subspace purse


I’ve been working on my Subspace Suitcase the last few days. So far so good. The star is pinned down and will be next to get sewn on. I have the lining sewn together and I will be putting that in soon. I just need to get one of those things you put on purse straps to adjust the length. I also think I need to put some cardboard inside to help stabilize it and have it keep the round shape. So far so good though. =)

Operation Cosplay: Ramona Flowers

Making headway on Subspace purse and Hammer.

Subspace purse:

  • I accidentally picked a darker blue and pink..but they work. so I am happy.
  • There’s more done to the purse than the picture shows..I just didn’t take a photo. 


  • AHH our problematic friend.
  • well, as you can basically looks like a hammer. As it should.
  • however, I am having painting issues with this stupid thing. The bits where I had to cut on the foam are proving to be difficult to paint.
  • I’ve tried duct tape…it looks stupid.
    we’ll see what happens I guess.