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Accidental Fusion - a fanfic

I’m too freakin deep in this fandom -throws this- I can’t believe I spent time on this and ok with it what is my life coming to, I’m kidding this was quite the experience… ba dum tish… Alright so I really liked the third possibility/idea on your post of how they discovered fusion and I lost control and wrote this.

I’m way to shy/embarrassed to submit this via my tumblr account but just here (I mean unless you want to know who I am then I’ll message you). I haven’t written a fanfiction since I was 13 so I hope I wrote everyone in character enough I always worry about that. Hope you like and enjoy

and I may have slipped a little gay shipping in there shh


“Aaand that should be all, enjoy your new base guys…” the woman in purple stated ending the tour as her and the group of men behind her returned back to the main lobby of the base. She continued in a dispirited tone despite her rather upbeat talk during the guided tour, “you know, until we have to move again… in case someone blows it up until there’s nothing but dust…” Pauling sighed, exasperated as if she had to clean up the mess. She took another breath in before turning back to the group, “If there are any concerns, please. Please. Let me know, ok? So we can take care of it. Quickly. And not let it destroy the base or any person, ok?” She paused, praying that everyone understood. When they gave either sounds or motions of approval, she nodded, thankful, “Good. Now I have to hurry–”

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“I took a class a few weeks back that was taught by some friends of mine. I took the class because I was interested in what they were going to teach, and because I believe them to be good teachers. Halfway through the class, they introduce a move - swing out from a hip grab with follows facing outwards - that made me antsy. I didn’t know most of the leads in the class. I tried going through the move once before realizing I couldn’t do it, I didn’t want just anyone to grab me by my hips.

So I sat out.  All the leads that noticed me sitting out looked confused. I told the one lead I did try with that it really wasn’t him (because it’s not), but I can’t do that move.

I sat out the second half of the class and watched. My gut reaction was to feel bad, but then I realized that I can’t do something if it makes me feel vulnerable.

After the class, the instructors (my friends) asked me why I had sat out, and when I explained, understood fully. One of them asked if it was okay to go through to the move with him, to see if I did learn from just watching. I trust him, so I let him lead me in the hip move, and he told me it’s okay not to want just anyone to lead me like that.

I’m glad I could say no, without remorse.”

The stories I have shared are just a few of way too many. But too often, people don’t accept that it’s an issue until it happens to them, or to their friends. If you have a story or perspective that you want to share on why it matters for us to be able to say no to dances and to support each other when we do, send it in! You can submit through tumblr or via e-mail to: but make sure you tell me clearly if you want to be credited for your story, otherwise I will assume that it should be anonymous.