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Another Type of Crown

Title: Another Type of Crown

Chapter no./One shot: One shot

Original Imagine: Imagine Loki’s first impression of the dentist is the screams of terrified children and the strange/scary sounds of the equipment being used. A few weeks later when you inform him that you’re leaving for a dentist appointment he starts to freak out and tries desperately to keep you from going.

Author: starrynight35

Rating: G

Notes/Warnings: None

As someone who wishes to rule the human race as a benevolent God, Loki often roams Midgard aimlessly in search of new information. On one such adventure, he found himself strolling through the London streets when he heard a child screaming.

“NO, Mum! Please don’t make me go!”

The woman just chuckled and dragged the screaming child along, seemingly unconcerned that the child was terrified.
Loki could be accused of many things, but apathetic to the screams of children, he was not.
So what was a good God to do? Follow that child.

At the moment, he was disguised as a tourist, but he did not know if that would hold up where they were headed, so he made himself even more inconspicuous; he took note of the men with children and dressed like them.

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