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Battle Tendency Scents

(New and improved!)

Joseph- like a manly MAN, when he’s training he smells like sweat but it’s not gross, he has a pleasant musk, when he’s not all sweaty (which isn’t very often) he uses old spice

Caesar- soap and a lot of expensive cologne, skin and hair products

Lisa Lisa- cigarettes, black coffee, and elegant perfume

Susi Q- fruity perfume and a little bit of cleaning supplies chemicals

Kars- incense of unknown origin, really musty and coppery

Esidisi- fire and a similar incense smell to Kars but it’s a lot harsher than his

Wamuu- that crisp wind smell, a little sweaty, and jasmine

Santana- musty, similar incense smell to Kars and Esidisi but it’s distinctly less potent and it smells like cinnamon

I always pictured the Pillar Men having similar scents but they were all distinctly unique to each person.