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Happy Story Time

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Told my girlfriend I was asexual today. We were lying in her bed in the darkness of her room and she asked if there’s anything she should know about me, anything I believed I couldn’t tell.
Because we haven’t been together long but I guess there are things you just can’t hide (and also shouldn’t have to).
So I said, yeah, I’m asexual and that’s why I didn’t kiss you that night and freaked out when you tried to, you know.
And I was so afraid that she’d reject me now that I was up and ready to leave and never speak to her again (even though this was the first time since I had realised that there was something wrong so many years before that I actually believed maybe, just maybe I didn’t have to be alone).
And she said, okay. Thanks for telling me, I can’t imagine what it must be like to admit something like that. But you should know that I’ll be careful and I want you all the same.
And I thought how lucky I was to hear that and that friends had beaten into me the courage to not be ashamed. So thank you, all of you, for that.

Tomerei Headcanon: Rei is a bit of a romantic. And she’s always trying to stereotypical romantic stuff with Tome, like candlelit dinners. And Tome hates being sappy. So she tries to play it off all cool, but she can’t help but geek out a little because she’s just like “My. Girlfriend’s. so. CUTE!!!”

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My neighbor’s cat

TITLE: My neighbor’s cat


AUTHOR: sigridlaufeyson

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Loki is lonely on Midgard so he adopts a cat. The cat keeps getting out and going to his neighbor’s house, so she has to bring him back to Loki almost every day. Loki thinks the cat hates him and is running away from him, turns out, the cat was just trying to help Loki get a girlfriend, he stops sneaking out when Loki finally asks his neighbor out on a date.


NOTES/WARNINGS: It’s kinda long. Word count is 2 254. 

It was early Sunday morning and I was sitting at a little table on my veranda, coffee mug in one hand and my phone in other, reading news in social media. Suddenly a cat hopped on the table, scaring me a little. A green eyed black kitten. It was meowing and rubbed its head against my hand.

“Hello, little one! Where did you come from?” I asked and started scratching the kitten behind its ear. It purred. I kept scratching the kitten behind its ear when suddenly someone coughed right next to me and I jumped.

“Oh, I’m sorry miss! Did I scare you?” A tall, pale, green eyed man stood on the stairs of my porch. He had sharp cheekbones and raven black shoulder length hair, wide shoulders and awfully attractive body. He was barefoot, wearing nothing but black leather pants.

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TITLE: A Good Friend


AUTHOR: lost-in-my-mind-palace

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine being Loki’s friend, you are in love with him but he is with someone else. One day you see his girlfriend cheating with another man and you have no idea whether its your place to let him know or not.


NOTES/WARNINGS: some language and a bit of violence

I never thought it was possible for me to be in love with him. He was stubborn and arrogant, and his sharp tongue and wit left me to think that he was no good for me or for any girl. He was hopelessly self-indulgent, and I really never saw a future for us. 

Then again, I grew up with him. I know that his hatred for everyone came from their harassment of him as a child. A young boy tied by his ankles to an apple tree was who I met long ago. Back then, he never questioned my ability to climb trees or was concerned about me tearing my dress or getting dirt on my knees like my mother always was. Back then, he only asked for my help, which I offered as I cut the rope and watched him fall on his back into the grass again. Back then, I had no idea that he was a prince of Asgard. To me, he was just a boy who needed a friend, and to him, I was just some girl who was willing to be that friend.

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So my girlfriend and I just moved into our new apartment recently and we don’t have all our furniture (it’s a long story) that includes our altar tables. so we made a temporary one with a lopsided table (which you can almost see balanced with dvds.) I’m an Irish Polytheist with strong favor to The Morrigan and she is Norse Polytheist who worships Loki. We both wanted to make an offering but only had one table we could use, so we thought they could share a space for an offering. The bear is there because it’s a protection and calming charm. We also made name tags for each respecting Diety.

Then our next conversation went like this.

ME: It’s like we gave them asigned seats.

GF: Can you imagine them sitting at this little table?

ME: I imagine it would be similar to adults attending a little kids tea party.

GF: *smiles* Now I can just see it The Morrigan on the left and Loki on the right both staring at the nectarines. Suddenly someone is going to say “So is it three for me, and three for you, or do we have to give two to the bear?”

Side note: I would love someone to make a comic.