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Users Cuntsman and Merczy are joining together with other TF2 modelers to convert all of the hats in the game to robot models! The comic and update are going up in full on Thursday, complete with beautiful full-color comic by Mr. Cuntsman, so you should go vote for them on the Steam Workshop then!

Here are Merczy’s Robot Archimedes and Robot Grimm Hatte that he will be submitting. He is also working on a Soldier Civil War set that will be up soon!

and just feliks’ oddly shy at first but he and chopin become bffs and austria’s like extremely miffed because those were his lessons dangit but he wants to seem polite so he’s all huffy but chopin just plays his waltzes and etudes (although his polonaises and mazukras are chopin’s forte) with such charm and grace that austria’s anger and jealousy settles down just a tad bit. and so basically when chopin moves to france, francis thinks chopin’s the most charming thing ever and feliks is NO YOU GET AWAY FROM MY COMPOSER and is oddly really protective because he and chopin are friends ok, and francis thinks it’s so cool that chopin’s a revolutionary, mon cher (ok i just have this headcanon that all french people think chopin’s the hottest thing ever because cutie pie angsty revolutionary baby) and chopin’s an actual genius but sometimes he forgets to eat and has bad hygiene and liszt doesn’t know what to do (and is trying to seduce hungary which is Bad Idea Numero 1) 

and like, feliks just comes to chopin’s little house and bakes him pierogies and they play the piano together and chopin explains how he dreams of a free poland because while he loves france, poland’s his home ok!!! and there’s a lot of angsty revolutionary feels but there’s also REALLY CUTE MOMENTS like when feliks takes chopin apple picking or and chopin’s a terrible cook and george sand and feliks talk fashion and they show up as each other’s dates at a crossdressing ball

and they flirt mildly with one another although don’t worry chopin baby, you’re still one of feliks’ favorites. 

and just, sIGHS i can imagine feliks being so friendly with all his people, kosciuszko and adam mickiewicz, chopin and marie curie (who is totally polish like omg woah) and EVERYBODY and he just tries to hard because poland’ll always remain etc etc etc 

we-are-the-cancer asked:

I grew up in a socially proactive house hold and slang including the n*gga was not allowed. So I don't like it nor do I think it's okay for other blacks to use. Some guy said what's up my n*gga to my brother and he said the only reason I'm yo n*gga is because white people said I was a n*gga, don't call me that. And I totally stand behind that.

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It’s official (well almost. I need to submit a few items). I’ll be participating in the cosplay contest for Sakura Con 2015. This will be my first year competing in a contest. Really nervous, but I’m really excited! This year’s Sakura Con is going to be interesting! :3


Mmmm, I love fem!LietPol songs too (*◕ᴗ◕*)

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Im happy someone acted like it was the end of the world if I did not show up to my job that I only attend as needed - meaning if there is no work I do not show up. 
So I rushed my ass down here and had a bad morning- boyfriend said some stupid fucking shit to a reporter which made me even more grumpy.
But I get here- submit two fucking items that were not urgent and have jack shit else to do now. 

Ew What Is This (+Other Item Reactions IM SORRY MODS) | Yuki | (Late) Item Reactions

So Hope may have forgotten to submit item reactions for the last two chapters, so I’m going to do them all here, but only the last one counts :V

————————————— CHAPTER TWO —————————————

  • A pair of fluffy socksThese things feel like you’re walking on clouds, man!

Yuki simply blinked at the machine, blinked at the socks. What. What are these. Why did no one tell Yuki that these socks existed??????? C’mon, these fluffy socks!!! Yuki isn’t happy, but they’re not disappointed. Just confused.

————————————— CHAPTER THREE —————————————

  • Ribbon - Simple pinky-red in colour, perfect for almost any use.

Yuki blinked at the ribbon, noticing that it in fact… matched their own. They didn’t need another though? Hm. Maybe they could give it to someone else?

  • Iced Coffee - This isn’t even flavored, it’s just cold black coffee. Why would anyone drink this? For the caffeine, of course.

Coffee? Yuki placed the ribbon in their pocket and stared at it. Kiyoshi liked this stuff. Yuki didn’t understand how people could.

— CHAPTER FOUR Aka the actual starter, so ignore the above if you reply —

Yuki went to the zeromachine, with a kind of heavy heart, and worried look on their face. It seemed this whole situation was starting to get to them, and they didn’t like it. Before they struggled to face the bodies or executions. Yuki now accepted them as… normal. And Yuki hated that. They wanted to go home, they wanted to leave this place, but it would never be at this rate. Glancing at their watch, they looked at the 5BP.

If Sally had not betrayed, they would be at 9BP. But what would they do? After that? It was hard to say. They might never know. Getting out of here would require… 4 more games. 8 more deaths. Yuki was coming to see that they might never leave this place. With a dejected sigh, Yuki placed the coin into the machine, not paying attention as the item came out. Looking though, Yuki pulled a face.

  • Soy Sauce It’s just a bottle of soy sauce. What’s this doing in the machine? On closer inspection, you find that it’s one whole litre of “Koikuchi Brand genuine soy sauce”, whatever that means. It’s also dark and rich, and if you unscrew the top off the bottle, you find that it has a distinct, pungent aroma. The practical applications of this are fairly limited, but hey, at least the bottle makes a good paperweight.

What the fuck is this? Or that’s what Yuki would have said if they were me. Too bad they aren’t and instead they just pulled a face. Opening the bottle, they unfortunately took a smell and oops. That face was one of regret. Yuki quickly closed the bottle and put it down and sat away from it.


Toris Laurinaitis has lost control over his life (and is extremely manly)

"Your name is Toris Laurinaitis and you have (currently) lost control over your life. You have overslept (yet again), your hair is a mess, and there are large bags under your eyes. You did not have the time to shave this morning and, in a rush, you tied your bowtie crooked. Which, by the way, does not match your too-many-sizes-too-big sweater that happened to be the closest thing to you at the time. You may or may not still be (mildly) drunk from last night with a killer hangover later coming on. Your nerves are shot, you feel utterly miserable, and you just want to get this day over with already.”

"…Let’s hope and pray that you will be able to keep your job today."

(Greetings, new friend. I have drawn you a thing. Please ignore the sketchy head things in the background. Those are drawing practice. Tag for language, maybe?)

Welcome to the CTSFMF tumblr! This weekend is our conference in Tacoma, WA, “The Once and Future Antiquity.” Check out the rad poster!

Even better, stay tuned to this tumblr, to the CTSFMF facebook page, and to Twitter (#ctsfmf) for updates from the conference itself!

Best of all, if you’re attending the conference, please feel free to submit items to this tumblr, to post on facebook and Twitter, and generally to share the exciting proceedings with the outside/virtual world!

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Hey! This is really great that you're doing this with all the codex entries, I had been tossing around the idea myself, but looks like you beat me to it. That being said, I would love to help out if at all possible, or if you'd like, I have screencapped all of DAO's codex entries and am working through DA2 and have no problem sharing!

Thank you very much for your kind words! The modmins always appreciate knowing that their efforts are appreciated, and that great minds truly do think alike.

As for preparing for DAO and DA2 codex entries, the modmins are still determining the best way to gather submissions as Tumblr’s submission system has proven somewhat lacking, since submitted items are forced to a lower resolution which is not as suitable as the original screenshots for our purpose of legibility. However, the modmins are grateful that you would like to share your efforts, and as soon as a method is finalized (hopefully soon), the modmins will post the new link for posting full-sized submissions.

Thank you for your interest, and thank you for the offer!