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Based off a really dumb conversation with my brother that ended in the most serious art I’ve done in a while, which is sad, but I still really really like these haha.


You’re a monster
But I have tamed you

Or have I become one too?

The Substance of Joshaya

Every episode of GMW that Uriah Shelton is in results significant Joshaya moments.  It is crazy how much substance Josh and Maya’s relationship has with the limited interaction they have been given.  Let’s examine this shall we?

1. Girl Meets Home For the Holidays: The attraction beings for both of them. Josh even calls Maya gorgeous, which if you ask me is a strong word to describe someone, so the fact that he did so speaks volumes.  I mean, he could have easily said “You grew up well” or “You grew up pretty” but he didn’t.  He CHOSE to say gorgeous because that’s how he sees her…because he LIKES her.

2. Girl Meets Game Night: Maya tells Josh that she is in it for the long game…AND HE SMILES!  She understands that nothing can happen between them now because he is three years older but she assures him she’s not giving up on him…or them rather….so easily.  She has hope.  And Josh’s response?  He smiles!  Why? Because he is glad that she is not giving up…because he LIKES her. 

3. Girl Meets First Date: Josh gets shot down by an older girl.  Maya comforts Josh.  Josh realizes how Maya feels being on the younger side of the age gap and learns that it isn’t easy.  They then proceed to have one of their first real conversations and Josh just can’t help but give her one of his charming boyish grins…because he LIKES her.

4. Girl Meets the Tell-Tale-Tot: Maya tells Josh flat-out that she likes him and lists specific reasons why.  Moreover, she clarifies more than once that she knows what she feels and that it is NOT a crush.  In the end, Josh realizes that Maya may be younger, but she isn’t so little anymore and promises to see for the person she is from now on and does so with yet another sweet smile because, you got it, he LIKES her.  This is undoubtedly a turning point in their relationship, and I, for one, can’t wait to see what happens next.

So, notice any patterns?  I have.  Maya always makes an effort to explore and expand her relationship with Josh and makes her feelings clear, and it always ends with one of Josh’s special, lingering smiles.  He gives her those special smiles because she is special in his eyes.  Moreover, because it is all he feels he can really offer her without making things weird and perhaps inappropriate, though it really wouldn’t be until he turns 18, but he wouldn’t dare start something he couldn’t finish.  Anyway, that’s a whole other thing.  My point is…she obviously cares about him, and he cares about her too (just in a less obvious way) and as a result the relationship that has developed between them has this certain depth…this substance.  Jacobs is laying down a great foundation for them, and I love it because, as you know, the things that last longer and stand stronger are the things with solid foundations underneath.

All in all, I am eagerly looking forward to their future interactions in Girl Meets the New Year and beyond.  Maya Hart and Joshua Matthews have a story-line that is truly one-of-a-kind and I can’t wait to see where it goes! :)

Ellie requested a move-in fic including the line “Buy a fucking clue Griffin and move in with me.” It’s short and something UBER SWEET before whatever the fuck happens tomorrow night. modern au. 1200~ish words

 Bellamy stumbled over Clarke’s bag, again. This was a regular thing. It was dark when Bellamy went to work and he did his best not to wake her but her shit was everywhere. Bellamy was organized and neat and Clarke was…well, her mother had said, “she’s an artist Bellamy, she’s just not bothered by the chaos.” It was one thing (okay, the only thing) that he and Abby had bonded over.

Clarke was a slob. 

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Genre: Angst, Substance abuse.

Member: Jimin x Reader.

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Plot: You were different, until you were the same.

A/N: Inspired by Halsey’s Colors.

You met in the back of an alley way, the crowded club becoming too much for the ache in your head so you slipped out for a breather.

He was leaning against a brick wall, his foot propped up to keep himself balanced, as if he was a star in some 80’s movie, a cigarette between his slender fingers, breathing out wisps of silver grey smoke that danced its way through the air before disappearing into the night. Leaning his head back against the brick, looking at the sky in awe as if it was full of secrets that only he knew.

His hair a bright shade of orange shaved underneath the messy locks that stuck to his forehead, he wore a navy leather jacket and blue jeans, his t-shirt and boots both black, his wardrobe clearly showing his colourful side.

“Are you willing to share that?” You spoke up.

He whipped his head towards you.

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[Images shows the emission spectra of different elements, which manifest as bright lines on a dull rainbow background from violet all the way to red. The bright emission lines for each element is unique like a bar code. Some elements have one or two emission lines, others have several.]

I FIGURED OUT HOW TO EXPLAIN THE AUTISM SPECTRUM! Listen up and make sure you reblog this!

Each chemical element, when heated so that it gives off light, yields a different series of lines in a spectrum. The position of the lines and the patterns they form in the spectrum of a particular substance can yield many kinds of information about the substance. (X)

It’s been widely known autism is called a spectrum, yet people constantly misunderstand it to mean people are in one place or another on that spectrum depending on how they’re affected by it and/or their ability to “pass” as neurotypical or allistic. 

THE TRUTH IS AUTISTIC PEOPLE ARE ALL ON THE SAME PLACE ON THE SPECTRUM! The only difference is the patterns of our spectral lines. Autistic people are an infinite Periodic Table of possibilities. 

AMERICA CHAVEZ | Miss America | Lesbian

America is just your average teenage girl capable of kicking her way through the multiverse. Her other powers include flight, speed, invulnerability, and a mean uppercut. After her mothers sacrificed their lives, America ran away from her Utopian (seemingly all-lesbian) home to become a superhero.

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A six-issue run following America’s time as co-leader of the Teen Brigade.


After parting ways with the Teen Brigade, America teams up with the Young Avengers to keep an eye on Loki.


“The last gasp of a dying molecule, collected for eternity in the form of a diffraction pattern,” is how one commenter described the image above. Scientists can get a detailed picture of a molecule’s structure with a technique called X-ray diffraction. The repeating arrangement of atoms in an ordered crystal of any given substance diffracts X-rays into a characteristic pattern. With that pattern in hand, crystallographers calculate atomic structure. In the pattern above, however, a coolant failure destroyed the crystal in the middle of data collection, with extraordinary—but scientifically useless—results.

Credit: Aaron Finke

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