

So far I have taught 

Kindergarten (one half hour of music class only)
1st grade (one afternoon as a classroom teacher, a couple days involving art and music)
2nd grade
3rd grade
4th grade
5th grade
6th grade
7th grade
9th grade
10th grade
11th grade

And they have all been my favorite (though I will not touch kindergarten classroom teaching and will avoid 1st grade). I have loved meeting every single one of these students, and aides, and teachers, and administrators, and librarians. 

I enjoy working with students to explain concepts and check for their understanding. I love answering questions like, “How will this help us in real life?” A girl asked that today, a sharp girl, asking in earnesty. She looked mostly convinced by my assertion that practicing making inferences about texts will help her summarize and talk about what she reads, look for other meanings, and read a text more deeply. I hope I used more accessibly language than that. 

I am really worried I will want to go to school and become a teacher. And then I’ll do it, and I’ll hate it. I’ll quit and then I’ll have had to quit a thing and call it a mistake. I’m also worried I should go to school and become a teacher, and that I’m avoiding it because it seems like work. 

And that’s just it. I went into art because I think it’s important, and I can draw, and because I don’t think having a Job is any way to live. Almost every job or career I’ve considered has a capitalist ick to it and I come from a priviledge that has allowed me to mostly avoid that ick.

But teaching is important. And teaching isn’t a Job. Teaching is good and whole and essential to any society – perhaps ours most of all. 

Took the math part of the practice test for the CBEST and got a 94%. I’m comfortable with my writing and reading skills to not have to take a practice test.
I’ll be a substitute teacher in no time haha
While I do grad school and all.

Vegan  Cauliflower Pizza crust recipe

Click the link above for the original recipe. This can be made into a 100% vegan and totally syn free pizza! You can of course use your favourite vegan cheese substitute to top and add a few more syns if you wish.

*hints & tips* 

Always substitute cooking oil for fry light & if using tomato puree to top make sure it’s the oil free kind to make it syn free.

Here are some cheese substitute syn values to help you along:

Cheezly - Edam, Mozzarella, Pepper Jack, Blue Cheese & Cheddar style are 3.5 syns per 25g. 

theamazingdalet asked:

Hi! I have a really easy udon noodle soup recipe, but now I'm soy (and lactose) intolerant. I find every soy sauce substitute is either ~6 not-cheap ingredients I never buy otherwise, or something like fish sauce (I'm vegetarian). I only need 1 tbsp for a week's worth of meals, and it was always my least fave ingredient anyways (I make it rather sweet). it's not worth it to turn a low spoons recipe into an expensive, high spoons one. Is there really nothing I can just toss in 1:1? Thank you!

Im not sure personally, perhaps someone who follows will know?

-head mod

Manipulation theory implies a psychology, but this is all very well and good: Brecht taught us that under the right circumstances you could remake anybody over into anything you liked (Mann ist Mann), only he insisted on the situation and the raw materials fully as much or more than on the techniques. Perhaps the key problem about the concept, or pseudoconcept, of manipulation can be dramatized by juxtaposing it to the Freudian notion of repression.

The Freudian mechanism, indeed, comes into play only after its object – trauma, charged memory, guilty or threatening desire, anxiety – has in some way been aroused, and risks emerging into the subject’s consciousness. Freudian repression is therefore determinate, it has specific content, and may even be said to be something like a “recognition” of that content which expresses itself in the form of denial, forgetfulness, slip, mauvaise foi, displacement, substitution, or whatever. But of course the classical Freudian model of the work of art (as of the dream or the joke) was that of the symbolic fulfillment of the repressed wish, of a complex structure of indirection whereby desire could elude the repressive censor and achieve some measure of a to be sure purely symbolic satisfaction. A more recent “revision” of the Freudian model, however – Norman Holland’s The Dynamics of Literary Response – proposes a scheme more useful for our present problem, which is to conceive how (commercial) works of art can possibly be said to “manipulate” their publics. For Holland, the psychic function of the work of art must be described in such a way that these two inconsistent and even incompatible features of aesthetic gratification – on the one hand, its wish-fulfilling function, but on the other the necessity that its symbolic structure protect the psyche against the frightening and potentially damaging eruption of powerful archaic desires and wish-material – be somehow harmonized and assigned their place as twin drives of a single structure. Hence Holland’s suggestive conception of the vocation of the work of art to manage this raw material of the drives and the archaic wish or fantasy material. To rewrite the concept of a management of desire in social terms now allows us to think repression and wish-fulfillment together within the unity of a single mechanism, which gives and takes alike in a kind of psychic compromise or horse-trading, which strategically arouses fantasy content within careful symbolic containment structures which defuse it, gratifying intolerable, unrealizable, properly imperishable desires only to the degree to which they can again be laid to rest. 

Fredric Jameson, “Reification and Utopia in Mass Culture,” Social Text, No. 1 (Winter 1979), pp. 140-1 (x)

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Germany: Gang threatens to kill "Israelis"

Via Everyday Antisemitism, RIAS:

RIAS have reported a gang traveling the Berlin underground on the evening of 15th January, making loud, aggressive, murderous declarations about “all Israelis”.

The person reporting the incident encountered the gang at Tempelhof underground and overground station. They remarked that the gang was so loud and aggressive, being in the vicinity felt physically threatening.

The gang continued their tirade against the people of Israel at volume, shouting, “I f*** Israel,” and “I f*** every Israeli.” One added, “I’ll push them onto the tracks.”

Increasingly, “Israeli” or “Zionist” is being substituted for “Jew” in violent attacks.

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The New Antisemite:

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Who did Starscream's preening while y'all were on the Nemesis?

Oh, you can have it done automatically – any decent washracker with a drier will have the option. But there’s just no substitute for a living, ventilating set of hands.

I offered. He accepted. That was that.