i could probably forgive a lot of romance subplots if they weren’t surrounding the literal only main girl to a group and pressuring her for some reason to “choose” and subsequently ripping the reader away from what is supposed to be a gripping setting and obfuscating the entire storyline just for the sake of “guy gets girl and they have kids in this awful world blah blah it’s meant to be symbolic of hope!!”

them banging solves basically nothing!! what happened to the human farms?! how do you re-educate entire generations of teens and kids after they were raised for alien entertainment/livestock?? what the fuck do you mean they go back to picket fences, suits, and dresses like five years after it all whaT THE FUCK??

it feels like such a cop-out. i should not be getting to the end of a book and screaming at the writer to get his ass back here and explain what the hell was going on with the alien chess, what happened to the other groups of runaways, where the hell did they even find the stuff to re-enact suburban america??? explain!! EXPLAIN!!!

Wonder Woman’s 75th Anniversary ‘Forever’ Stamps

The U.S. Postal Service, in partnership with DC Entertainment & Warner Bros., previewed 4 Forever stamps today that commemorate the 75th anniversary of one of the most iconic Super Heroes of all time — Wonder Woman. The stamp pane will be among other Wonder Woman related items revealed at 3 p.m., Sat., July 23 at Comic-Con International: San Diego. The first-day-of-issue dedication ceremony will take place Oct. 7 at New York Comic-Con, Fri., Oct. 7.

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Demonology and Sigils in Wynonna Earp - The Revenants Mark

Hello fellow Wynonna Earp fans - with the overwhelming success of my original Demonology and Sigils in Wynonna Earp and my acceptance into the black badge division

I have decided to press my luck and further research the demonology in Wynonna Earp.

I can only hope that the quality of this post lives up the other quality of the last one, especially since it involves the number one question flooding my inbox and messages since I became known as the real life Waverly Earp, but I feel the need to put in a disclaimer:

This post contains not one but TWO theories and subsequent hypothesis supported by evidence I have uncovered in my search for the meaning behind the Revenant’s Mark - but either one (or both) may be proven wrong in the future (I’m convinced we’re getting a season 2).

The Revenants Mark

First off - I want to begin by giving a shoutout to @captainjeclid for pointing out that Bobo had a huge demonic sigil on his back – I remember thinking ‘WOAH I GOT TO LOOK INTO THAT’ but then Wayhaught happened and I promptly forgot. So thank you for that!

So, above I have posted three of the rev’s with their demonic sigils all lit up. Some people have suggested that every rev has their own unique sigil - but I propose they all have the same sigil with slight variations (Bobo having the most unique of them all – but he’s over-dramatic/the most powerful so it fits)

It is not uncommon for a sigil to have taken on different appearances over time/geographic region/occultists drawing capabilities - so I think any variation we see can be attributed to that. It is also possible that the show’s creators altered the sigil slightly for ‘effect’ or are using a variant I haven’t discovered.

In either case all of the rev’s sigils we have seen so far have had the curved top, straight line down (with possible curved bottom) and a line cutting through the bottom third - some with lines on both ends, some without.

Many people have told me it chat that it loos like an anchor - but personally I thought it looked like a bow and arrow - with the arrow fully pulled back.

And after much research I believe I have discovered two possible origins for the Rev’s sigil. I will discuss both at length under the cut - so as to ensure no possible spoilers for those whom are new to the fandom both now and in the future.

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heathertfennec  asked:

At what period in time do you think Chara lived in + the subsequent events took place? I know there isn't much to go off of, but you guys seem to be a lot more thorough in your analysis than I. :0 Is there anything that even hints?

(undertale spoilers)

Chara definitely lived in the early 21st century, given that they fell into the underground at the end of 201X.

(There’s an old calendar from the end of 201X.)
(A date is circled on it.)

(The date I came here.)

As for subsequent events, it is possible that the events of Undertale take place 100 years later. This is based on the following dialogue.

then she just howls with laughter.
like it’s the best joke she’s heard in a hundred years.
so I keep ‘em coming, and she keeps laughing.

Sans has a knack for knowing things, so it’s possible his statement isn’t really an exaggeration. This is probably as close as we can guess how long it’s been since Chara’s death with in-game evidence.

Also, @peppermintbee compiled a timeline based on our research. Please check it out!

anonymous asked:

Do you have any headcanons for Jacin, Winter and Selene, in an AU where Selene grew up as Luna's crown princess?

  • So, the way I see this AU, Levana would’ve likely made the attempt on Selene’s life—because I can’t see her doing anything else when tempted with the possibility of being queen, no matter what universe it is—but would’ve been unsuccessful and subsequently relieved of her position. Selene, however, would’ve still required her cybernetics.
    • Watching one of his best friends deal with her recovery, seeing the various doctors who treated her, and how much good they did would’ve been one of Jacin’s inspirations for becoming a doctor.
  • In any reality, Selene is destined to tinker. She tears apart, rebuilds, and improves anything she can get her hands on in between her lessons and the various royal duties that fall to young princesses.
    • Jacin scrounges spare parts from outside the palace since it can be difficult for either of the princesses to arrange an outing.
    • Winter “helps” by testing the various things. It never goes quite as planned.
  • Winter tries desperately to get Selene as interested in the creatures in the menagerie as she is, but it never quite takes. However, Selene is more than willing to sketch out plans for devices to better emulate the animals’ original habitats because that’s one way she can make her cousin happy without having to spend hours hanging out with the animals themselves.
  • Witnessing Winter’s decision to refrain from using her glamour is a big part of what made Selene choose to be a different kind of queen—a better, kinder queen—than her mother and her aunt before her.
Comic Con: "Scream Queens" Reveals Changes in Locale & Cast for Season Two
By Jim Halterman

“I think it’s bloodier and funnier,” said executive producer Ian Brennan during today’s Comic Con panel to talk the second season of the Fox series Scream Queens. “I feel like we’re leaning into the creepiness a little more and the comedy a little more.”

The action is moving from the Kappa house and jumping three years into the future where we find out the cast is in a hospital that just happens to be owned by a familiar face. “Dean Munsch parlays her fame as an icon in the movement called New Feminism and her subsequent book tour and parlays that money and purchases a hospital,” Brennan said. The hospital is also a former asylum but, he confirmed, not the same hospital seen at the end of season one.

Along with Brennan, returning cast members Jamie Lee Curtis (Munsch), Emma Roberts (Chanel), Abigail Breslin (Libby), Billie Lourd (Sadie), Keke Palmer (Zayday), Lea Michele (Hester) and new cast members John Stamos (Brock Holt) and Taylor Lautner (Cassidy Cascade) were present for the panel. Glen Powell (Chad Radwell) will also be returning, though he wasn’t in San Diego.

For Stamos, joining the cast as the hospital head of surgery was a no-brainer given he’d already appeared on Glee and The New Normal. After the cancellation of his sitcom Grandfathered, he talked to Brennan, who explained a bit about the character he had in mind for him: “You play a doctor but you’re going to be the recipient of the first complete hand transplant.” The origins of that hand, however, will be one of the many questions in the new season.

Also entering the Scream Queens world is Taylor Lautner, who said he was excited to join the series. “It’s completely different for me,” said the Twilight star. “I’ve never done anything like this, and I just wanted to work with talented people.”

Besides the additions of Stamos and Lautner, it was announced earlier today that former Arrow/Teen Wolf star Colton Haynes would appear in the new season. Saturday Night Live star Cecily Strong is also set to guest star as a patient in the hospital.

As for the Chanels, who dominated the Kappa house in the first season, the mean girls are not exactly where we saw them previously. “They have fallen from glamour but they’re trying to hold onto it," revealed Roberts. "It’s really funny to see them try to hold onto their style when they have no money and they have to work, which is something completely foreign to them.”

But what about Hester, who was revealed to be the killer at the end of season one? “When we come back, we don’t know where Hester is," Michele said. "It’s great when you find out." 

While Brennan would not comment on whether the new season’s storyline would be linked to the baby mystery in the first season, he did say, "We’re in the same world, the same universe.” Roberts, who had appeared on the Coven season of American Horror Story, was asked if she might also appear in the upcoming season of the FX horror show. “I think that there might be [a chance]…now we’re both in LA so maybe” she said. “I love that show so much.”

Have just watched the latest Berserk episode. I must say it was even okay, if you overlook the staple low-level animation (poor Ricky, what have they done to you? :( ), but ultimately revealed another big flaw of the newest anime so far: namely, it rushes through the plot so fast that it leaves very little time to really connect with the characters and get to know them on a deeper, more intimate level.

On the one hand I was positively surprised they didn’t cut out Godo’s speech, but on the other it made me realise just how important it is to devote some time to build up things properly and develop the background, because it is the background of the scene that gives it its impact. Guts’ return to Godo’s hut and the subsequent lecture is one of my favourite moments in the manga, I literally cannot read it without tearing up (I’m an emotional being, so what?), but here, it didn’t really do anything to me, it was just there and it passed and I barely even remember it by now (which is unfortunately a common thing with this new anime :/).

I could blame the execution, but in this particular episode they decided to take scenes straight from the manga. The thing is, though, the manga devoted whole arcs beforehand to develop Guts’ character, give you insight into his personality, both good and bad aspects, his fears and hopes. So when Godo calls him out, it has substance, because you know it is an important pitstop in the longer journey, you have seen all that lead to this moment, so when it comes (and when Guts takes that speech to heart and resolves to rethink his priorities) it has one hell of an impact. 

The anime sadly did no such thing, and I know it’s the different medium that comes with tighter time constraints so it’s natural they cut things out, but I think it still could be done better, heck, even the movies managed to paint the general gist of the story and characters pretty well despite omitting quite much, and the anime being episodic has more room to pace things out. Maybe if they didn’t lump the whole thinned Black Swordsman “arc” to the first episode (like the ‘97 anime, now that I think about it), but made it the focus of a first season (or half a season, whatever) it could give enough space to connect with characters first before going to purely character-driven scenes (unless they got canceled before they got that far…).

Because right now the ‘16 anime Guts isn’t really for me the same Guts I know. In the span of the first 3 episodes they didn’t really managed to build a character that would be more than your staple “tough guy on a revenge quest” (and yes, they do show flashbacks, but again, the overall pacing is so rushed and messy that I think they only have still some sort of impact because I knew these characters beforehand, I can’t imagine going into this as my first Berserk experience), it’s almost as if they assumed the viewer already knows and likes him well enough that no effort in this regard is necessary.

So, to sum up, it could have been a genuinely good episode, if it came later and they didn’t rush things so much beforehand (and levelled up the animation, for goodness sake, they had some scenes in this episode that really weren’t atrocious looking - the hellhound was pretty neat, for instance; so I believe they could do that if they tried, but so far it’s more an exception than a rule). 

Also, do we really have to go through that… ekhem… “defnitely-not-hot apostle action” scene again? It’s the third time in the span of four episodes, and the only one that didn’t have it was the one with the Rape Horse™ to make up for it. Come on…

Working On It

read it on AO3 at

by RockYouPie

The one in which Keith can’t find his chill but does find family and subsequently falls for the same idiot who got him expelled almost half a year ago, except now the idiot moves like water and boy is Keith thirsty.

Words: 4544, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

read it on AO3 at


My name is Batt and I am an artist/seamstress currently out of Austin, Texas. For the past few years most of my art has been coming through in clothing, photographs, and subsequent books. I have an intense love of art and costume history, science fiction, punk rock, and textiles which mash together to create my aesthetic choices.

I first learned to sew at two and a half, but didn’t start making my own clothes with any real technique or point of view until about 2006. I would later study textiles at college where I would get critiqued for things being too “costume” or “fashion” though I strongly reject the idea that these things cannot be art. These days I make my living doing production and demi-couture sewing as my job and making my own work just for me.

I employ a great deal of hand sewing and beading in my work which takes a very long time, and as such I do not post very often. I recommend checking back at your convenience or turning on post notifications to make sure you don’t miss me. :) I do also greatly appreciate reblogs as they make a huge difference to someone like me.

I’m not much of one for words, but I’d love to chat so feel free to send me a message or ask.

You can also find me on instagram @battworks (which also has lots of pictures of my cute dog), on my website, and on any of my side tumblrs:

@articlesofcloth - originally just fashion research, now any kind of important article on news, fashion technology, etc.

@summerdistaste - personal blog, shitposts and ramblings, currently lots of me being gay about ghostbusters

@taraxacumchiroptera - my terribly titled inspo blog for my current kings and angels art series

@untitledthesis - supermodernist scifi inspo

Petrified Lightning

Fulgurite, also known as “petrified lightning,” is created by lightning striking sand and fusing it, at temperatures exceeding 2000° Celsius, nearly instantaneously into glass. The Latin word fulgur means “lightning bolt.”

Fulgurite generally is a hollow, branched tube, following the shape of the lightning as it entered the earth, with a smooth, glassy interior and a rough, porous exterior. It can occur in a variety of colors, from black or tan to green or translucent white, depending on impurities found in the sand from which it formed. The largest excavated fulgurite is 17 feet long, but it is more common to find small pieces because of their brittle nature. While fulgurites occur naturally, scientists and artists have found that driving a tall rod into sand in an area expected to experience thunderstorms can increase the odds of attracting lightning and the subsequent fulgurite formation. They also can be replicated in a lab setting.

A second, even more rare type of fulgurite forms when lightning strikes not sand, but rocks on mountain summits. Rock fulgurites appears as a coating of glass on the surface of a rock and as arteries of embedded glass where they have filled fissures in the rock.

Fulgurites are a type of lechatelierite, a mineral-like silica glass. In addition to being caused by lightning strikes, lechatelierites also can be formed by volcanic eruptions, nuclear blasts (resulting in trinitites), and meteorite impacts (resulting in tektites).

Learn more.

Image Credit:  Kathy__ (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0), via Flickr

anonymous asked:

Sorry, would you have a Masterpost about Louis having discovered 5SOS? I wasn't around then.

I don’t know of a masterpost, because not much is known for certain.

On 3 February 2011, 5SOS posted their first video to YouTube.

One Mode Productions LLC was formed 17 September 2012. So it was not formed specifically in relation to 5SOS, but it may have been set up in anticipation of 1D bringing in new artists.

We first heard about 5SOS on 6 November 2012, when Louis tweeted this.  That tweet and a subsequent one from Niall were what was used in articles claiming 1D discovered them.

Then on 14 February 2013, they announced that 5 Seconds of Summer would support One Direction the Take Me Home Tour which started 23 February 2013. So if the story is true, Louis tweeted and shortly after invited them to join the tour.  More likely is that they were in discussions for joining the tour prior to the tweet and after an agreement was reached, the “get to know 5SOS” initiative was launched.

In April 2013 they signed with Modest Management, two months into the TMH tour.

In November 2013, 5SOS signed with Capitol Records.

5SOS LLP was formed 5 June 2014, with One Mode as 20% owner.

Sorry about all the political stuff.  It’s just one of those things I worry about, probably because I’m reminded of it daily. 😣

I am going to go write up my post for SU episodes 3x10/3x11, and queue it for morning.  However, since today is the last day of Snow Sisters Week, and because I’ve procrastinated and researched (*winks at @mylittleartscapes*) long enough, I am going to TRY to get a first part of “Lock and Key” up in the evening.  It doesn’t follow any of the prompts, but it IS Snow Sisters, in the DA!verse, and is going to get interesting in subsequent part(s).

after reading x-men for most of my life did I immediately associate reaper with magneto and subsequently empathize with him greatly? of course not 

the ocs. left girl is named nice or goodie. girl on the right is the main character named arlil, lol. sorry the names are weird but it relates to a narrative i have in mind. it involves a town in which the name you are given at birth determines what sort of person you will be and what element, personality trait, object, etc. you will be “in tune” with. a baby named “joy” will subsequently grow into a joyful, happy person, etc. etc. 

it’s a “rewrite” of sorts of what i had going before with constance, but she’s still involved and will be a villain. sorry i haven’t been posting lately, i’ve really been working and rewriting this story in my head. it may never become anything, but i want to practice character creating and story telling even if it never becomes anything developed.

Feature Friday

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (2001)

In the first Harry Potter film, Harry learns he is a wizard and attends the Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry. Filmed in London, Oxford, Gloucester, Durham, & Alnwick.

The newborn Harry Potter is left on the doorstep of his aunt and uncle’s house at Number 4 Privet Drive. This house was filmed at 12 Picket Post Close on the outskirts of Bracknell for the first film and recreated on the studio backlot for all subsequent movies.

Many years later Harry accompanies the Dursleys to the Reptile House at the London Zoo where he ends up talking with a snake.

After learning he is a wizard, Harry is escorted to the Leaky Cauldron by Hagrid which sits in an empty storefront in Leadenhall Market.

The two of them go to Gringott’s Bank to claim some of Harry’s inheritance. The interior of the bank was filmed in the Australia House which holds the Australian Embassy in London.

Hagrid then drops Harry off at King’s Cross Station where, with a bit of help from the Weasleys, Harry finds the Hogwarts Express waiting for him on Platform 9¾.

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Working On It

read it on the AO3 at

by RockYouPie

The one in which Keith can’t find his chill but does find family and subsequently falls for the same idiot who got him expelled almost half a year ago, except now the idiot moves like water and boy is Keith thirsty.

Words: 4544, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at