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Can we get a slow clap of appreciation for the MC here? This is from Soryu’s Dangerously in Love sub story. So in this route, not only is she Princess of the Ice Dragons (I’d say Queen, but this is back on Japan so I assume Soryu isn’t head of the Ice Dragons yet), but she’s pretty much like Princess of the Bidders haha.

I also adore the scenes, in any route, where she’d sit with the gang in the VIP section every time there’s an auction like the scene above. I mean, if I was a bystander sitting below and looking up at the VIP sections at where the gang sat I’d probably think, damn the MC looks gorgeous and high class. I wonder who she is? Doesn’t sound conceited at all, Saki haha!

No but really, great start to the route. I was feeling all proud of the MC here. I mean she calls them “boys” like, omg. Can this scene get any better?

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See, I was gonna go to bed… But then this. Thanks @dallonweekse

- Dom!Tyler is mega possessive okay? Like the scale does not go one to ten, it goes one to Tyler. Someone so much as breathes in the same vicinity as his baby boy Josh? Nuh-uh. That’s not gonna fly. Josh is his his his his his and he will make sure that is known.

- that said, there’s lots of ways he will show that Josh is his. He will generally evolve into sassy Tyler and make scathing remarks towards someone publicly because excuse you, Josh is HIS not yours.

- occasionally, he will make a public point that Josh is his. Wrapping an arm around him, hand in his back pocket. Picking him up bridal style and carrying him. Making the sex eyes at Jish and then flicking them over to glare at everyone else

- after that, he generally drags Josh away somewhere and fucks. Him. Up. Biting, scratching, pushing, shoving, fucking, sucking, marking, claiming, talking, taking, kissing, moaning…

- Mark can generally tell when someone has pissed off Tyler by being too clingy to Josh because Josh will have lost his voice and be covered in dark hickeys along his neck and be walking funny.

- Dom!Tyler getting really puffed up and ready to fuck someone up when another dominant person is near Josh. ie - Dallon. Tyler loves Dallon, he does, but the guy needs to take about six million three hundred fifty two thousand seventy four feet away from Josh before tyler is happy because Josh is a bit of a slut tbh and he does not like how Dallon looks at his Jishwa.

- hence why Battle of the Doms starts (well, kinda.) (still working on writing that). (oops).

- Dom!Tyler who is growly when he’s in bed with Josh, giving his slutty sub commands and looking at him with dark, heated eyes that easily show how much Tyler wants to fuck Josh until he doesn’t remember his own name.

- Dom!tyler who loves to pull Josh’s pretty hair. Loves how vocal it makes Josh, who’s very soft most of the time. Tyler doesn’t make a lot of noise in bed other than growling commands and murmuring dirty talk every now and again but Josh gets very loud and Tyler loves it. Let’s him know he’s doing a good job.

- Dom!tyler likes putting Josh in his place. Loves fucking Josh rough from behind and pulling his hair (and head) back, making Josh moan as he fucks his pretty ass as he dirty talks him, telling him what a slut he is, and reminding him why he’s in charge. Reminding him that he’s the lead singer for a reason. Lead singer is in charge. The drummer is just along for the ride.

- Dom!tyler not satisfied with Josh until he’s a beautiful mess. Tyler will make Josh cry most of the time and Josh likes it. Loves to be put in his place, loves to be used and ruined by his Dom. Loves to do anything Tyler tells him to.

- Dom!tyler fucks Josh over his drums ok pass it on

- Dom!tyler fucks Josh over his piano ok pass it on

- Dom!Tyler fucking his baby boy so hard that Josh can’t sit down playing his drums right and that’s why he bounces in his seat so much during some concerts because the sitting hurts. This is also why Josh plays his drums as a reply on stage rather than speaking ; he looses his voice from screaming his lungs out as Tyler takes him to pound town.

- Dom!tyler spanking Josh with his drumsticks when he’s been a bad sub because he’s been flirty with other people (i.e. Dallon Weekes, Michael Clifford, etc. ) or when he’s been naughty and touched himself when he wasn’t supposed to

-Dom!tyler being full of adrenaline after a show and slamming Josh up against the nearest wall off stage and kissing him hard, biting down on his lip so hard that it bleeds before growling ‘Josh as soon as we get to the hotel I’m fucking you in the shower’

- Dom!tyler doesn’t let Josh come until he thinks he’s earned it. He’ll make Josh beg and plead and cry before he lets go of his cock and tells him to come. Josh always does as his Dom says.

- Dom!tyler who is literally the sweetest person with aftercare ok like as soon as they’re done with sex or a scene he slips right back into being there for Josh, wrapping him up in his blanket that has the stars on it and carrying him to the bathtub for a bath before washing him up and giving him gentle kisses and praising him telling him how good he is and how lovely (he sometimes sings Lovely to Josh when they’re taking a bath). He always gets Josh a snack and some water because hydration is good and then they either curl up and watch a movie or cuddle before taking a nap together and Tyler is very good to his Sub!Josh ok? Ok.

It’s 11:24 pm and that’s all I’ve got right now friend but yeah. Hit me up later I might have more.



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Nazotoki wa Dinner no Ato de vs. Arashi