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Mark says, "I believe that people subscribe to me because they want to see me as a person, and not just for the games that I play. That's why I won't have a separate channel for bloopers and BTSs." You're right on the money, Neko.

That’s why I say there’s a reason I like watching the people I like.

I very rarely stick with channels that save face with the public eye. If the creator doesn’t show me a reason to connect with them, then I pretty much skip out on them. 

This is also why I love listening to Danny and Arin talk on Game Grumps.

In Judaism, we do not say “Rest in Peace.” We say “may their memory be for a blessing” or some variation of the phrase. We don’t say rest in peace because we don’t have a fixed idea of heaven or hell nor are those concepts important to us. What is more important is the legacy we left on earth: the work we have done, the lives we have touched. Elie Wiesel’s memory will most certainly be for a blessing.

I am going to say this, though: deep down, it’s not even about Trump. It’s about what he represents. It’s about the fact that millions of people subscribe to his views. It’s about the fact that these people truly believe that Trump’s idea of a perfect world is the one worth voting for. It’s about the fact that so many people, all over the world and not only in America, believe that progress and equality are something to be overturned. That the world I want to live in is bad. That’s what’s so upsetting. That’s what I’m afraid of. That’s why I hate what’s happened all over the world this year. 


We’ve launched a Youtube Channel about a year ago, but we’ve had very little traction in terms of getting more subscribers.

We have over 50 videos now on Psychology and Mental Health.

Just wondering if you guys could do us a HUGE FAVOR and subscribe?

In return, if there is ever anything you guys need, just let us know and we will return the favor! Just let us know that you were one of the people who subscribed. THANKS SO MUCH!

Multi-chapter fics need love

Attention everyone.

The more chapters a fic has, the MORE YOU NEED TO COMMENT. 

I’m looking at all these fics with lots of kudos, lots of hits, lots of subscriptions I’m sure, and then *crickets* at an update. IF THERE ARE SAY 100 PEOPLE SUBSCRIBED, WHY ARE THERE ONLY TWO COMMENTS?? Let’s say only 10% of the people still read it. That’s ten comments that should be there. 

Too shy or worried or blah to comment? Here’s some copypastes for you:

  • I love this chapter so much.
  • I love reading this fic.
  • I think about this fic a lot.
  • It makes me happy when I see there is an update. 
  • This story is so intense and well-written.
  • I’ve been following since the beginning and it’s better than I imagined.
  • I’ve fallen in love with your characterization.
  • *quote your favorite part* This is my favorite! 
  • This fic made me think about a lot of things. 
  • I’ve learned some things about myself reading this story.
  • This is my favorite fic of all time. 
  • I reread this all the time. 
  • *incoherent screaming*
  • This is absolutely delectable and I love it. 

Use one! Use all! There are endless possibilities! Don’t feel pressured to write an essay. Just say that you are still here and you’re happy! 

It would be preferable for you not to say 

  • Can’t wait for the next chapter!

It’s ok when combined with other things, but if that’s all you say…..? We’re looking for love on the hard work we just posted

When you post your first chapter/oneshot, you worry: “Is anyone reading it? Does anyone like it? PLease someone, anyone!?” and you wait for people to come into your space. 

When you post your Xth chapter, you already know that people are reading it, there’s already a crowd gathered. Even if it’s only a few people, you know that they are there. “Does no one like it? What’s going on? What happened? Everyone loved it before?? I thought?? Did I mess up?”


Love your author. They need it. 

can someone please explain to me why pj liguori doesnt have at least a million subs yet?? he’s been on youtube 8 years, all 8 of those years were spent making creative, original and funny content including some of the coolest characters, skits and stories ive ever seen??? everyone subscribe to kickthepj rn??

Never Give Your Name To The Newspapers

In chat last night, @archwrites was asking about newspapers we would recommend for someone who wants to support print journalism, and the TORRENT of advice I poured out (mainly off the direct topic) caused @magic-gps to ask if I would make a tumblr post about it. And here it is! 

One of the jobs I used to have for my department was the Master Of Subscriptions; using my corporate credit card and my nimble wits, I maintained all our research subscriptions, including about 20-30 newspapers and magazines, everything from the New York Times and Chicago Tribune to American Lawyer and Forbes. What I inherited was mostly print, and during my tenure we converted mostly to digital, which was not an easy conversion. But it led me to a few important piece of advice to offer for people considering subscribing to any magazine or newspaper, digital or print.

First, you need to understand a little context, which is that because print is in decline and for-pay journalism is being eaten alive by the internet, circulation has mostly been dropping for about a decade now. So a long time ago, newspapers and magazines outsourced their subscription sales and renewal management to…well, to assholes. 

The people who were put in charge of subscription services made cancelling your subscription (or even accessing it to manage it) extremely difficult, rather like gym memberships. For example, there’s a business magazine we subscribe to that just plain doesn’t have its own subscription service. You have to access it through the subscription service for Barron’s – even if you don’t subscribe to Barron’s. Often, you will be given one login and password to access the news site and a second login and password (or a serial number that is difficult to locate without a print copy) to access your subscription. Often, also, the subscription site is “broken” for months on end, forcing you to phone them, which lets them get you on with a real person who will try to upsell you.

In some cases, these companies run scams where, a few months after you’ve cancelled, they give you a “month free” as a gift “to a former subscriber” – then resubscribe you if you don’t re-cancel, and invoice you for the subscription. Very awkward and potentially hazardous to your credit rating if you’ve moved away, but super annoying even if you haven’t. 

So here are some key things to do if you are considering subscribing to ANYTHING:

1. Never give them your real name. Give them a fake first name or a mis-spelled last name. This makes it much harder for them to find you or report you to a credit agency if you don’t pay them for shit they should never have billed you for. It also will tell you how far and wide they’ve sold your address, when you start getting junk mail addressed to Fakename McTypo. 

2. Never pay for the subscription with your own debit or credit card. Get a rechargeable prepaid debit card and use that. That way if you want to cancel but literally can’t, you can just cancel the prepaid card and when they can’t collect, they’ll discontinue. You won’t have to replace your own card or deal with your bank putting up a fuss. 

3. If you give them an email address, consider giving them one that either has strong spam filters or that you only use for giving out to companies that will spam you. I manage our subscription to the New York Times, which is a super cheap “org” subscription (a sub with a not-for-profit discount and access for five people with the understanding that we’re using it for business purposes). The NYT knows it’s never going to get another dime out of us than what we pay for the digital paper. And yet I get at least four emails from them a week. 

I don’t want to impugn the honor of journalists and the papers they work for. I have a ton of respect for print journalism (I read, and recommend, the free-access for great multi-genre long form journalism). I think the free press, even as shackled by capitalism as it is, has a really important place in American culture. 

But I also think that the owners of most print media sold their virtue to con-men and scam artists, and I don’t want to see any of you get scammed. Pay your fair share to support good journalism – but don’t let the crooked cashiers take you for a ride. 

What am I doing wrong?

My goal this year is to get to 100,000 subscribers on my youtube channel and so far, it’s not starting out so well. The first week, I lost about 50 subs and I don’t know if it’s because of the subscriber glitch or people actually unsubscribing, and part of me knows it’s probably the latter. I got a comment last month saying that they were bored of my opinion, and out of all the comments I’ve ever gotten, that one has stuck with me. Am I just not interesting to watch? Are my opinions just ‘meh’?

I want to keep making videos, and I want to make videos about the stuff that I love, but it doesn’t seem like people want to watch me anymore. I know a lot of it is because I haven’t been keeping up with releases and sometimes I only talk about a movie after it’s been out for a while. I envy people that can immediately record their thoughts and have something ready. That’s something I really need to work on improving.

I have this irrational fear that at some point the friends I’ve made on youtube that are now in higher places than me will say, “lol, bye, no help from us.” Like, I suddenly become not worthy of being friends with because I’m not growing and improving.

But then again, would that even be enough? Do I need to start specializing? I talk about movies, cartoons, and games on my channel, but should I just talk about one? I do plan on giving my thoughts out on the Nintendo Switch when the presentation releases this Thursday. I also want to continue to talk about movies because it’s fun. Animated films and cartoons seem to be what people like the most from me and I’m going to try and do more of that. The Star Vs. The Forces of Evil review I’m working on is something I’m trying to see if people will like a more involved video from me since it will have footage from the show and it will be scripted.

I feel like that will be the make it or break it point for my channel. If that video doesn’t get a certain amount of views, I’m going to feel like I’m destined to fail.

Can viners and big youtubers pls leave kpop alone 👊

I’m so sick of vine stars and big youtubers reacting to kpop because they’ve run out of ideas and want to use kpop for views. Like it’s the most obvious shit.

Instead of subscribing to these idiots who are often racist, fake or creepy why not subscribe to actual kpop fans who do reactions to new kpop comebacks? Why not support the actual fans who have hardly any subscribers instead of people who text or overhype during an mv and don’t bother once the camera is off?

Don’t support these ppl as they’re literally using kpop as a means to make money through views. I want kpop to become big thing but I don’t want it to be used to stroke youtubers egos and fill their bank accounts.

Good channels to subscribe to are:

Our sweet guys

And plenty others.


A part of the reason why Ethan started a new channel was because people were subscribing for the wrong reasons and this is happening yet again and I feel awful. On the duration of today’s mini (failed) live stream, everyone was asking about Mark; it’s like Ethan doesn’t even matter, he is simply a tool, a method to get to Mark.

I am somebody who recently found him via Mark and for that I am incredibly grateful to Mark but it’s such a shame seeing people who don’t see Ethan for is personality and potential, only as a way to get to Mark.

Ethan is a beautiful person; Both mentally and physically. He is so positive and funny; and people are taking advantage of his polite nature.

I’m so sad.

So I just need to say something

I was watching the Dan and Phil react to Teens react to Dan and Phil. During the question part of it they show everybody a picture of Dan and Phil. One girl states that Dan is hot and Dan and Phil both laugh at it but right after in a really tiny voice Phil says “what about me?” That broke my little heart. Sure when I first started watch their videos I immediately thought that Dan was hot, but then I started watching Phil’s videos some more and Phil Lester is the most kindest, clumsiest, quirky, and most caring person ever.

I also realized that Dan has almost double the amount of subscribers that Phil has and I hope Phil never feels sad about it because I feel that most people subscribe to Dan because he’s hot. But Phil is the most adorable person with such an amazing personality.

In conclusion Phil Lester is a ray or sunshine who tries to makes everybody happy and he deserves the whole entire world.

Just imagine

It’s february the 7th, and Anti appeared only once. Jack uploads 100th reading your comments video and picks a comment noting how Anti appeared only once. And then he answers why Anti appeared only once…

Because of us.

We wanted Anti more than we wanted Jack. Yes, the person in the glitches was Jack, not Anti. Anti was in Jack’s place ever since Halloween of 2016

Impostor ends the video with “You wanted me… well, here i am” as he drops the act, turns into his normal self, and uses his demonic powers to kill every single person subscribed to jacksepticeye.

But it doesn’t end there. Other Dark Youtubers do the same to the people subscribed to their good counterparts’ channels.

Holocaust is now a joke.

And it’s all your fault.


yes, this is actually something that we’ve spent our time recording so if you are interested in her reaction or just want to see a cute dog, this video is for you!

Why you should Subscribe to pyrocynical

- Leafy sucks
- Luna sucks
- Shorbie looks like an actual fucking murderer and he’s scary
- LtCorbis sucks
- NFKRZ…isnt that bad but he’s also in pyro’s videos and vice versa so you’re basically getting him anyways
- His girlfriend is cool and draws like a god
- He has an amazing voice
- idk he is underapprecitated and he’s amazing mmkay bye