Imagine Lucius always having to one-up Arthur Weasley. One night at the end of a public event, Arthur kisses Molly very passionately on the lips. Lucius, hating any type of PDA, becomes extremely annoyed. However, without thinking, he grabs Narcissa’s waist and dips her down and kisses her even more passionately than Arthur had kissed Molly. A little more than a minute goes by before their lips part and Lucius brings her back up. Lucius smirks as people start clapping and Arthur looks over at him with pure hatred. He turns to kiss Narcissa again and they walk out the door. Narcissa was so taken back she could barely walk so he had to hold her up. “Lucius, I’m speechless. What came over you in there?” I couldn’t restrain myself, you just looked so beautiful”, he said, not lying but also not wanting to tell her the real reason.

In Danish the word for “lizard” is “firben (fear-bean)” which translates to “four-legs” and I think it’s funny because that’s probably the least distinctive quality of a lizard.

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To do something fun for the holiday season, a ‘Secret Santa’ gift exchange is open to all taken characters in the group! You can have your character submit a gift “anonymously” (not mentioning a name) or they can ask someone else to deliver the gift for them. All of this is happening in-character; the characters can hand make or buy gifts for whomever they draw a name for. Only those who choose to participate in this gift exchange will be given a name.


1) ‘Like’ this post &/or comment with your characters’ name(s) if you have multiple characters by Sat. Nov. 25th. A list of participating characters will be added to this post and periodically updated until that date.

2) On Sun. Nov. 26th, all participating characters will be IM’d with a name. That name is the person their character will be giving a gift to.

3) Between December 1st and December 26th have your character send their gift to the name given to them under some form of anonymity.

4) On December 26th a list will be posted revealing who’s who for Secret Santa. Characters are allowed to make guesses until then, but the full list will be posted on that date!


  • Dorothy McCoy-Turner
  • Mason Bellamy
  • Levi Price
  • Alex Temple-Price
  • Sergio Rodriguez
  • Trixie Windsor
  • Sam Byrd
  • Darius Johnson
  • Angel Rodriguez
  • Charlotte Brewington
  • Ryan Andersen
  • Evan O’Riordan
  • Marcus Bailey
  • Henna Rodriguez
  • Keely Harper-Bellamy
  • Will Turner
  • Audrey Zaccadelli
  • Cruz Tenning
  • Lola Kyle
  • Liv Roy
  • Leila Favreau
  • Ella Martinez
  • Bekket O’Calley
  • Calamus Custer
  • Reason Finnick

I’ve been playing paladins on and off for a couple months? So by no means am I serious about it, I’m more into overwatch, but I do like to shake stuff up every now and then. I play Maeve, and up until maybe a few days ago I’d never been in a match with an enemy Maeve? She used the midnight or whatever it’s called and tbfh? Im so sorry I didn’t know how much of a dick move her ult is lmAo

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– Created by mod Fernando 🌶️

Holiday Gift Fics

I don’t really celebrate the holidays anymore, but this year I’ve decided to give back to the DS fandom, who have kept my spirits high throughout the year.

For the Holidays, I’ve decided to open up my inbox for fic requests.

Some guidlines:

1. Must have at least one (1) doctor strange character or pairing, but may list an alternative character or pairing.

***the pairing may contain another MCU or 616 character. No OCs, Reader Inserts, or non-Marvel characters please.

2. You can submit anonymously, but I ask that you submit only one (1) request.

3. These will probably be short 1~5k, so please keep that in mind when requesting.

4. If you wish to restrict the rating, you may request that.

5. Please fill out the information below to submit your request.

**** I will leave this up until 6am (EST) of the 24th or until 20 submissions (whichever comes first).

I will post the fics on AO3 between Christmas (earliest) or New Years (latest), to give me enough time to write and edit.

To submit, send this information via the gift prompt link at the top.

Request form

  • Your nickname (optional):
  • Character or pairing (alternative character/pairings):
  • Restriction of rating (optional):
  • Prompt:
  • Kinks or tropes you don’t like:
  • Things you would like to see, but are not extremely desired: