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We hit 900 of you beautiful and amazing followers this weekend.

I just want to take a moment to say a quick thank you, for supporting me, for reading my stories, and for submitting such interesting requests.

I really do appreciate each and every single one of you. You have no idea.

Coming home this weekend has helped me refresh and find myself again, and I’ve decided i’m not done with this blog, or with Joeck. I just adore their relationship far too much.

So I’m not stopping writing. I still have a couple more requests to get through before I reopen them for new ones to come in, and I appreciate y’all being so patient with me during this time.

I can’t wait to see what happens with this blog in the future and what ideas you lot can come up with next!

A little smut story coming your way in a couple hours by the way ;)

maskedtranslatinganon  asked:

Yeah, I imagined the start of the Black Moon arc would be the real test for whether you could stomach the rest of the manga. I won't act like I'm not a LITTLE disappointed, but I am glad you're willing to speed through the rest of the series as a way of completing the canon, as it were. Quick question though! Could I send/link you to the first 4 "making of" mini comics? What with your frustrations with the manga and the fans that hold it as being perfect, you might find them a bit gratifying.

And I’m hoping that responding to Asks and still having discussion on the chapters as I go through them will help mitigate some of that disappointment. Which I truly do understand. I FEEL THE SAME.

I do have some comics in here that @ladyloveandjustice submitted to me! I haven’t gotten to really read them and publish the submission yet, so I’m not sure if they’re what you’re talking about, but they may be! If you don’t mind that someone may have already beaten you to it though, by all means!

Sooo, this is the photo I ended up taking for this thing that’s going on about Sakisaka Io coming to the Barcelona Manga Con. I ended up wearing one of the yukatas I had horribly wrinkled up after months of neglection along with a random thingy-bingy  I wrote up in a daze as I fell asleep the night before in an attempt to do something a bit creative… but it all sort of fell through when it turned out I could only submit a single photo (I had originally thought of sending a comic strip of three, the third one ending with me ungracefully sobbing over the volumes…).

Anyway, translation under the cut!

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