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What subscription box do you get?

fairyloot! Its UK based, but it ships around the world and is completely YA fantasy based! It’s been my favourite sub box since it started last year, they always have amazing items.

(and then the other day I was made a rep for them!) You can use my code CITY5 for 5% off a three to six month subscription plan


This blogger just launched a subscription box service specifically for Muslim women

  • On Black Friday, fashion and lifestyle site Muslim Girl launched subscription box service unlike any other out there.
  • It’s specifically tailored to the needs and wants of Muslim women. 
  • Each of the monthly boxes go for just $20 (it’s $220 for the year) 
  • The first one is effectively a care package for Muslim women after the U.S. election, stuffed with a scarf they can wear as a hijab or an accessory, a Muslim Girl safety guide, some cosmetics from the halal makeup brand Tuesday in Love and pepper spray, though that can only be sent to women in the U.S. Read more

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Happy Geek Pride Day!

As we come up to our 2 year anniversary, we just want to say thank you all so much for helping us to create a community of amazing people who love fandoms as much as we do. We’ve been able to support so many other badass ladies running small businesses, and we have you to thank for that.

We are excited to announce that in honor of our anniversary, June’s box not only will include the usual fandom goodness (the theme is “Just for Laughs” and will have fandoms like Parks and Rec, The Princess Bride, Broad City, Mean Girls, The Office……AND MORE), June boxes will also include a bunch of FANMAIL SWAG!

Last year, you helped us name our dragon, Serafina, and this year, you’ll be able to show your FanMail fangirl pride!

Rose & Jenny

Introducing our June novel, Carnivalesque! This is a gorgeous fantasy coming of age novel for fans of The Night Circus and folklore. Subscribe before 5/24 to read this unforgettable novel with us!!

Read the synopsis below:

“To Andy and his parents, it looks like any other carnival: creaking ghost train, rusty rollercoaster and circus performers. But of course it isn’t.Drawn to the hall of mirrors, Andy enters and is hypnotised by the many selves staring back at him. Sometime later, one of those selves walks out rejoins his parents - leaving Andy trapped inside the glass, snatched from the tensions of his suburban home and transported to a world where the laws of gravity are meaningless and time performs acrobatic tricks.And now an identical stranger inhabits Andy’s life, unsettling his mother with a curious blankness, as mysterious events start unfolding in their Irish coastal town.”


We’re excited to show you the images of May’s Witch Casket!! This month’s theme was “divination” 🙌🏻💫
Witches have long since been known for their psychic and prophetic gifts, and this Witch Casket celebrates those unique gifts! 🔮🌿✨

(We know some international customers may not have received your Casket yet.. but don’t worry, it’ll be with you shortly!) 👌🏻📦🖤
We’ve loved all the pictures you have all posted so far! 😍😘