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Thanks for that Poor MMB - How dare Norman not defend his grown friend post. Now I know who to block in the MMB/ Carol fandom. I adore both, but you subset of crazy fans who try to wrap feminism around every single post about Daryl, Carol and the actors who play them is ridiculous. Use it for a cause that matters- not a tv show. Have you written your letter to TR today? No? Have you donated to Model Alliance? Didn't think so. Blogging about what should be done on tumblr doesn't count. At all.

Have you contacted Jessica Valenti about the fact that blogging about feminism doesn’t count? Or Anita Sarkeesian? Or Helen Lewis? 

Maybe you should also contact all those blogging about Ferguson, or #BlackOut or Leelah’s Law? Let them know blogging about what should be done doesn’t count, tell them all those posts with hundreds of thousands of notes, all the messages saying “signal boost” are meaningless and pointless and have no impact whatsoever? 

I was going to ignore this anon until I realised you were trying to discourage me from blogging about important issues and convince me that words aren’t powerful.

I live a life that means I can’t physically represent feminism as mucha s I’d like. I don’t have the money to financially support feminist causes as much as I’d like. But what I DO have is words. Words that can change the world when they are shared and shared again. 

You know how I KNOW about Terry Richardson’s behaviour? Because someone blogged about it. Their words impacted my life and I was able to educate others about this man, so they too could avoid supporting him, and could then educate others to do the same. Words change lives. Blogs change lives. And for you to claim it doesn’t count, shows how little you understand.

Speaking of which, TV shows don’t matter? Uhura on Star Trek didn’t matter? Nor did Mary Tyler Moore? Or All in the Family? Or Murphy Brown? Or Ellen? Maybe we can bring back Amos and Andy?

EVERYTHING matters and everything counts.

And if you think I haven’t used my blogging time to help ACTUAL women suffering at the hands of the patriarchy, then you haven’t been paying attention.

A taxonomy of popular “Life Hacks”:

1. Gimmicky tricks that are more difficult and expensive in practice than just doing the thing the customary way.

2. Acts of casual sociopathy that will probably result in somebody calling the police if anyone who’s not a white male tries them.

3. Misinformed and occasionally malicious advice that will get you killed if acted upon. (Sometimes a subset of 2, above.)

4. Low-income survival tactics misrepresented as quirky Bohemian affectations so we don’t have to think about why they might be necessary.

5. Painfully obvious viral marketing efforts by predatory gimcrack-peddlers too cheap to shell out for a daytime infomercial.

Dear gender binary people..

The fact that I am wearing a dress today does not mean I’ve become a girl. I was not a boy yesterday when I wore cargo shorts and a polo shirt, either. Fabric, believe it or not, is not inherently gendered. 

Stop telling me I’m supposed to be androgynous, when the problem is not the clothes I wear or the look of my body or the style of my hair, but your refusal to stop unnecessarily declaring some of these things ‘boy’ qualities and some of them 'girl’ qualities.

I am agender. I am agender stark naked, I am agender in a three-piece suit, I am agender in a wedding dress, I am agender no matter what clothes I put on myself.

My gender is independent of how I dress, how I wear my hair, and how feminine or masculine you think my body is.

My gender is independent of your irrelevant ideas about gender being broadcast by things as impermanent as clothing.

My gender is independent of your refusal to accept the existence of people who are not girls, or boys, but merely humans.


Teaching Poetry to Fish

I read this meta post and yeah - “Cas is FINALLY going to successfully teach poetry to a fish!”  HOPEFULLY.

I really hope no angels got stuck in the bodies of children because I don’t think they’d fare very well in the school system.

The Nikki Parker Trope

When a Fat Black Woman is made into an aggressive and hypersexualized predator for comic relief, and has their sexual/romantic agency be mocked, erased and or dehumanized. Fat Black Women aren’t allowed to be seen with sexual agency unless it means them being mocked for it, they’re especially are denied being romanticized and usually have their affections be unrequited. 

Often times in media, whether it be television or movies anytime a Fat Black Woman is made a character she is most likely to be placed in the role of mammy. But sometimes she is placed in the field of a Nikki Parker trope. Which I consider a subset of a Mammy trope.

Where because she is fat and black, what would be normally seen as a seductive, sexy, or flirtatious personality that is romanticized in fiction becomes perceived as desperate, and over aggressive. Like the Mammy trope Fat Black Women’s sexualities, and the privilege of being romanticized is erased, because of their Fatness and being a Black Woman. Any affections that a Fat Black Woman character will feel, or experience is used for comedic effect and is mocked.

I call this the Nikki Parker trope because as a Fat Black Woman her character is the best representation and most popular example of this. Nikki was portrayed as hyperaggressive, she would violate personal boundaries, of Professor Oglevee, she was subjected to verbal abusive behavior from Professor Olgevee. Her aggressive behavior would be used as a way to invalidate her gender, to portray her as a mentally unstable person. Professor Olgevee often refereed to her as “Crazy” “Nutcase” “Psycho” and “Lunatic”. She was fat shamed, and her sex appeal was viewed as disgusting.

This trope perpetuates that not only are Fat Black Women should be mocked for wanting love, but also that the idea of a Fat Black Woman being centered as the romantic lead is nothing sort but absurd. It also promotes the ideal that Fat Black Woman who are confident in themselves are not only delusional, but as being overaggressive for pursuing a romantic, or sexual relationship.

Unlike Fat White Women, they are allowed to be romanced, in fact them being allowed to be sexual, or to be flirtatious is seen as progressive, and feminist. Unlike Fat White Woman their experiences in being fat, and a woman is met with empathy, and compassion. They are allowed to be sexual, and romanced, because it’s feminist.

Some examples are:

  • Melissa McCarthy (Mike & Molly)
  • Rebel Wilson (Pitch Perfect),
  • Christina Hendricks (Mad Men)
  • Lena Dunham (Girls)
  • Sharon Rooney (My Mad Fat Diary)
  • Nikki Blonksy and Ricki Lake (Hairspray)
  • Marissa Jaret Winokur (Beautiful Girl)
  • Toni Collette (Muriel’s Wedding)
  • Roseanne Bar (Roseanne)

Other examples of the Nikki Parker Trope in Media:

  • Kim Parker (Moesha and her crush for Hakeem.)
  • Dijonay Jones (the Proud Family and her crush for Sticky.)
  • Baby Dee (Next Friday, her crush for Craig.)
  • Gail (Jill Scott) (Baggage Claim hypersexualized for comedy.)
  • Coretta Cox (Steve Harvey Show her crush on Romeo.)
  • Ormandy (Deliver Us From Eva hypersexualized for comedy.)
  • Andell Wilkerson (the Parkers hypersexualized and seen as desperate.)
  • Rita (Friday, her romantic attraction to Smokey.)
  • Amber Riley (Glee, her crush on Kurt.)
  • Gabourey Sidibe (AHS:Coven, the Minotaur.)

Positive examples of Fat Black Women in Media being romanced, or sexual affections being acknowledged.

  • Khadjah James (Living Single)
  • Donna Meagle (Parks and Recreation)
  • Jazmin Biltmore (Phat Girlz)
  • Raven Baxter (That’s So Raven.)
  • Leslie Wright (Just Wright.)
  • Francine (Brown Sugar)
  • Gloria Matthews (Waiting to Exhale.)
  • Georgia Byrd (the Last Holiday)
  • Gina Norris (Beauty Shop)  
  • Cleo (Set If Off)
  • *Sheila (Why Did I Get Married.)

I put an asterisk by Sheila because it’s Tyler Perry and his portrayl of Black Women especially Fat Black Women is immensely problematic, but also he did actually have a Fat Black Woman be romanticized.

P.S Take note of how many times Queen Latifah’s characters are repeated on this list. Also if you’re asking why the list is so short is because it also speaks to the lack of representation Fat Black Women are given, and furthermore even if they are given representation, often times they are just desexualized, and for the most part their love life, or romance isn’t explored or seen as existing.


Montreal Canadiens 2015 Stanley Cup Playoff Video

By Tim Thompson, who used to do the excellent HNIC pre-game video montages. =(