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Hi fellow autistic people– I’m looking for some input.

My upcoming Star Trek fic is going to have a captain (and probably other characters) who are autistic.

What kind of futuristic accomodations/accessibility things would you want to see on a starship? 

Here’s the list I’ve got so far:

  • comfort objects and stim toys are normalized
  • security/perimeter alerts don’t screech
  • subspace messages/comm’s have automatic subtitles
  • wicked good noise cancelling headphones
  • projectable visual schedules

whydotheykeeptakingmine  asked:

❎//for the headcannons meme, it's the closest one I had

1. Long before Spock introduces Isiah to his parents, Amanda is already taking notes on him. After every subspace message and call from Spock, Amanda would add a couple of notes to her book about the mystery man person man. Occasionally, Amanda reviews her notes with Sarek, pacing around their bedroom and railing at every inconsistency. “I know this is all one person, Sarek. I know it. Spock is happy. He’s found someone.” When she finally meets Isiah, she’s both relieved and has a book full of notes on her new child-in-law’s favorite things. 

2. Amanda loves seeing her grandbabies, but she also has a secret penchant for schadenfreude. When she’s called in to help, sometimes she deliberately delays getting to their home just so she can walk in on the chaotic scenes that only Vulcan toddlers can create. She strolls through a debris-filled room of toys, bottle bits, discarded socks, and crumbs like Wonder Woman crossing a battlefield, enjoying how frustrated her grandchildren can make their parents a little more than necessary. (The first time Sarek reminds her that Izz is Betazed and can almost certainly tell how she is feeling, Amanda is mortified.)

3. As cosmopolitan and well-traveled as Amanda is, she really shouldn’t have a problem remembering that Isiah is half-Betazed. Mentally, she imagines that he is human, and often treats him as if they are both human. All of the very human observations and musings Amanda has had over a lifetime living in a Vulcan family—which, because of how encompassing Vulcan privacy is, were things she couldn’t share with anyone before—all now come out to her child-in-law. She considers Isiah her emotional conspirator and, when all four of them are together (Sarek, Amanda, Spock, and Isiah), Amanda talks to Isiah like he is the only one who could every understand her lifetime of frustration with Vulcan logic.


aw man i just made the mistake of rewatching “Lower Decks” and I’m crying and you know what fuck this no, Ensign Sito’s not dead, that’s just not fair

i need a fix-it fic of her showing up at DS9 YEARS later in some battered, MacGyver’d Cardassian shuttle, completely beaten and bruised but alive and kicking with all her Bajoran Anger, and she’s just like BITCH, YOU THOUGHT 

Picard gets a very tired subspace message from DS9 and it’s just Sito saying “Reporting for duty, captain.”

And Worf, oh man, Worf would bear hug her the moment she set foot on DS9 because her last words to him were “I’ll see you soon” with this tiny precious smile and I’ll just be over in the corner of denial don’t touch me

OMG!TrekPlease (Pt 2)

Again for @gadelingsofthegalaxy​ because I’m thankful for her and her friendship and the fact that it all started with a Star Trek AU.

(This is most self indulgent Star Trek OMGCP TRASH and this is all I have written, but hopefully I’ll have more coming up.)

  • Ransom and Holst’er graduate, Ransom goes into his speciality training at Starfleet Med and Holst’er takes on a teaching position at the academy, waiting for the ship he was assigned to be refitted in space dock.
  • Time passes. On his next tour Jack is bumped up to first officer of the USS Providence under the exuberant Captain Alexi Mashkov.
    • Or “Call me Captain Tater!”
      • Jack doesn’t know where that came from, but okay.
  • The squad is all dispersed and keeps up over group messages and subspace calls. It’s rough but they survive.
    • Well until Jack gets promoted to Captain and is given the newly built USS Samwell.

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