ahhh hello! i was the roxy that asked for a picture! i was really surprised to see a magi cosplayer! i just thought id give you the pic i took and to tell you that you were great! VwV and ty for letting me take a picture!

UWAH BBY ; u; Thanks for sending the picture, and thank you for thinking I looked acceptable ; uuuuuu; I remember you; you were a really adorable Roxy \o/
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naja, “großartig” ist mein blog leider nicht, aber dafür fehlt mir die zeit. aber danke! ;; ich wünschte jemand würde den mit mir machen, dann gäbs mehr einträge und so weiter!

Ich find ihn super bisher~ Hmm, ich würd mich ja anbieten, aber ich bin wahrscheinlich nicht belesen genug und würde auch nicht wirklich oft updaten. :c Aber wenn ich irgendwann mal wieder über was Interessantes stolpern sollte werd ichs submitten! :D

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wenn interesse besteht würde ich vllt so einen german-confessions nebenblog starten... vorschläge wie der dann aussehen sollte?

ich würde mich an anderen beliebten confessions blogs orientieren. zb

also immer ein bild und der text drüber. die leutekönnen dann ihre confessions via anon submitten.

Host plush pillowy goodness! A collaborative effort between my mother and I. :D There’s a few minor errors, but over all, I’m pleased with the results!

This dood was sewn on a machine and is made with non-pill polar fleece. A mini version is already in the works, since I had a good bit of fabric left over.

Midnight Crew Shirt

Not the best shirt, I know. But you’ve inspired me to make it and I tried, by god!

It was simple, really. Just line up masking tape in the shape of one of the Crew’s suits, and paint the inside with fabric paint. As for the back, I printed and cut out the suits.

It helps to paint white, then red– it looks a bit messier, but it’s a lot more visible.

So what do you guys think? Not bad for a first try?

Troll horn cupcakes

i too tried my hand at homestuck cupcakes. chocolate cake, cream-and-foodcolouring-hemospectrum-coded filling, fondant skin & horns. horns which fell off a lot. fondant was simple store bought but tasted okay. even the people i served them to who don’t like or deeply loathe homestuck claimed to enjoy them. in the future i might look around for a way to get the red onto the horns without it bleeding onto the skin. and possibly secure the taller horns with toothpicks.

Troll Cupcakes

So I made some troll cupcakes, not the muliticolored ones you guys did but some bangin strawberry ones and then I used some fondant to make the rest of that. Fondant is a biiittcchh to work with though so I kinda got lazy with some of the trolls. 

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Hey, look.

Yeaaaa~ This was pretty fun to do, even though I had to battle with it a little. Battles make success worth it though.

taht is beautiful oh my gog. and no worries bro when duct take is involved its like get your shit ready wars about to happen. you shoulda seen my pile of curmpled pieces haha man

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oh man so i finished my cool kid just a few minutes ago
since hes better than egbert and all that jazz
so i figured
id leave you guys some sweet links

oh sweet bro! im lovin the pose in taht second picture awesum!