study group smiles, movie suggestions, subtle compliments. dark eyes and light hair. freckles and dark lips. having picnics, calling each other princess, picking berries together. baggy tees and torn jeans. leather jackets and red bandannas. long hugs, hot days in the sun, holding hands. just me and her. she’s beautiful.

the idea that people would do nothing if all their needs were met usually comes from a perspective of someone who works a lot and wants a break and doesn’t know how to conceptualize the difference between ‘i wish i didn’t have to do something i hate for 40+ hours a week’ and 'if i had the opportunity i would never do anything ever’

BatFam Headcanon 81

When Damian came back from the dead Jason pulled him aside and gave him a phone for when he has nightmares about dying. Although they never speak about it Damian will call at odd hours and Jason always picks up and will only hang up once Damian is asleep, even if neither of them speaks.

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Honestly nobody in this country has a victim complex like corporations/stock holders and small business owners. They act like any rules that stop them from exploiting people are oppressive. 

Sorry if your business is failing that’s on you! Not the government. You need to be able to pay taxes that keep vulnerable people ALIVE and your workers fairly and if not! You’re done! That’s Capitalism right :))cut throat