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oh! i forgot to post about this!! a few days ago my AO3 account hit (and then quickly passed) 1500 subscribers!!! THANK YOU SO DAMN MUCH!! I hope I continue to make whatever it is you’re hoping or expecting of me ♥

(I think new people are finding me through both Of Shampoo and Fruit Flies and Welcome All Winchesters right now, but I don’t know how or why. someone enlighten me?? whO SENT YOU) (only thing they have in common is asexual-spectrum Cas, if that narrows it down? but they’re very different ends of the spectrum so idk)

and since we’re on the subject, i have a new fic coming soon!! (well, an old one from 2014 that i resurrected, and i rewrote the second half). it’s currently 82k and “finished” but i’m trying to FINISH-finish it, which means 5 more scenes, editing, then betaing. the plan is to RELEASE IT INTO THE WORLD by the end of june. (it’s a commission for @cassammydean​, and the plan is to launch my patreon right after that fic. hopefully.) it’s called What We Ache For.

one more thing, since i’m feeling sentimental – you guys. YOU GUYS. you leave the best comments?? THE BEST. nearly every single day you remind me how important the themes in my stories are, how much the inclusion of a simple concept can change something for someone who reads my fics.

making someone cry with a story used to be a gleeful experience for me, satisfying because i wrote something powerful. now, after years of helping people kind of… release their feelings? it’s powerful in a whole different way, i don’t know how to explain it. but it means so much to me, not only as a writer, but as a person. every day you make me desperate to be a kinder person, and devote myself not just to my stories, not just the characters, but you.

i know a little about a lot of you. but the small facts i do know are life-changing in the masses. no, this isn’t directly relevant to my subscriber count - it’s just something i think about every day, more so recently as my faith wanes in my newer writing, and i never found the right way to just say it. i get obsessed and upset about people not leaving as many kudos as they used to. but almost every day someone reminds me why i really do this, why i really love it. it’s the comments. not the kudos. it’s the secrets you tell me, the way whatever spilled from my heart can change your mind, and help you figure out things you never understood about yourself, and the tears you shed because you feel some part of yourself aching when you read a certain combination of words.

anyway, thank you. i just really, really love you all.

especially you.

yes, you. ♥


(•̀o•́)ง this moment when i draw on the white board of mah classroom all the afternoon.

i just had two days full of exams. damn the 3D one killed meh

sooo i wanted to do a lil’ stress reliever doodle on the white board. and well. it turned out like this.

i freakin love how ppl of mah class react to mah drawings “oh noo not again cookie !Leave the white board alooone “ ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_ oh hell no. HAHAhhAha //cries// (•́⌄•́๑)૭✧ imah a trash.

  • what she says: im fine
  • what she means: pj liguori aka kickthepj on youtube has been making videos since 2008 and only has ~600 thousand subscribers 7 years later and i dont get it? pj is so creative and nice and wickedly talented and he is so, so under-appreciated. why aren't more people subscribed to kickthepj on youtube?

// Im replaying Jumin’s route for the first time in so long and I forgot how cute he is when you laugh at or enjoy his jokes oh my goodness


- He doesn’t go on youtube too often, but he does have a channel that he’ll update sometimes. It’s not too big, around thirty thousand subscribers but still! Totally would have more if he uploaded more.

- Which is why he doesn’t recognize you at first, so you’ll need to show him a few of your videos.

- He thinks they’re really funny and it’s pretty amazing you have so many subscribers?? Damn he has some competition with all those fans.

- With video games hes not amazing, but he’s not bad either. He’d love to be in your videos with you if that’s okay!


- What is a ’ Lets-Player? ’

- You’ll need to tell him what that is, he doesn’t get how people find entertainment from it but he’s fine with it.

- Play Grand theft auto with him!! He likes that game.

- He doesn’t really like to be in your videos too often because he feels like he ruins them with his “monotone personality” but he’s adorable to watch, the little pout he gets on his lips when his character gets wasted is adorable and your fans think so as well. He enjoys playing with you too.

- Spoils you with really nice equipment and lighting.


- AAA!!


- He’s seen your videos before thats you?!

- A nervous wreck honestly, he loves video games but you’re a master at them! He’ll be too shy to go on your channel at first but eventually he’ll open up and come on sometimes, even starts his own channel doing LOLOL tips and tricks.

- It’s not as popular as yours but he fanboys over you a lot, even in the relationship. You’re basically a celebrity, he’s dating someone famous?! Never in a million years would have thought he would.

- He loves doing challenges with you!! Like the chubby bunny, drawing challenges, photobooths. They’re always really fun.


- He knew since he hardcore stalked you did a background check on you and binge watched your videos that night instead of working.

- Will LOVE making videos with you, especially playing horror games. When you squeal he thinks it’s the cutest and promises to protect you from the scary virtual monsters.

- He’s such a meme in your videos it’s highly requested that he makes his own channel.

- If he did it would be bullshit memes like we are number one but every single one is replaced by carl wheezer

- or the bee movie in 7 minutes because he thinks things like that are hilarious


- He mainly watches cooking tutorials on youtube so he doesn’t recognize you at first

- But he’ll watch some of your videos and comment on what a cutie pie you are, no wonder people love to watch you as much as he does.

- If you’re an american youtuber it’s hard for him to be in your videos because speaking english is hard for him.

- It’s not that he doesn’t know it, he can write it and everything it’s just his accents rather strong and when he speaks sometimes he’ll get his words jumbled up.

- And he’s not the best at video games but it’s fun to see him try his best!! He has a really nice time and he’s great around a camera so he doesn’t act stiff at all which your fans like to see.


- He’s watched people on youtube play horror games before but he’s never heard of you whoops

- He thinks your videos are rather cute, when you play horror games your reactions are funny and adorable.

- Prefers to not go in your videos often, but sometimes he will.

- If you’re American he’s a lot like V, his english speaking isn’t the greatest but he tries!!

- He doesn’t even jump at horror games more of less cringes at lines or graphics half the time.

- If it’s a really well made horror game he’ll be a little scared, says he’s not but you can tell in his reactions that he’s is a bit jumpy at everything but he’s pretty good at hiding it.


The recent announcement video has really put the head count in perspective. From the first AHWU to the Announcement Video, Achievement Hunter has grown so much. I’m so happy for them.

also subscribe to the damn Achievement Hunter channel you nerds. I want that livestream


Hey, dork, we are so damn proud of you. Nine million subscribers in three damn years? We cannot thank you enough for working so hard in your channel, I hope nine million can reward you in some way. We all love you, and thank you so much. You have really made these three years a lot more fun. :)