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Obi-wan doesn’t really get mad. Like, Anakin gets mad all the time (lol), Padmé just gets irritated with a few things, but Obi is just this beacon of light that both of them grab onto when they need to.

The first (and only) time they only see Obi-Wan truly mad, both of them are captured by low-grade Seppies or stupid bounty hunters (Anakin given a force inhibitor, Padmé knocked out to keep her from causing any more trouble) and Obi literally leaves a trail of bodies behind him as he goes to save his darlings. He purposefully forgets what mercy is when this happens, and only stops himself from killing the ones that surrender just BARELY. The council will ask him about this later, but he knows how to release his emotions into the force. Yoda and Mace won’t have a thing on him.

When he finally gets to them, Padmé thinks she sees yellow for a split second instead of the warm blue/green/grey she’s used to, and Anakin can’t feel the waves of hate rolling off of his master until later on.

Later, he’ll understand why that hate feels so familiar when he recalls Qui-Gon Jinn’s burning pyre.

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I don't think the Slytherin quotes sound 'evil'. I see them as ambitious, cunning and determined, and are those not the traits of a Slytherin?

Hi anon,

Of course it all depends on viewpoint. What may be considered evil to one person may not be to another.

Still, there’s a pretty wide range of what might be considered Slytherin, as you’ll notice in the range of quotations that I linked to when answering the last ask. What we like to see is our submitters’ ideas of what each house is, so if that anon wants to see more ambition, and less cunning, for example, we can still see the Slytherin there.