“I’m a Ying main and one time I was stuck with a team of nothing but flanks. At the start of the game I said YOU’RE HEALS WILL BE ON THE POINT–GO GET ‘EM! And they were all like um?? we’re flanks??? And I was like you’re going to get on the damn point when I say get oN THE DAMN POINT–I’M NOT CAPPING THIS POINT BY MYSELF.”

- Submitted by Anonymous

Made by Mod Evie ❄️

“The more j think about it Harry fell off and has Gone down Andrews route with Meghan. He I’m not even holding my breath with meg and him anymore. They’re getting married and she’ll hold out long enough because the fame she’s getting is no joke, and WAY to good to walk away from. She most likely hold out and have at least one of his kids so she’ll be the mother to royalty- 6th or 7th in line might I add.“ - Submitted by Anonymous

McJones: You’re a loose cannon, Austin.

Austin: No, I’m not. I’m a cannon, maybe, but a loose cannon? Is that what you think of me?

Barry: I think you play by your own rules.

Dean: No way, he thinks rules were made to be broken.

Jeff: Those are all attributes of a loose cannon.

Austin: No, I’m just a reckless renegade. Dean is a loose cannon.

Dean: *smashes a chair*

(Submitted by Anonymous)