funny story

my class plays that review game, Kahoot. and if you don’t know what that is, it’s where a quiz is up on the board and kids go to the website on their mobile devices and answer the questions. this one kid would log in under the same stupid nickname BIG YELLOW SUN. so one time I logged in under that and he got so hilariously offended that every time we played, someone would steal his name and he started refusing to play because people were stealing his nickname. then our class went on a field trip to this big creek to study water quality but the creek was so muddy that me and him got stuck up to our knees to the point of complete immobilization. while we were stuck in the mud and he couldn’t come after me, i took that opportunity to tell him i was the first to steal his nickname and he was so mad but he couldn’t do anything because neither of us could move. so I was up above my knees in mud laughing at his anger

“the Cambridges tour of India will probably be like Australia and New Zealand. It will just be another vacation for them, no state dinners, just going around trying to make themselves look cool, while not doing any of the nitty gritty stuff or royal stuff. Maybe they will do something seeing how the kids wont be with them and they won’t use the excuse that they don’t want to leave their children for the day, At least Harry did work on his royal tours. They should learn a thing or two from him.” - Submitted by Anonymous

“I don’t get how William has more engagements then Harry and Kate! I think that’s BS! He only does a couple of engagements here and there and then he’s gone doing his “job” I think half of his “engagements” are private, which isn’t right, then private engagements should count for Harry as well. I guess the royal family can’t afford to let the spare look better and a hard worker then the lazy heir. smh. The royal family treats Harry like crap.” - Submitted by Anonymous

“The CC is rigged to make it look like William does a ton of work. When he doesn’t. It needs to be fixed. If that’s the case, Invictus should be counted for Harry!” - Submitted by Anonymous