1000 - 7

Did you know that if you count down from 1000 by 7, you can do that 142 times? After the 142th time you’ll get 6 as a result and can’t subtract it any futher (unless you want some negative numbers). But let’s say, that 6 counts as well, therefore you can subtract 7 from 1000 143 times, which happens to be the amount of chapters Tokyo Ghoul posseses. Besides that, there is another interessting thing to mention.

When I noticed, that the result of subracting 1000 with sevens leads to the number 6, i gave it some thoughts (I’m not very good at this stuff so please feel free to correct me x3), because Ishida loves hinting and symbolising things. So my first thought was, what if 6 symbolises another tarot card?

Tarot #6 - The lovers
There are some things, which don’t fit at all with the situation (like sexual releasionshio imo) but some of the interpretations go pretty well with Kanekis state.

At first I looked the card up on wiki and these words appeared:

  • Love relationship — Union — Passion — Sexuality
  • Pleasure — Humanism — Desire — Personal beliefs
  • Individual values — Physical attraction — Connection
  • Affinity — Bonding — Romance — Heart

Tbh I don’t think most of these words have something in common with Kanekis torture and his thoughts during and after it. You could say that Individual Values, Personal beliefs and Union seem  to fit, because Kaneki is reflecting upon his own value he kept up to this point - “It’s better to be hurt than to hurt others.“ But as for the other points, I don’t see any obvious connection.

Then I found something interessting. The lovers have some additional meanings following the Marseilles Tradition:

  • Choice — Doubt — Dilemma — Temptation

And surpisingly, these fit quite well. During the torture Kaneki found himself in a dilemma. Yamori wanted him to choose whether he kills a mother or her child. Either way the outcome would have been terrible. Temptation could be symbolised with Rize. Rize, the Binge Eater, was a ghoul who always gave into the temptation concerning delicous looking food and within Kanekis thoughts during his torture, she tried to tempter him to accept his ghoul side. While listening to her words, Kaneki starts doubting his values - is it really good to live like his mother told him? And then he made a choice - he chose to accept his ghoul side.

Now have a look on the reversed meanings of the tarot:

  • Disharmony, imbalance, misalignment of values

I think it really fits Shironeki after the torture. First of all there is the disharmony and the imbalance, which may refere to his mental situation. After everything that took place inside Yamoris hobby room, Kanekis mental state is pretty instable. As Banjou said, whithin a few seconds, Kanekis personality can change completely and later on there is this whole Kakuja stuff contributing to it. Now, what about the misalignment of values? After the torture Kaneki decided to protect his friends and made this his top proirity. But as Touka says it isn’t his true goal. Nobody needs his protection, because they are all strong themselfs and therefore never needed protection. But more importantly, she says that this wasn’t his real goal - Kaneki just wanted to don’t be alone. So instead of staying with his friends, he left them for half a year without any contact because he thought it is best to protect them. If he were true to himself and what really valued to him (not beeing alone), he might had lived some happy days. 

And, just to point it out a little:

When the Lovers card appears in a reading, it is important to think about what decisions and choices you are facing. The fact that the Lovers is a Major Arcana card indicates that these decisions or choices are incredibly important and significant so it is essential that you choose the right path.

Excatly the situation Kaneki had to face after the Aogiri Arc. Kaneki also had to make an important choice. He could have stayed with Anteiku, joined Aogiri (as in √A) or start his own journey. But I can’t say whether he chose the right way or not.

So 1000-7 may symbolise a lot more. But there is one more thing regarding Tarot #6 I want to mention at the end ^^

There are twelve flames, representing the twelve zodiac signs, the symbol of time and eternity.

It’s a description and interpretation of the picture of the tarot card. While the flames symbolise the zodiac signs within normal interpretations, it may as well symbolise something else in the context with Tokyo Ghoul. In my opinion these 12 flames could be symbolising Kanekis reference with Tarot #12 The Hanged Man (tarot inception xD).

Thanks for reading <3 It’s the first time i wrote such a long post, I hope everything makes some sense :D Feel free to correct me with some points or leave a comment or ask, if you want to add something ^^