Story time: He knew that I was jealous as f*ck.

OK, so there’s this boy I went to College with, we became really close, we’re BFF’s honestly and he is Korean-American. It all started when we got partnered together. The first day we were shy, quiet and didn’t say much to each other but a “How are you?”, “I’m fine and you?” type of small talk. So we never imagined being this close, we went to the movies a lot, went out to eat a lot, I grew hard core feelings for him (crushing hard), I’ve never had a crush this huge, like I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to bust it open for him any where (even though I’m a Virgin, but I’m just saying I was in love with him, still am).

Fast forward about 1 year or so later. We’re still really close. BUT guess what? He has another “friend” that’s a girl that he’s close to. I feel like she came out of no where. I honestly think they’re dating, I know what you’re thinking, “isn’t he your friend?” “shouldn’t you ask?” “you should know if she’s his girlfriend or just a friend”, see no, we became close fast, I’m talking fast but we’re not at the point where we met one another parents yet, my dad talked to him on the phone once but that’s about it and I met one and he’s a dude, so I’m thinking, who this chick?. So she started coming around more. I didn’t want to ask because I feel like it’s not in my place to ask about his personal life and I didn’t want to seem nosy…at least out loud.

BUT let me tell you the way he gives her attention kills me! He grabs her cheeks, he fixes her hair (if it’s in her face) (she’s also Asian by the way), they have little inside jokes and laugh and I’m just sitting there like…

And he never introduced me to her, so I don’t know if he’s doing that on purpose or what. He’s never been touchy with me like that, he helped me down stairs by holding my hand and that’s about it, but we do talk on the phone for hours and hang out and text. But when it comes to seeming like a girlfriend it’s with HER! So the more I see him with her, the more jealous I become. I turn into a kid when I’m jealous. I texted him less, I would make excuses to walk away from him, I didn’t smile at him like I use to, and when I have to get up and leave, I just walk out without saying bye and he would say, “BYE!!” and get upset that I didn’t say bye to him but when I did it was really dry. And he started to notice it and he began to ask “What’s wrong with you?” and in my head I’m thinking, oh you know.

I would just say, “Nothing’s wrong”. and his response, “Bull shit” and he called me out really bad on giving him the cold shoulder, to make matters even worse ‘HER’ was standing not too far acting like she wasn’t listening but she know damn well she was! I was so mad she had to hear that because I was so jealous of her and his relationship…which I think they’re dating. So I left him on read and I always reply to his messages. So days later, still didn’t hear from him. We get back and him and ‘her’ are wearing matching outfits, I asked him about it and he claims it’s a “coincidence” so I don’t know what came over me, but I finally ask “Are you two dating or what?”

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“I honestly wish we could see more of the love square where they’re not just admiring the other from afar. I want to see Adrien and Mari get paired up for school things. And Chat coming to see Marinette when she’s sick, and Ladybug doing the same for Adrien. The love square is awful when it’s just them stuttering and not being able to hold a conversation.”

“Do people really think Meghan Markle forced Prince Harry to ask her to marry him? Or that she is blackmailing him or the royal family? The security of the royal family is very serious business. I’m pretty sure if this was real; that they would have found a way to get rid of her. It’s time to wake up and face reality. They are engaged to be married.“ - Submitted by Anonymous

Cara me del passato,

hai pianto tanto, è vero, a voce alta, con la musica a tutto volume mentre le lacrime ti solcavano il viso, con i pugni stretti e il mascara sciolto. Ma sei stata coraggiosa, hai saputo regalare un sorriso a chiunque ne avesse bisogno, sempre. Hai camminato con le tue gambe, a volte da sola. Sei cresciuta, hai vent'anni e sei perfetta così.

Non cambiare mai.

- Me stessa

“I love how you can just see the love radiating from both William and Kate! Even before they got married 😫 It’s so cute! They don’t need to be making out or touching all the time for people to tell there’s real love there! Just their reassuring looks to each each other and William with #THEHAND! ! Hopeful for many more years of love to come!“ - Submitted by Anonymous

“ Ever heard the term quality of quantity? Those who criticise the Cambridges clearly haven’t. Yes, other Royals may do more engagements than they do but do those others garner the press coverage that Will & Kate do? No. I know it’s their job but personally I find it disingenuous when anyone (Royal, celebrity or citizen) support a multitude of charities instead of focusing on just a few they’re passionate about; I’d rather them attend 100 events for 20 charities than 200 for 120 various ones! “ - Submitted by Anonymous

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Read your Heads-Up comments. Please don’t be sorry for what you posted. Actually, I am glad to hear others’ honest feelings. This is because it is not only me in the disappointment. Sometimes, especially this situation, we need some places to share that kind of emotions/feelings. I really appreciate your posts even though it is unpleasant. Thank you!