substitute of zeus

Review: The Substitute of Zeus - Demo

The Substitute of Zeus is an upcoming visual novel by Team DS (Doh//ド Sadistic). They are a team of Korean indie game-makers who would like to release your inner sadist. >_> ahah, umm, I took that from their web so forgive me. They have an English Tumblr as well as a Naver blog.

The Story:

You play as Young-Un (name changeable) who has been abducted by the Head Honcho of Olympus and has to be a substitute while Zeus settle things (monsters appearing) because Zeus couldn’t keep his toga tied to his body. 

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Had enough time to have a play through the prologue of the new Korean otome game demo of Substitute of Zeus! Very excited to get stuck into the game tomorrow on my day off.

The art is beautiful and I like how it seems to reappropriate Greek mythology. Another excellent thing is that rather than your standard visual novel the scenes are actually quite dynamic. As things are being described you can actually see them happening in an almost pop-up book manner. Arrows glow, characters actually move to their actions and tentacles flail. Very good stuff! I’m sure once I’m done with the demo I’ll be dying for full release.

Definitely try out the demo for yourself if you get the time! You may be pleasantly surprised.

So I played the Demo of Substitute of Zeus last night and It’s so good. All the guys are cute and hot and sweet all at the same time (Even Apollo after he stops being an a–) and I like the player character unlike most Otome games.

So glad that it's Young-un Lim going through this and not me… other wise my meeting with Poseidon would be really awkward…

Anyways… we must never forget the dating order of the game… Poseidon,  Poseidon,  Poseidon,  Poseidon,  Poseidon,  Poseidon,  Poseidon,  Poseidon.

sort of playing Substitute of Zeus

I played the prologue and…initial chapters and I just lost it at the ‘Laputa’ reference. Then I had to return to the reality of being a teacher. LOL

So far…they have the more traditional, not too in depth view of ze Greek Gods. Zeus is pretty hot by the way with minimal, if any, changes. 


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I swear to god I shouldn’t be allowed to play Otome games. I am currently playing the Demo for substitute of Zeus and let me tell you, even though this guy is mostly shrouded in darkness he looks FINE. I legit said DAMN SON~, when I saw Zeus’ image (above). 

I shouldn’t like him but damn, I am a sucker for men with long hair in games and shirtless guys and almost always end up going for them. Apollo and Poseidon are on my list when the game is released! <3